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Man Must Die The Pain Behind It All Lyrics Album

The Pain Behind It All Lyrics Album by Man Must Die

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1. O.C.D.


2. Patterns in the Chaos

If you could feel this
You’d realize there is no control
Twisted and formless
It’s everything and nothing at all
It’s part of me
Regardless of my need to hide it
In my eyes, you’ll see that I’m already gone

We spend our lives afraid
Confide in fairytale faith
We seek patterns in the chaos
You don’t want the truth

We cling to life
Desperate for some validation
So contrived
An exercise in vanity
To question why
We even existed in the first fucking place
A cosmic lie
We tell ourselves everyday
I don’t deny you need your faith
Just leave me out

Procrastination is a lifestyle fitting for you
Fall on your sword
Your blind devotion is a crutch that you cling to
Educate the feeble mind
There is no God
Just a construct that’s keeping you blind
Dig beneath and you will find
What you want is not what I want

3. The Pain Behind It All

Enemies on every side
Taunted by the curse of pride
Reluctant to the winds of change
A relic from a dying age
The pain behind it all
Stagnant in time now
The pain behind it all
Times passed us by now
Out of touch and left behind
The skin I wear it clings too tight
I try to speak but I can’t breathe
In this ever changing world I see
I only suffocate with time
I try but I can’t reach you
And time won’t wait
Fear takes over now, I have nothing to say
Fear takes over now, I can not communicate
Each strike is deafening
it’s drowning out everything
The gears of this old machine
Are now obsolete
Times killed, killing me
Why won’t it wait for me?

4. In the Hour Before Your Death

Home is where the heart is supposed to be
A cold reflection of failure and insecurity
You did your best to always make me feel like shit
Was I a footnote in your life?

Your world a cruel charade
I can’t escape
Your heart was so devoid of love

In the hour before your death
Did you pray for anything?
Besides your selfish fucking soul
I will never forget those words unsaid

Despite attempts to escape your gaze
You sought me out just to play mind games
You drew dividing lines
A punching bag to pass the time
Those words like fists left wounds internally
And I’m still trying to fill those holes

I must forgive you if I’m ever to let go
Of this poison anchor that hangs around my throat
It’s been years of loathing
I no longer want inside
I refuse to let this hate destroy my life
I must let you go

What kind of man would I’ve become?
If I had taken your advice
And never tried to make it out
Of the same traps that kept you blind
Always bitter and afraid on a fucking path to nowhere

Even on your death bed
I longed for it
Some kind of closure, a sense of regret?
But all I felt sitting there at your side
Was the space between us empty and wide
A life so filled with rage and spite

The hour is winding down with no reprieve
The darkness surrounding you dies with me

5. Clickhate

Point, click, hate, subscribe

It’s years of failing and the consequences
Ruined your life
Now cold resentment is the thing that
Fuels your hate inside
If you could you would have
But you never really had the balls
No one listens to you
Fuck your hate and fuck you too

A ghost forever
Left to wallow in your private hell
And pure frustration is a feeling
That you know so well
I see your ending
It’s all but in my sights

You want to tear me down
You think you’re so profound
Tell me what you’ve achieved
I see
Point, click, hate, subscribe

I see your bending
It’s clear as day
A lonely old man
Who pissed his life away
Afraid of failure
You lacked the skill and heart
You cannot do what I do
And it tears you apart

Take it from me
You’re better off dead than alone
Outstretched like the arms of God
Wield your jealousy like a stone

Wise up, change your ways
Try fixing yourself instead of judging me
Nameless destroyer, an impotent sad voyeur

The walls are closing in around you
Your self-defeat defines you
You won’t win

6. Enabler

I bleed, it’s all decided
I have provided a way for you to tune out
The separation, the indignation
That brings us to here and now

I must take control
Reconstruct the wreckage
Am I all alone in this fucking world?
I am so afraid
All we’ve built is burning
Complicated feelings I keep deep inside

I walked through fire to find you
Fought tooth and nail to guide you
I bleed but you do not see
We run together
As we burn forever
I bleed but you don’t see

I won’t go back, I’ve destroyed the path
If only you knew what we once had
Distorted image of who you are
I cast a shadow that reaches so far

I see, the great divider, the one decider
That taught me to push you away
Look in the mirror
You’re the deliverer of pain in every way

You tried to take it all away
Remove the sun from out the day
To cripple all who threaten me
And cut the cord and watch you bleed
You stand alone in brilliant light
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
My pain unseen

7. Bring Me the Head of the King

Is this really what you wanted?
Cause it’s what you’re gonna get
It’s not a life, it’s an existence
Building walls around you
Only incubates your pain
And with time broadens the distance
Miscommunication keeps us at each other’s throats
Creating threats where there are none

We don’t need him
Bring me the head of the king
Conquer and separate

Was it really fucking worth it?
Was the payoff worth the shame?
It’s time you faced your self-delusion
Judging everyone around you
In a vacuum you decay
You choose the path of self-exclusion in vain

See, we’re no different
You really think we are born with hate?
Our self-made prisons
We let their rhetoric create

Now is this all that we are?
It’s indicative of skewed reality
Can we change and make things right?

Tear down these walls around you
Don’t let their lies define you
This man must die

8. War Is My Will

War is my will
Is it nature or nurture
the reason I’m fucked up inside?
My whole life I’ve been asking why?
Will this ever die?
I need peace and time
A chance to heal my mind
I cannot sustain or shift the blame
All these things that define me and drive me
Are crushing my soul
Poisoned pride, now weaponized
Ignored the signs, fought against the tide
For way too long

The pyres burn, the worm it turns
I do not condone this
War is my will

Nothing I do is good enough
I’m so damn tired of giving a fuck
Exiled in purgatory
Cut off my nose to spite my face
I do not recognize this place
I am no longer me

Fall away, this veil of sanity
Raw beneath, teeth bared to strike
I fear what I will become
Bow, crawl in your subservience
I am your master
Bite, gnaw, devour your insight
Nothing to treasure
Something is broken in me

Rise from my knees to my feet
Now take it back
I refuse to lie down to the fiend inside
Dragged into the light
For all to see

9. Alone in a Crowded Room


10. Who Goes There? / I.F.F.

King of the scene back in the day
You left a mark on a youngster like me
The company you kept was strong
You played from the heart, a rarity
I still remember to this very day
but something changed inside you for the worst

Who goes there?
You can’t challenge me
I am the reason that you succeed

Caught in the mix
You acted out
The guy I knew was no longer around
A class clown, doppelganger in his place
As your focus waned
and the drugs and drink clouded your brain
It was a shame to watch you fade away
You lived a life of debauchery
And played the part of the jester
In your fucked up play
You could have been much more than you knew
You had the skill and sight
To see you through
Was it meant to be?
A cruel twist of fate
A waste
I can’t reason why you threw it all away

Identify, friend or foe?
And so the damage was done
There’s no undoing the past
A tragic end to a life
You lived hard, burned out fast
Death’s not romantic
You bought into the fucking lie
What made you choose this?
In the aftermath of your demise
Only tears of remembrance
In the eyes of the crowd

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