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Melechesh Enki Lyrics Album

Enki Lyrics Album by Melechesh

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1. Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged

Inheritors of earth awake / You have lost your ways
A blanket of hypnos seal the pale / Midnight neon sun… omnipotence
The Ancient Ones embrace

Lord of the winds and storm / Triad’s vengeful one
Mankind’s demise / Channels to the mind cut
From Nebiru, ethereal globe

Dimensional collapse / Seal all infinity
Two serpents are entwined / Enlil, Ea spectrum polarity
Mankind – servants of the gods / In denial, static life

Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged
Mute the Human Vermin
The Skies’ Anger Enlil Enraged

Three hundred Cosmonauts / Orbit this cursed mass
Before Enlil treads / On these wretched prototypes
The Ones who see and observe / After the Lugal-e
Comes the war of gods and men / King Nunanmir, I am Nunanmir
He is filled with spite / Earthquakes and floods
Divine artisans / Crafted under his command

Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged
Mute the Human Vermin
Nunanmir’s rage

Abstention on enlightenment / Collective consciousness synchronized
Is this happening again? / Mankind muted and obsolete!

2. The Pendulum Speaks

Lost wandering dreams with a signal from the Eastern skies
Saga transmissions through the ages
Cosmic winds and recurrent time
Eyes folded blind from revelations with thorns, mud, gold and wine
There you stand as a shadow it seems
Arcane, ordained

The Pendulum Speaks

A weight lifts, the chest unchained
Shed light yet the mystery remains
Scale the stars, sense the sense
Ecto-white seeps space universum parts
It seeps slow, they seep slow
Enunun – Sky Giants come

Descend the stairs – Zagros

Like Gilgamesh’s tale the answers are there for you
The sky below, as above so below, so below so above
Qere & Kethib revelations!
Play with fire, let your fingers burn
This key will purge, it will transform
Let them come and call your name
The Pendulum Speaks

3. Lost Tribes

Chaldean spells
Look within
All towers have crumbled
Heedless creed
Tread free
In the soil
Medus solum cresent
Heads buried in the sand
You are impotent

Cultures crystallized by plague
Tree of death looms
You made this reversed to nothingness
It’s void creatio ex hinilo

Lost tribes [2x]

Look beneath the roots
Leave the cross you bear
It weighs you down [2x]

Retribution’s hands will come by the fathers of the clans
Sect of the wool in trance
The peacock
Angel’s bloodline

Lost tribes
Look beneath the roots
Leave the cross you bear
It weighs you down [2x]

Retribution’s hands will come
It’s all there carved in arcane stone

Cultures crystallized
Bury your heads in sand

Look within
Chaldean spells
Your omni
Two-faced idol has lost your dignified origin

It weighs you down [2x]

4. Multiple Truths

Arrogant vain, Nephilim
They delegate the agents of chaos
Assassins of thought, shroud minds
These savant theological impostors

Shipwrecked in the sea of confusion
Adam’s language, enochian paradox

Sons of Enki, daughters of Ninma
Owners of methodical absolution
Agents of chaos make order
Induce one truth for all

Shipwrecked in the sea of confusion
Abstract of religion, it’s all lies multiple truths

Heterodox dissident, sons of Anunnakl
Tear the chrysalis around the spirit
May it grow, defy these chambers
Deny the absolutes

Shipwrecked in the sea of Apzu
Adam’s language, shroud DNA

Words from the soil
Enochian paradox
Enochian paradox


5. Enki – Divine Nature Awoken

Blessed watcher, orthodox father, Suzerain king of fates, maker of man
Prime of archetype, Living matter and form, Sage of the gods, Ea, Enki

Divine Nature Awoken

Through the void, cyclone, fire and cosmic stones
May Utnapishtim sail
For your servant cosmonaut
Master of chromosome vessels – it must be done

Bring the waters of life, essence strains
Dweller of the liquid universe
Mankind he made, mankind he dictates
Sonic creation, power of the word

Blind upon it the will of the gods
Mix the heart of clay that is over the Abyss

Set the seeds your disciples are born
Enki – exalted ruler of House of the cosmic waters – Eridu
“The Sage of the Gods”

6. Metatron and Man

Starseed come forth
Intruders have annexed thee
While dajjals germinate
Penta-wings shun all lies

The mirror image unjustified

From Keter to Malkut
The mirror image unjustified
The crown and kingship road
Binaural creation keys
We thrive, (while) shadows are on their knees
Hexahedron the garden of knowledge
Thirteen spheres, it is done

Metatron you aren’t dead
The angel skin you must shed
Annunaki supreme
The fallen ones are calling you

Metatron you aren’t dead
The angel skin you must shed
The fallen ones are calling you

Omhaom breathing light
Merkabah majestic astral flight
Star scions chaos whispers
Victory, the fallen never fell

Metatron, Omhaom

7. The Palm, the Eye and Lapis Lazuli

A chain of continuum

Messages from the Abyss
Liquid sky tears they are
Connectors from them

The palm tells the way
This is a warning

Three eyes shatter the dust
You say I Am I Am I Am
You say I AM but your are not!
Trivial space dislocators
Parasitical energy larcenists
For it is decay in you

Bronze hand bronze map
Bronze hand of knowledge
Feeds the vulgar
You bite it yet you feed

(Lead: Rob Caggiano)

This is your warning – gray mass will return

Drink the arcane Lazulum
Cast out myopia of the wind
No codex only reflections – only reflections
Syncretic, dualistic new dogma
Let me show you the way

8. Doorways to Irkala


9. The Outsiders

Clan of Fire march the lands
Mesmerising souls, migrant clans
Invisible crowns

Censer smoke open doorways
Meridian bridges
Invisible crowns what a sight – transmission

Shapeshifters what a sight
Wings of Ahura many seek

Shapeshifters what a sight
Wings of Ahura many seek
Invisible crowns

Esoteric port negate the lost
Dastour, Dastour… revelations
Invisible crowns
Miasma hollow shells they are
Chameleons in divine paths
Monochrome Picatrix

Miasma hollow shells they are
They bless, they give they are unseen
Sedating the senses

The bless they give they are unseen
A tale of constants don’t you believe?
Duality! All is transposed

The Outsiders come

(Fretless bass solo: Scorpios)

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