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Nordlys Lyrics Album by Midnattsol

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1. Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes
Open your eyes and see
Open your ears
For the thing you fear
Your victims so insecure
Their faces so sour
But for all your crimes you will pay

My strength makes you weak
My unconditional love makes you weep
You raped my soul
But I`m unbreakable

All the times I trusted you
All the times I believed
that you would show your inner child
But no!
It`s not right!

Acts of hate
kept in the earth like a seed
And until the end
you will carry it with you
The consequence
if you deny to reflect
So open your eyes
and face the thing you fear

2. Skogens lengsel

Langt der inne
Under skogens slør
Venter jeg i min seng

Hemmelige ord
Flyter avsted
På leting etter deg
Lengter etter deg

Kjenner den glødende pusten din
Så langt vekk
Men samtidig så nær
I dugget på vinduet
Skimter det et ansikt
Så kjært

Hvert sekund
Hver time
Hver måned
Hvert år
Har jeg ventet på det
som jeg aldri får

Kom til meg
for jeg trenger deg

3. Northern Light

In a time where
I was standing on the edge
on a hill that
could lead to eternity
Abandoned in a world in vain
where every movement
strengthened the exhausting pains

In a time where the days were like nights
And the night was like a storm filled day
Was empty of sacrifice all I own
But then I recognized
The existence
of your delicious light

A shiver in my chest
Energy in my wrists
I sought and found your warmth
After the river I cried when you left me that night
Your karma so colorful
So strong it embraces me
I just want to be where you are
And hold your flames so tight
Northern light

The resistance of your shield
keeps the negative sensations away
And only your affection
my shell

A present sent from our mother earth
In a time where
only bleeding hearts exist
In a cloudless secret sky
you shiver out
magic green crystals
so bright
Northern light

4. Konkylie

Shadows of darkness
Reflecting the past
Afraid to breathe it all out
Longing for hope
and shades of green
Telling me that I`ll be free

Seek your soft song
Assuring me of my freedom
and being ready to arise into

Flashes of lightning
and thunder release
a bitter taste that won`t leave
Clouds of blue
passing heavily
whose chosen path is unclear

Reveal my soul
and aim your song for my cells
Behold my wish
and never kiss me good-bye

Every boundary between us breaks
And magic is dancing in the air
I`ll never forget the precious words
You whispered in my ear that fragile night

5. Wintertime

My wings broke when you came
Life was turned up-side- down, trying to escape
Yet still the same

Not a single wall could resist your vicious strength
Your breath made ashes of my burning flames
But I arose

Scent of coldness on the air
Winter`s kisses overwhelm me
I`m playing a role in this never-ending story

Words; so faint
Silence; so tense
The valuable secret,
Deep deep within
You think it’s invisible
But you aren’t receivable
Lost on a broken path of snow
But you just have to let go
Let go!

How would I ever recognize the light
without dark clouds?
How should I ever praise the warmth
without you winter?

You came with a blanket of cold
So unfold
Treasured trees
Stretch out their frozen hands
for the sunshine

6. Race of Time

One day’s gone past
Another day is waving me farewell
It`s like a race
A race of time
And I can`t hold on

I try to breathe
To let the air flow
through my body
In spite of hate
In spite of all atrocity
and all insanity

All I want is some time
without the pain
Time to feel who I am
without the haunting chains

I want to be myself
All the time
I want
to explore the world
for the rest of my life

There is no such thing in our world
In destiny
There’s no reliability

I just want to live
And treasure all the living things around me
But real peace is fading away
in the race of time

7. New Horizon

There was a time
long long ago
where humanity let the seeds grow
and didn`t doubt the creatures value

Will we ever understand?
how we destroy
Let the ice inside us melt
and change

Wish to see the trees standing
on the ground
why can`t you give them a tender hand

I see their eyes so afraid
Why can`t you take their suffering away?
Hear their heartbeats grow
Why can`t you let them go?

Is it our will to choose
who should win and lose
and who should live and who`s going to die
with no goodbye

Long for a landscape filled
with nature’s treasures
Hope for a new horizon

8. River of Virgin Soil

There’s something about the river
Something magical I can`t describe
While it`s raining outside the windows
The water itself lies calm
This is the world of my dreams
Where the seventh sense comes out

Like a falcon so high
Conquering the infinite sky
With a majestic pride
It`s enchanting my mind

A restless voice inside of me
circling all around
Seeking what it could not find
Oh no, I couldn`t find…!

A dreamer
A believer
I truly am
But there`s no easy answer on how this will end

With silence I stepped into the wild
In the raw raw wildness
I was blinded by a tainted sight

The sound
of unspoken words
Felt soft leaves on my face
Hit by a vivacious caress

There`s something about the river
Where a virginal creature belongs
It floats away like roses
with its snow-white skin and long hair
This overwhelms my senses
and lets me feel alive

9. En natt i nord

En fuktig sommernatt i nord
Regnet har nettopp lagt sine spor
Et grønt-blått lys
Trenger seg frem
gjennom trærne og treffer meg

Står høyt oppe på fjellet
med armene rettet frem
Klar til å oppleve livet
Som en ulv lar jeg meg drive

Naturen rundt meg
Uberørt og med et gripende tak
river det meg med i en verden uten hat

Er ett med deg
i en sommernatt i nord
som en blomst som vokser og gror
spirende frem fra urørt jord
Vinden bringer friskt mot
Mot til å løse meg fra min rot
For det finnes bare en vei
Og det er med deg

Jeg gir meg nåtiden hen
Ikke flyktende fra mitt hjem ,
ikke seende tilbake
uten å miste taket
Som et kraftfullt maleri
Om en ukjent tid
Slår det praktfulle synet meg
Frihetens grenser brytes av deg

En fuktig sommernatt i nord
Regnet har nettopp lagt sine spor
Et grønt-blått lys
Trenger seg frem
gjennom trærne og forbinder seg
med meg

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