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Motörhead Sacrifice Lyrics Album

Sacrifice Lyrics Album by Motörhead

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1. Sacrifice

Why do they not believe?
I have not lied, even for this.
Now no-one can conceive
the lie becomes the loving kiss.

But I would not fall in love like this.
I would not fall in love like this.

The women stitch the shrouds.
The children murder all the world.
If only you believe,
then only you will die.

How can you not see the stars in your eyes?
How can you not see the stars in your eyes?

Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice,
Sacrifice, pay the price, cold like ice, sacrifice.

The pain is on you now,
do not consider fight for gain
in you the poison breeds,
crawling with the mark of Cain.

And no-one shall set you free again.
And no-one shall set you free again.

Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.
Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.

2. Sex & Death

Here we are still fighting, fighting for our lives.
Danger in the trenches but we still survive.
We know who we are, we know who we are.
We remember every move, we still bear the scars.

Don’t look for maturity, don’t you even dare.
We are our own security and we don’t even care.
We know what we do, we know what we do,
We do what we must and we admire our attitude.

Be damned if you can’t handle it, hope you break your neck.
Sex and Death!

Here we are in trouble, coming every day.
Slaughter in the alley make our bleeding day.
We know all the rules, we know all the rules.
We know more than you would like, we ain’t in your school.

We are tired of you now, we are sick and tired.
We are tired of hearing you say we should be quiet.
You ain’t worth the time, you ain’t worth the time.
You ain’t worth a nickel, babe, you ain’t worth a dime.

We ain’t gonna give it up as long as we got breath.
Sex and Death!

The answer to life’s mystery is simple and direct.
Sex and Death!

Running down the highway, we ain’t tired yet.
Sex and Death!
Sex and Death!

3. Over Your Shoulder

We know all the words of power,
All about the witching hour,
We know the reason why you´re scared,
And here comes your nightmare.

Over your shoulder honey, you don´t wanna turn around,
Bring the night closer, we are gonna bring you down,
It´s the times that we live in, erosion of the mind,
Easy to be cruel, Hard to be kind.

When the mode of music changes,
The walls around the city shake,
Look into the face of danger,
We know how to make you break.

Over your shoulder honey, right behind your back,
Make you a true believer, maybe give you heart attack
We are what you made us, see what we can find,
Easy to be cruel, Hard to be kind.

We can´t help the way we feel,
We don´t want to make a deal,
Look out, honey, use your head,
Might be murdered in your bed.

Over your shoulder honey, the face still shines,
Nobody you recognize, isn´t yours, it isn´t mine,
See the mouth smiling, make the words rhyme,
Easy to be cruel, Hard to be kind

4. War for War

Ridin fast out of the sunset,
Devils and horses advance,
Thunder and lightning and honour,
The army of saber and lance,
Each man somber and focused,
Each man looks to the fore,
Death is the life we are living,
Hungry for battle and war,
War for War, saber in every fist,
Where we were and are once more,
Out of the dark and the mist,
War for War. Determined for victory,
Over the line they drew there,
Honour the cavalry.

Howling for blood, the leaders,
Into the soon-to-be dead,
Chopping them down like leaves as,
The grass of the field turns red,
We are a band of brothers,
Disdaining the cares of the earth,
All we have is each other,
And that is all we are worth,
War for War, the saber swings into the face,
Shake the enemy to the core,
Lost in the lust of the chase.

War for War, we do not bend the knee,
We are the worst of the best now,
Honour the cavalry.

Reaving and laughing and slaying,
Leather and metal and blood,
How could anyone do it.
We did it the best that we could,
Over the fields of corpses,
Over the broken and maimed,
Over the enemy´s banners, beaten and trampled and shamed.

War for War, into the shot and the shell,
Into battle we go once more,
The standard-bearers of Hell,
War for War, the best and the last of the free,
Sworn unto Armageddon,
Honour the cavalry

5. Order / Fade to Black

(Yes) Bad blood, (yes) black night, (My God, yes) all the world,
(Yes) Red mouth (yes) insane (yes, My God) Order,
(See) Firestorm (see) black death, (do you see) burning there,
(Yes) Red smile (yes) white noise, fade to black, nobody cares.

Wake up now, try to run, howling pain, burning sun, creep
and crawl, hiding place, out of breath, turn your face,
Evil grins, at the sight, tendon snap, red tonight,
Black inside, cancer grown, in your skin, in your bone,

(Now) White face, (now) red hands (iron stake) everywhere,
(Now) Chrome spike (now) insane, (burning me) order,
(Now) Sleeping (now) teeth grin, (audience) all eyes stare,
(Now) Waking (now) dying, fade to black, nobody cares.

Push the door locked and barred, gone away, gone to far,
Fingers crawl, after you, freezing touch, stick like glue,
Could embrace, stranglehold, lost the race, oh so cold,
Red in here, bright knife hack, white noise, fade to black.

(Yes) Red pain, (yes) red blood, (sinking down) black despair,
(So) White bone, (yes) insane, (do you see) order,
(All) Screaming, (now) silent (God is love) say your prayers
(Now) Weeping (now) choking, fade to black, nobody cares.

6. Dog-Face Boy

Big-time, poor boy, out your mind again,
Jet plane, outside looking for another friend,
O my, look out, give it up, twist and shout,

Dog-face boy, Dog-face boy, Werewolf Hero, Pride and Joy,
Dog-face boy, Dog-face boy, Canine weirdo, Dog-face boy.

Get down, damn straight, fall out, night and day,
No class, uptight, where you gonna stay,
Shoot straight, home base, get down, win the race.

Dog-face boy, Dog-face boy, Werewolf Hero, Pride and Joy,
Dog-face boy, Dog-face boy, Wolfman zero, Dog-face boy.

Stay out, gone home, right on make it back,
Get down, be still, make it up, heart attack,
Do right, main squeeze, back down on your knees.

Dog-face boy, Dog-face boy, Werewolf Hero, Pride and Joy,
Dog-face boy, Dog-face boy, full moon weirdo, Dog-face boy.
Dog-face boy, Dog-face boy, Werewolf Hero, Pride and Joy,
Dog-face boy, Dog-face boy, Wolfman zero, Dog-face boy.

7. All Gone to Hell

Wide Wake, wide awake, hear the silence hiss,
Will you break, will you break, iron binds your wrist,
In your face, in your face, see the others flinch,
Iron law, Iron claw, don´t you move an inch.

Strike towards the one you love,
Throw the dark ones down,
Velvet fist, iron glove, the lost one now is found,
Don´t you ask me why and when,
I will never tell,
Life was so much stranger then,
But that´s all Gone to Hell.

Make a start, make a start, open up the door,
In the dark, in the dark, who could ask for more,
You are blind, you are blind, wish that you were deaf,
In the mind, in your mind, hear the serpent´s breath.

Fight the demons in your head,
Watch until the dawn,
We all heard the words we said,
We all braved the storm,
Never show the ones within,
What we do or sell,
Life is so much safer now,
But it´s all Gone to Hell.

In the night, in the night, hear your shadow breathe,
Feel the bite, feel the bite, no-one will believe,
By your side, by your side,
Beware of shadows now,
Kiss your bride, Kiss your bride,
Seal the marriage now.

You must be much braver boy,
Than you ever dreamed,
Or your world will be destroyed,
By the small and mean,
You must stand, and fight them hard,
You must never run,
You must be a shining star,
Do what must be done,
Don´t you ask me why or how,
You must lift the spell,
Life could be much more than this,
Unless we´ve Gone to Hell.

8. Make ‘Em Blind

Don´t touch me now, I never said,
That you could see me when I´m dead,
Leave me now, admit your fear,
There are worse things than death in here,
The servant is the master now,
We dream of different things,
A place to take your dreams away,
The bell that never rings,
Don´t ask me now, we´re not alone,
And you know inside every bone,
The whipped dog comes to power now,
We speak in whispered dread,
The undeserved is paramount,
Unnumbered bones for us to count,
The Warlord is the honored guest,
Hands all dripping red.

Make them die, make them die,
Tooth for tooth, eye for eye, make them blind, make them blind,
Tear their eyes out, I don´t mind.

And so the path is made for us,
And so we bring the plague with us,
We are the ones you made of us,
You´ll never understand,
We bear your names but not your guilt,
We do not like the world you built,
Poisoned, ruined to the hilt,
In a bastard land.

Make them die, make them die,
Tooth for tooth, eye for eye, make them blind, make them blind,
tear their hearts out, I don´t mind.

Ten thousand words await us, but we shall only wreck them,
Ten thousand times ten thousand,
But we will still infect them.

We come in blazing rockets,
We bring you greed and slavery,
No alien utopia,
Will long survive our bravery.

9. Don’t Waste Your Time

I bet you´re scared of dying, but you’re scared of death,
Think you might choke on your final breath,
Wanna go to Heaven, scared of Hell
Scared of the Devil and his tail as well,
Ain´t no insurance for the final ride,
No photo finish, nobody to bribe,
Baby, I know only you can live your life,
And there is only you can do it right.

Don´t waste your time, Don´t waste your time,
Don´t waste a minute listen here,
Don´t waste your time, Don´t waste your time,
Everybody going, standing in the line,
Don´t you worry, Baby, there’s worse things than death around here.

Don´t chase after money, you are gonna lose your soul,
Same for religion, out of control,
Don´t fall for money, or heroin again,
Needles for your enemies, bullshit for your friends,
The way we´re going, same as we came,
Bought the fucking picture and we´re playing for the frame.
Everybody asking just when they gonna die,
I think that they should be askin´ why.

Don´t waste your time, Don´t waste your time,
Don´t waste an hour of your life,
Don´t waste your time, Don´t waste your time,

The ghost walk beside us, been there all the time,
You know damn well there is worse things than death to fear.

Don´t waste your time, Don´t waste your time,
Don´t be staring at the wall,
Don´t waste your time, Don´t waste your time,
You better find a reason why you should be alive.
If you´re just a taker, then you might as well check out, that´s all.

Don´t waste your time, Don´t waste your time,
Don´t waste a minute listen here,
Don´t waste your time, Don´t waste your time,
Don´t you worry, Baby,
there’s worse things than death around here.

10. In Another Time

So, Here we are in the years,
All the past is a dream,
Can´t believe that I´m here,
Now, Seems so hard to recall,
Did it happen that way, Did it happen at all,
Here we are, win or lose, good and bad, fast and loose,
Here we are, black and gold, In another time.

Dust, on a mirror turned black,
The refection is flawed, all the mirrors are cracked,
Strange how the glass seems to sing,
But the words are like death, they could be anything,
Here we are, win or draw, badly used, badly scored,
Here we are, gone before, In another time.

Look through the eyes of the mask,
Tell me what do you see, can you make out the facts
Cold in the arms of the dead,
I still hear them talk, telling jokes in my head,
Here we are before the dawn, cold and black, death and scorn,
Here they are, lust and grief, to oversee the crime,
In the days before the plague, Never spoke, eyes like blades,
Here and Now, Fear and grief, In another time

11. Out of the Sun

The wind is cold where I live,
The blizzard is my home,
Snow and ice and loaded dice, the Wizard lives alone,
The wind is cold where I live, white and cold, and clean,
White and cold and bought and sold and heartbreak in between,
And so we shall see what is done, is done and done.

Trees are stone where I live, leaves of razor steel,
High and low and ice and snow, broken on the wheel,
Trees are stone where I live, flowers made of glass,
Cold and white and wrong and right and voices from the past.
And all our yesterdays are now undone.
Out of the sun

Frozen and insane, I alone remain,
Held in the vice of my disdain,
There is now way that anyone will ever
Make me warm again.

Life is death where I live, frozen grin my smile,
Sun is moon and out of tune, broken strings and bile,
Death is life where I live, hearts turned into stone,
Frozen breath, and frozen death and prisons made of bone.
And so we shall see what’s become’s become,
Out of the sun.

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