Dust Lyrics (2001)

Mourning Beloveth Dust Lyrics Album

Dust Lyrics Album by Mourning Beloveth

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1. The Mountains Are Mine

I have tasted it many nights upon my tongue
the foreboding that worse lay in the dregs
as I await some Stroke of Doom
From a corner of this weeping earth
my thoughts unfold onto this world
and leave me cowering for refuge
from torment and pain
In silence I weep
for lost memories so deep
that I have torn all ties
with the physical
So let me build a wooden bridge
to the moon
and I will rip the heavens apart
with my thoughts and my anguish

Linger in forgotten mountains all alone
Cold beneath the moon
Seek me and you’ll find me
Licking dirt from the ground

Mountains are mine
Foundations of fine wine
Never will you find
For they are buried in my mind
In silence I weep
My loneliness so deep
For they are buried in time
Realised in your mind

Overwhelming anguish
seeps through these veins
turning my blood to ice
never to flow again
Under innumerable stars
in vivid brightness
my mind was naked for all to pick
Now free to roam
across the jagged pieces (of heaven)
wrapping myself round pieces (of heaven)
Thoughts start to creep
around my heart
in vivid brightness
in vivid darkness

The cold night draws in and the children are skulking

With fear of reprisal, but the Mountains are Mine

2. In Mourning My Days

Your nailed Beauty Shames them of Life
My Life, My Love, My Mourning Beloveth

3. Dust

Time tears a hole in existence
To languish supinely in torture
See the essence of life
In shafts of light and shade
Remnants gathered by trembling hands
Are now scattered across the world
To form lifeless clouds of dust
That bind my falling limbs

Seamless visions and blurred moments
Hold my hands with chains of sand
Daylight breath as cold as razors
Cut my insides and leave me bleeding
A wish for deepening darkness to hide me
From all the pain and misery falls dead

Shards of broken light scar me so deep
That I darken my eyes to the world and light
(Is life but foreplay to a death we fear with each passing breath?)
Perpetual motionless time has numbed
All senses that once I held dear
The walls drip with moisture in this
Lonely shell I slip away so no one can see
Into the unknown where all stands still
In a moment of death

Time tears a hole in existence
Through shafts of light and shade
Trembling hands scatter my life dust
Into a perfect death

4. Autumnal Fires

A moonlit balcony reveals a majestic beauty
“When grief wrapped its cold arms around my body
The embers still flicked in the autumn of our love”
The sight of your beauty breaks the hold of sorrow
on me

Wandering with passion in our hearts
Smelling the melodious scent of orchards bloom
In the midst of life twisting we bleed
On a mountain top, gazing at the evening sky
Mesmerising fires breath, eternal life
Adorning tragedies, the wind carries
Fatal embrace in harmony
Somnolent crying

Leaves fall caressing out body
Empty the world we once knew
Our fires of passion and bliss
Doused by rains of of [sic] morrow

5. All Hope Is Pleading

The silent universe seeks echoes to live
to catch a glance but afraid to give
For the moments are not measured in time
but in knowledge where some live sublime
So this fire must be nourished from birth
to realise we are born from the dirt

The silence of a world without you
the laughing is over now
All sound we swallow with pride
quenched within a sea
The swell and dip
swallowed and hollowed through

To lose the fight for life
last breath, fighting the life I breath
The surge and swell of rain
trickles through, my thoughts each time I die
My thoughts are taking form
under clouds, the struggle goes on
Striving for pain and now I breath
never feel, what is this life for?
All hope is pleading
last day, for death has come
Rotting away for we are drowned
our days, fall on this night I breath
This plague into us breaths
our conception, for we are dead
Lead the way to murder,
realise, we are never born

Enter light of pain as we are dead again
As the sea swells and dips with emotion losing its grip
Swallowed and hollowed again by the mere existence of pain

All hope is dead again
All hope is pleading for existence
The surge and swell of pain ruins me
Trickles through every breath I take

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