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Fireangel Lyrics Album by Mystic Prophecy

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1. Across the Gates of Hell

The blackness and damnation deep in your soul don’t lie
Now you search for destruction pain before you die
We hail… prevail
Tonight will be in hell
This last fight will give you immortal spell

The sadness takes my breath away
My last judgement day

Across the gates of hell
I’ll never deny
The death will come my heart will touch the sky
Across the gates of hell
Forever deny
No way out
Across the gates of hell

I take my last salvation before I die this night
My bloodlust will desire revenge in a eternal fight
Redemption realise
Salvation – sacrifice
This night my blood will drown for afterlife

2. Demons Crown

Decisions are falling
The sun will paint in black
The priest will kill again
The gods now will be back
To the gods of Ra they prey
In the desert dust they stay
His flesh and bloodies stone
The eternal grave of bones
Desire blood and vengeance
Betray and betrayed
Signs, dead informations
Spiritual world in flames

The priest will rise in other destinations
4 thousand years survived
To save his nation proud

Hail… to the demons crown
Immortal soul will burn around
Forever in grave damnation
Hail… to the demons bones
The prophecy across the land
The eights signs of hell
The demons crown

They kill with hate
And rage his sacrifice
The last sign be reborn is realized
Hail… new god’s are creation
Thousand of years are lost
Forever in damnation
They hide in mystery world’s

3. We Kill!! You Die!!

With evil by my side
My soul out of control
No mercy no more pray
The world will fall in grey
We are the legions of the damned
The god’s creation
Before you die forevermore
In death dissection

Forever in my hands your soul now enslaved will reign
Infernal majesty the legion rise again

We kill! You die!!
You never reach the sky… I’m your killer I’m your sinner
Deep in your heart this night
We kill! You die!!
Black demons in the sky… I’m your sinner I’m your killer
Your soul be mine tonight

Before my resurrection
Oceans of blood I drink for you
Dark lords scream from the darkness
Last fight for me and you
In darkness demon shadows fly
For your extinction
In blood they’re bathing like insane
Your last damnation

4. Father Save Me

Flying shadows across the sky
They rip my soul before I die
The seven gates of hell will present
Now I’m ready for my defence
My life… out of reaction
My mind… out of control
I feel his force of attraction
With blood he scrawl my name of the wall

Reborn to get his vengeance
Their blood in zero degree
Reborn to kill with hatred
The beast again now will be free

Father save me when I fall
Every night I hear you call
Father forgive me for my sins
Don’t let the evil deep within
Father save me from my pain
I need you I go insane
Father forgive what I’ve done
Let me be your chosen one

In magic symbols he writes my name
They fight for hell and evil spell
He swear revenge from deep within
Conspiracy for my last sin
My blood… in devils obsession
My fight the edge of despair
I sold my soul for damnation
My burning flesh will smell on the air

5. To the Devil I Pray

I wake up in a nightmare dream
And see the devil is walking in the front of my eyes
With fingers he scroll in the book of dead
And try to steal my breath
I’m your soul, survivor
From the first day you’ll burn you be mine
Only the strong will survive

Burn down emotions
I rip my veins
Deep inside again
To the devil I pray
Deep down on my knees again
In circles I play his evil game
To the devil I pray… to the devil

The devil rules my world night and day
My god is dead no time to pray
Forever cursed
Forever deny
My blood will flow
High up from the sky
His spirit… all around
I’m six feet underground

6. Fireangel

Angel demon over me
Crimson on the sky
Sacrifice my face in black
Ripping out my eyes
Something evil dark in blaze
With deep scars in his eyes
Burning out my soul in hate
In hell black angel dominate

You’re my angel you’re my slave
Journey to my grave

The fireangel calls your name
Every nightmare be the same
In the darkness burns a flame
Call you ever again
The fireangel touch your skin
Will surrender deep within
From the depths of hell return
Fireangel burn

Angel come and set me free
The violence in me
Killing me and kill for me
Emotion daying victory

7. Fight Back the Light

The nightmare is back again
My blood will flow from my veins
Haunting creatures surrounding my inner self
He screams my name… you shall be damned
We are… the pain in your illusion
We are… the knife deep in your heart
Your world will burn deep confusion
Before you die… your angel will cry

This fight is your last this night
One by one they fall back to light

I try to scream out loud my name
To fight back the light
I try to save my soul from the flame
To fight back the light
Surrender my thoughts again
To release me from my pain
And once again – I try to escape from m fate
To fighting back the light

I can hear the whisper deep in me
I can see the crimson on the sky
Angels burn and angels fly
I know it’s time for me to die

8. Death Under Control

Don’t try to touch my crown
Another angel down
Destroy the senses in me
And let my hatred free
You scream my name out in the dark
Death self construction
No future in a land of lies
Where bombs will fall and humans die

Forever in blood will drowning the holy land
Innocents will fall for deadly reasons

They burn you out
You scream out loud
One man kill for all
In death under control
From hell rise out
In blood he will drown
Now your kingdom fall
Death under control

Your seven deadly sins
The red blood in your wings
The hell is waiting for you
You find the only true
The force will steal your sickened mind
Obscure illusions
This night they falling one by one
In hell will reign confusion

9. Revolution Evil

I call you my lord
From the depths of my heart
From the first day I was born
I carry your holy thorn
Every night the demon in me
Take this sickness out please set me free

Father… you forsake your son for his sins
I give my soul for you
And you break my heart in two
All night I fall grace
In all my darkend days
Like an angel lost in haze
My broken wings will blaze

So many hate and pain
Without a victory
So many blood remain
Last step of history

Revolution evil… evil!
Across upon the sky
My last salvation
Now it’s time to die
Revolution evil
The devil in disguise
Down on my knees again
For evil I die
Revolution evil

Father please forgive me and forget
My soul and sorrow
For you will regret
I’m the fallen angel
Betray for victory
In hell show no mercy
I kill in ecstasy

10. Gods of War

They’re born in the dust of fire
The seven god’s awake no one can stop
His thirst of blood desire
Hell and fire will conspire
Take the world with false messiah
From the depths of hell they rise
Destruction is the price

In thousands they are fallen in the battlefield of lies
The warlord comes it’s time to die!

The god’s of war
Black magic surround me
Demons have found me
The god’s of war
The fall one by one
The darkness forsake me
His faith will control me
The gods of war

Deadly warrior revolution
Wind and fire dead confusion
With bombs they take your tower
Their religion is the power

11. Forever Betrayed

You touch my deathly face
You now my only faith
This night before I fall
Bleeding shadows on the wall
This night they back to hold me
With his faces rotten to the core
With bloody wings embrace me
My soul is lost forevermore

Hungry demons coming up to me
Takes me far away
They drink blood from my veins
Death it’s now my only way

Forever betrayed
Forever my destiny
I wanna find out a situation
Forever betrayed
Forever my destiny
I’m trying to find a new decision for my self

In darkness they reborn
So many hate and scorn
Legions rise up to fight
From the grave again this night
Holy angels ride beside me
They protect my cross and belief
Will destroy the darkness in me
And I pray to god for relief

Desperation rise

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