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Never-Ending Lyrics Album by Mystic Prophecy

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1. Burning Bridges

Decades of decadence and aeons of evil
Comes over you this night my son
The power of angels and
The heresy of christ
Can never save you again

Living shadows dance around in a circle
And bathing with your blood

Burning bridges burning in my eyes
My kingdom burns down and falling
Burning bridges burns in my eyes
My soul has left me tonight

i’m coming from the center of damnation
To the outskirts of hell
I’m the maze of god
I lead you in another heaven
And i am the true face of evil

Now that the skies are painted with
The blood of the angels
The last eclipse of the sun has begun

2. Time Will Tell

look in my eyes
and tell me what you see now
can you feel the deep hate in my soul
your heart and soul are empty
like an endless desert suffering
under the burning sun
and you turned to ashes

i hate you far all that you
have done to me
one night i will return and bring
you back to hell

when time will tell
the demons of the night
will hold you back again
when time will tell
the creations of the night
are waiting doe your last breath

this is your end
the coldness now is back again
someday i will gain back my heart
say good bye to the light
the seven seals are broken
and then the blood on my hands
will be yours

3. Under a Darkened Sun

you can’t even imagine what i went through
all those years
i had to live with the curse of the god
destined to live with the pain of sin
like no one ever did before
my last sunrise in this world
made me what i am now
immortal in a deadly world

satan sleeps by my side the evil in my mind
devil’s blood flows deep inside my veins

under the darkened sun…
my burning soul in your hands tonight
under the darkened sun…
raining blood is the last sign

the damned and the curse of the dead
decay by my side
desolation comes on like a storm
hold me to the end of time
and though sacrifice will be made
with you my mind is confused
i’m reborn only to be destroyed and
killed again

4. Dust of Evil

hounding shadows awake you
from eternal flame
you scream my name in the nocturnal wind
crawling into the crypts below
revenge burns in your veins again

and in the freezing vastness
you spill my blood on the altar again

the dust of evil… you can not escape the
death is your faith
the dust of evil… the hatred is back and with
him the legions of the death

i open the seventh gate
and see your face my lord
you touch my face and…
my eyes begin to bleed
you touch my soul and i feel your
hatred deep inside
a hurricane that spreads
and destruction in its path

and in the freezing vastness
you drink my blood on the altar again

5. In Hell

baptized into the fire
i’m the chosen one by forgotten souls
i’m the burning beast who nailed
and crucified the angels of death

i am the eternal sin in heaven and hell
i’m always with you the dream that steals your thruth

in hell!!!
where the death and pain unite
the fire still burns inside
damnation and decay
in hell!!!
black shadows without souls
the darkness will reign their world
destruction and despair
in hell!!!

for the sin my heart and my blood
for the evil my flesh and blood
i supplicate the cross
of the holy church for eternity

6. Never Surrender

in my eyes you can see the grief
my face can not cover the times which
have now passed by
always on the search for eternal death
do you think that i will live on
to see the day
when the times stands still
the earth stops spinning around?
but the fire still glows
deep in my heart

i open my eyes and look to the horizon
and let my mind fly away

never surrender
never look back in the past
never surrender
and your pain will no more last
never surrender
in your lonely days and nights
never surrender
in your heart and in your soul
you’re alone

i have the dream to be a gentle breeze
one day
free from all of the load in my heart
insanity has no end
give me your judas kiss
and leave for the world of dreams
there i’ll wait for you

7. Wings of Eternity

leave your skeptism into oblivion
to see the dark side of your damned life
i’m behind you
i’m where you want to be
everywhere i’m with you
in darkness are calls your name

hear the crash of the spirit
and evil comes over you again

we ride on the wings of eternity…
together we touch the sky
we ride on the wings of eternity…
and evil stands by your side

i hold the book of dead in my hands
and its pages are made of the muscle
and bone of victims
it’s time to wake up from
your darkest sleep
tonight is the time for the last fight
for you and me

8. When I’m Falling

the night falling over me
and the fear is your only friend
i’m your depression
your inner beast is home again

can you describe the pain
now you fell all of my suffering

when i’m falling
i opnen my arms
i won’t deny it
when i’m falling
i know you await for me

now close your eyes
and let your guide to
the other side of the sea
a place of darkness
where the sin and death reign
all over the souls

what ever you do
where ever you go my misery
will follow you

9. Warriors of Lies

when we are back
the seventh door of hell will open
the sky turns red and clouds shed their
crimson raindrops down to earth
in your hands the power and the force
we give you lies and reveal
you give your soul
and the world will be drowned in blood

all the spirits of evil are
coming over you
and your wish to betray bring us
back to you

we are the warriors of lies
we will bring you illusions
we are the warriors of lies
when you call we realize
we are the warriors of lies
we will bring you confusion
we are the warriors of lies
when you call you have to die

death for death
until the last drop of blood is spoiled
the end is near
for us you have betrayed your god

now your blood omen has come to an end
and your cursed and full of hatred soul
is now laying in peace… maybe we’ll
meet again someday in your dreams
maybe in hell!!!

10. Dead Moon Rising

welcome in my world of suffering
taste my blood and greed will
steal your soul
when all the demons are howling
into the night
unleashing all their power
deep inside your heart
and your underworld now ends
before your eyes

stand aside and fight with us
rise of fall in the name of satan

see the darkness falling
and coldness over me
the dead moon rising again over
the mountains
i pray for relief
out of the darkness i hear
the cries of victory
the dead moon rising again

god hates you for all what you have done
smell my blood and rotting flesh
fight against the one who gave you to the
eternal life
kill him and eat his heart
now stay by my side
and you will be damned in darkness forever

11. Never-Ending


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