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Satanic Curses Lyrics Album by Mystic Prophecy

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1. Back from the Dark

The bloody oath of raven
It’s back to kill again
The shadows of the past
Will come back to take revenge
We are resurrection
We will realize
We give yo illusions
We are the devil’s eyes

When emotions and fear united
And your dreams will now be real

I’m back from the dark
I’m breaking your silence
Into your nightmares
I’m back from the dark

I’m back from the dark
I’m killing your sadness
With power and violence
I’m back from the dark

The path into damnation
The silence will die
You wait for redemption
In the ravage of my lie
We are immolation
We are genocide
We give you perception
We are the dead inside

2. Sacrifice Me

Father please forgive my sins
Prepared my soul for you
The demons in my mind
Try to share my heart in two
Please don’t forget me father
To fall into oblivion
The sadness is my mother
And that’s my own destruction

Now you believe and you see
The sickness in my heart
You can be
The salvation in my soul

Sacrifice me
So drink my blood to be reborn
The underworld released my soul
Sacrifice me
So give salvation to my heart
My savior in my lonely world

Satan don’t let me fall
Now I stand here and call
Can you hear my bleeding soul?

Blood shadows on the wall

3. Dark Forces

Wake up and stop dreaming
Your real nightmares have begun
Inside you hear them screaming
Dark force awakening now to haunt
They’re riding like a desert storm
The demon will you call
Until the end of dawn
The dogs of hell reborn

Black magic in the air
My heart’s full of despair
The evil out there
My blood smells everywhere

The dark forces of the night
In my dreams I hear them calling
The dark forces of the night
Killing me now — killing me now
The dark forces of the night
Now my evil soul is burning
The dark forces of the night
Sacrifice my blood

The seventh sign is broken
My world will burn down and fall
Why has my God forsaken?
I sold my soul forevermore
With evil I have signed a deal
Salvation for my sin
This is my last desire
From the demons and the fire

4. Satanic Curses

In a dark demonic fullmoon night
The masters will now call
The armies of death
Thunder and lightning and fire from the sky
They burn you to ashes
And force you to lie
A world full of blackness
A world full of pain
This is the end of his evil game

Can you hear them?
They scream your name again and again
Can you feel them?
That’s the final attack

Satanic curses
The demons are calling your name
Satanic curses
Now you burn in Hell
Dark shadows are over your head

The gates of hell – it’s open again
Thousands are coming to get his revenge
The earth drowns in blood
The riders unbound
They try to destroy and kill around

Satanic curses
The demons are calling your name
Satanic curses
Now you burn in Hell
The riders of Hell brings you hate
Satanic curses
Now death is your fate
The demons are calling your name
Satanic curses
Now you burn in flame
Your soul now is drowning in flames

5. Evil of Destruction

The way to end it’s now clear
For your smeared in your blood eyes
Betrayed and abased alone with
Your holy blackness destiny
The war in your head
The war is your death
That’s the end and your deep fall
Black raven return to get his victims
Back to eternity

The hammer of war now is falling
All signs show on destruction
Forever in corruption

Evil of destruction
War flames will rise to the sky
Evil of destruction
Nothing can stop now this hate

Forever condemned to fight and suicide
For your sick own religion
With hatred and wrath
They try to destroy the God’s creation

6. Demons Blood

In a darkest judgment day
I can feel the hate inside again
I’m the king of my world
I feel like a beast
We will escape from his cage
With unholy rage in my head
I go find my destiny
I move in a path to prevail
I know that’s the way to hell

One shout in his heart
And a new nightmare will be start

My blood flows like an ocean
As I rip my veins deep inside again
The death is under construction
With demon’s blood — demon’s blood
My heart bleeds full with emotions
I pray deep down on my knees again
My mind it’s under confusions
With demon’s blood… demon’s blood
The wings oif death will take your beath
And let your blood drain on earth
I move in a dream full of sins
And now my nightmare will begin

One shout in his brain
And the devil takes you back again

7. Damnation

When I close my eyes
The black birds come to hold his price
The blackness overcomes
And takes my breath away
Bloody shadows on the wall
Are trapped in an unreal world
Where the legions of the damned
Prepare the immortal souls

Incantation between two worlds
Abomination the spirits of your God’s

In damnation
It’s the answer of your lonely world
In the darkness and daylight
For the faithless of your holy God’s
It’s your last fight of your life

I give you my last breath
And you give me eternal pain
My God forsake me
So hold me back in Hell
Through my flesh and sorrow
Black my soul and hollow
Bring me to your promised land
Lead me to my blessed end

8. Rock the Night

Somewhere in the world around
We can hear the metal sound
We fight with raising swords
Beside the metal gods
We create the dragons world
And let the kingdoms fall
We are the chosen ones who fight
Against the beast

We let the legends still alive
Reborn in flesh and blood
The name it’s rock n’ roll
The law deep in your soul

We rock the night
We rock your life
We create the sound
That’s deep in your heart
We rock your soul
We rock your world
Resurrection thoughts
Between the two worlds

Every night with flames on the stage
With the glory to th e edge
We bring the metal back
Deep inside your heart
In your head and in your soul
Have a mission you want all
Feel the vision like a raging hungry firestorm

9. We Will Survive

Can you hear the children cry?
Lonely screams before they die
Another day is gone with promises
And deadly crimes
Proclaimed messiahs with words
Manipulating your thoughts
They will control your life
With unreal fucking lies

Uncontrollable we destroy us all
Darkness everywhere
The future lost out there
With empty words don’t let you hypnotize

Together we’re strong
Together we’re one
In sadness now
We will survive
Together we’re here
Forever we fear
In darkness now
We will survive

Don’t run away from mistakes
The death will come and takes
Alone we [are] standing at the abyss of despair
Now take your life in your hand
Together until the end
With endless reverence and pride
We are strong

Uncontrollable we destroy us all
With empty words don’t let you hypnotize

10. Grave of Thousand Lies

World of lies and conviction
An evil plan will bring you death
Thousands are dying on the hill
Who stops the damned to kill
You leave only a deep cut into your heart
A lonely place with deep scars
Unholy wars

The angels try to save you
To save and hold you back
But shadows of the otherside
Bring you the last attack

The grave of the thousand lies
The real answers full of pain and sadness
The grave of the thousand lies
There’s the place where the mothers cry

Don’t forget the blackened days
You don’t learn from your mistakes
The return will be in graves
Your blood flows in waves
His soul and heart now it’s black
I hear them screaming
The spirits now forever lost
For those who are dreaming

The grave of the thousand lies
The real answers full of pain and sadness
The grave of the thousand lies
A place where life and death unite
The grave of the thousand lies
There’s the place where the mothers cry

11. Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover)

Finished with my woman ’cause she couldn’t help me with my mind
people think I’m insane because I am frowning all the time
All day long I think of things but nothing seems to satisfy
Think I’ll lose my mind if I don’t find something to pacify

Can you help me occupy my brain?
Oh yeah

I need someone to show me the things in life that I can’t find
I can’t see the things that make true happiness, I must be blind

Make a joke and I will sigh and you will laugh and I will cry
Happiness I cannot feel and love to me is so unreal

And so as you hear these words telling you now of my state
I tell you to enjoy life I wish I could but it’s too late

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