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Exul Lyrics Album by Ne Obliviscaris

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1. Equus

Our fields alight
Is this a dream?
Glowing inferno
Reborn, red dawn
Searing, auric chariot
With karmic wheels, they burn again
The karmic wheels, turning again

Life devoured
The ruin, the blackened, these skinless halls
Bones laid bare, the bones of all
The garden deafened
To emerald’s end

Breathing synergy
Wild winds away – to glorify
Through the ashen haze
Reborn, black gaze
Searing, auric chariot
With karmic wheels, they turn again
The karmic wheels, burning again

Flame-kissed manes
Winds cascading dawn
Of Boudica born
The earthen canvas, rivers of scars
Coursing, hooves beating, breathless
Forgotten forever

Burning again, burning again
Burning again, burning again

Her name is Mother…
Mother – And hell follows with Her

From ashen cities, grey auras, behold her pale horses
Framed by hell and veiled from heaven – this Pandemonium
Tears upon scorched dreams, pouring into chasms that seethe
Tidings tolled, too late, drowning as the shadows unfold

Running – wild resistance
Bearing – the weight of the world
Rearing from the ghosts of the past
Dancing in clouds, dressage to the nameless dead
Echoed cries cast into the air

Inhaling the spirit of rein and ruin
All the rage
Exhaling what remains of reason
And this misery

All these memories
Fleeing – dying
Are these memories all dreams?
All these memories
Fear and pain, all…
Never to be free
All these memories

-Fade away-

Eyes closed to the sun, the sun
Lost in tears of silence

2. Misericorde I – As the Flesh Falls

Foresight – finite

Praised angels, as the flesh falls

War from within


’Neath armour, this withered skin

Righteous and malignant

This poisoned pale

Glorious putrefaction

Pray – gauntlets in gleam

Wielding lights and lies

Blessings of disease

Life’s embrace

Blessings of disease

Life’s embrace

Malaise concealed, my shell

Of denial and dissonance

Darkest greys

Into the fray

Glancing of blades, the carbon tongues

Dance of crippled rebellion

Eyes inflamed by light

Praised angels, as the flesh falls

War from within


Life defiled – faithless

Befouled, betrayed

Hand in hand – on hilt

Madness – Divine reason

Fleeting peace


The struggling

Waning war cry

A painted shield

My decaying portrait

Foreseen, my limned last days

Shedding armour, unfurled wings

Failing, alone

Hail desolation

3. Misericorde II – Anatomy of Quiescence

Fall into the abyss of the sky
None of God, one of I
Rising celestial burial
Wordless cries

Of the light
Precipice of all, I release myself
Radiant and real
Purged agony, all the grief
Acceptance, my arms aloft, my crucifix
Lived my way
Fall away

4. Suspyre

Kneel, convergence

Deformed to the will, oh heir of the air

And in this final judgement

The breath of farewell

Divergence, blood eagles

The vessel of vanity, breaking the cage

The pillar of being, life-lined maypole

Metanoia – lost

Writhing within timeless currents

A figurehead surging above




Life ephemeral

Soaring, reeling, free

Of mortality, winds empyreal


Of mortality, we are

We are nothing

Worlds disintegrate within worlds


Chaos detritus

As we rise

As we rise




Light’s debris





Our kingdom without walls

Draped in light’s debris

Death, the one truth

All that we touch, all that we are

The shapeless, we evanesce

There is only nowhere

Inherit, inhale, the dust of kings

Rise to purity and silence

Deconstructed creation

Tear us apart


Life ephemeral

Soaring, reeling, free

Of mortality, winds empyreal

I’m awake, I’m awake

Empyreal, awake

Of mortality, we are

We are nothing

We are nothing

Inherit death

We are nothing

Inherit death

5. Graal

Dust of dissonance
The grey aura
Drift of the pariah
Of the gathering
Hauling ley lines
Through the catacombs
Weaving day into day
Within the reliquary
The heart that beats
The heart that beats is out of reach
Carry the stones
Of lapidation
The burden outcast
Walk the barren vast
Dragging the barren past
Wandering the ever gloaming
The introspection
Light’s miasma
The marching, the flayed
Pain of veils
Desolation’s sea

Sorrow, the path to the end
Faceless horizon
Where silence listens to silence
Rippling call, of the holy grail
Gorge the blood of God
Blood of God of Self
Purge all poison
There is only dust
Humanity is gone

6. Anhedonia


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