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Nile At the Gate of Sethu Lyrics Album

At the Gate of Sethu Lyrics Album by Nile

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1. Enduring the Eternal Molestation of Flame

Let not my Corpse Rot in the Necropolis
Let not my crimes be raised against me Whilein the Earth
Make my Flesh and Bones safe from Maggots
And Any False God who Trespasses my Tomb

You whose Heart has been Seized from thy Breast
Save me from the Ravages of Decay
The Crawlings Fiends Who Take away Limbs
Corpses who Deny the Inevitable Truth
The Lifetime of Osiris is the Sky And theirs is the Ground

Save Me from those Imprisoned in the Duat
Who Know not Yet they are already Dead

Save me from The Rotting dead
who sleep inside Their corpses
Whose Breath Becomes Fire inside Their Water
at whose Burning the Sea Rises at Dawn

Grant Me the Immolating Flame
Burn my Sarcophagus
In Opposition To the Lords of Eternity
I Beg You
Prevent my Corpse from Putrefying in the Realm of the Dead
I Burn

2. The Fiends Who Come to Steal the Magick of the Deceased

The great one has fallen on his side
Swarmed by the eight crocodiles
I know them by their names and lives
I save my father from them

Crocodiles of the west
Who live on the unwearying stars
Detestation of you is in me
The Nau snake is in my belly
Your flame will not be upon me

Crocodiles of the east
Who live on mutilation
Detestation of you is in me
The Nau snake is in my bowels
Your flame will not be upon me

Crocodiles of the south
Living on feces
Smoke and want
Detestation of you is in me
My blood is not in your hand

I will erase you
I will erase you

Crocodiles of the north
Living on the waste between the stars
Detestation of you is in me
Your poison is in my head
A scorpion writhes within me

I’m glad with the magick of Re
What exists is within my grasp
I’m heard in the house of the great one
Who destroys the living

I am Re
Who protects himself
Nothing can harm me

I am Re
Who protects himself
Nothing can harm me

I am Re

3. The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh

I have come to you that you may Heal my Corpse
Permit me to go down into the earth Forever
Such as He who will Not be Ravaged

May I not become Corrupt
May my Ka Ascend aloft May it Descend Only after it has Perished

Such is he who is Decayed
All his Bones are Corrupt
His Flesh is Slain His Bones are Softened
His Body is made into Foul Water
His Degradation Stinks and he Turns into Many Worms
When he is sent to the Eye of Shu

Every Mortal is thus
All those who Live will Die
All Who Die Shall Rot

Do not give me over to the Slayer who Lurks inside
Who Rots the Hidden One
Who Decomposes Corpses
Who does what has been Commanded

I have awakened in Perversion and Dream
I possess not my Body
I have become corrupt Decayed Putrid
Worms Gorge upon me
Maggots Infest my Organs
Versim Gnaw my Skull
My Eyes have Been Eaten My Ears are Deaf
Rotten Flesh Falls from my Bones
My Head has removed itself from my Neck
My Tongue Taken
My Hair has been cut off My Eyebrows Stripped
I have become what I abhor

4. When My Wrath Is Done

When my Patience is Finished
When the Mercy of Khufu is Exhausted
When my Subjects have Failed Me
And Continued Grace has become Futile

Then will wrath
seem the better part of Discretion

My Slaves Utter Words of Rebellion
They Curse my Name
They Bend not their Backs Unto me
Or Bow Before my Monuments

When Those who Incite Revolt are Crushed
When the Streets Run red
with the Blood of the Unfaithful
When the Hands of the Idle are Severed
And the Piles of the Skulls of the Rebellious
are as the Innumerable Stars

Then will my Wrath be Done

5. Slaves of Xul


6. The Gods Who Light Up the Sky at the Gate of Sethu

The Great God cometh forth to the Gate
the gods who are therein acclaim Him

Guarded by sixteen UraeiStandeth the mummified form of Nemi
a Knife in his hands Swept by Flames of Fire

Come thou who art at the Horizon
Who Unveils the secret place And unfolds the Fathomless Depths of the Earth

Sethu the Hideous serpent stands on his tail
And guards the Way

Sayeth Sa
Rand thy Gate Tear open thy Portal Illuminate the darkness

The Gate Shuts behind ra
Uraei wail when the gate closes upon them
The Procession of Ra Incinerates the Sky

Until the God of the Hour a Star in each Hand
Horus the Hawk Headed
Sekhet the Lioness
The winged serpent Semi

Besi Receives the flame
of a horned animal Transfixed by a knife
From the neck of The Serpent Ankhi
grows the Skulls of the undead

The cries Raise their Hands in adoration
Uraei rear their heads
unto Horus Set

Maketh thou a Rising up for Ra
In his hand is the fire from the head and upon the Horns
The weapon in the hand of the slayer is within the follower of the God

Those who cry unto Ra say
Enter in O Ra
Hail Come forth thou who art Born of the Underworld
Light up the Night sky Set ablaze a Conflagration that Sears the Firmament

7. Natural Liberation of Fear Through the Ritual Deception of Death

I Bow down to the Glorious Transcent One
Vajra Kumara
Whose Face Frowns with Wrath
In Order that My Living Being
Be Released from the Extreme Suffering
And all The Unremitting And Bitter Sorrows of Death

Lifespan Threatened
By Imbalanced Elemental Forces And Malevolent Spirits
Flame of Life nearly Extinguished
The Signs of Impending Death Have Manifested

Red Wheel of the Fire Element Inscribed with the Five Rams
Yellow Wheel of the Earth Inscribed With the Five Lams
The White Wheel of Water Inscribed with the Five Khams
The Azure Wheel of Space With the Five E Syllables

I Bow down to the Mahakarunika
Who is a Sanctuary of Great Bliss
I Enter the Triangular Dark Pit
And utter the Syllables of Elemental Fire
Black demon Black Demon Black Demon

The Cornea of my Eyes has begun to Fade
The Hair on the back of my neck has grown upwards
My eyes stare Fixedly
My Limbs are subject to Spasms

Three Times I Place a Dog Tail Beneath me
Place his Excrement before me
Eat a Mouthful and Bark like a Dog

The Severing of the Bond Between Atmosphere and Earth is Nearly Complete
The Fall of the White Rider has Occurred
The Rupturing of the Great Tree has come to Pass
My Urine is Blackish and Putrid My Excrement has no Vapour
The Seed Symbols have appeared on the Skull of a Horse
The One Legged Yavati has Arisen as an Enemy of the Wish Granting Tree
I make the Ritual of Averting Death
A Means of Liberating Sentient Beings From their Sufferings
May I be counted Worthy of Past Actions

8. Ethno-Musicological Cannibalisms


9. Tribunal of the Dead

I fear I may have Fallen out With the Regime
An Enemy of the State
My Name is Written Amongst the Disgraced
on a Clay Image of a Bound Human Captive

I Bring Incense To Appease The Forthy Two Assessors
The Tribunal of the Dead
I Bring Natron The Imbibing of Which Purifies

Thot Who Vindicated Osiris
Entrap Mine Enemies in the Presence of Every God and Godess

In the Presence of the Great Tribunal
In Heliopolis on that Night of Battle
Of the Slaughter of those who Rebelled

In the Presence of the Great Tribunal
In Abydos on the night of the Festival
of the Numbering of the Dead

In the Presence of the Great Tribunal
Which is on the Road of the Dead
In the Presence of He that is Nothing
On the Night of the Great Devastation

Lords of Justice Lords of the West
Who Pass Judgment upon the Dead
Who Instill Terror in those who have wrought Wickedness

I have come that you may drive out the Evil which is in me
All that I have done Before the Lords of Eternity
Since I Came Forth from the Womb

Let me Be Cleansed By Fire
Let no Evil Lay Talon or Claw Upon Me
Let my heart not be devoured


10. Supreme Humanism of Megalomania

I assert my Claim of Uncompromising Empowerment
I am Like as Unto Atum Lord of All
Whose Spontaneous Self Generation
Led to the Appearance of the Earliest Gods
and Thus the Material Universe
There is none Higher

I appear in Glory as that God
Who eats Men and Lives on the Gods
As Sun Gos I am Reborn
From the Womb of the Sky Goddess Nut
Her Arching Body is the Sky
Her Nakedness the Skin on Which the Stars Rest

I am AtumKhepri Who Come into Being of Himself
I am He who Opened a Door in the Sky
Who Rules from his Throne and Adjudgeth those who are Born

I am the Horned Bull who Rules the Sky
Lord of Celestial Appearings
The Great Illuminator who came forth from Fire
to Harness the Years
I am the Jackal of Jackals
I am Shu who Breathes Air Into the Limits of Sky and Earth

I Draw unto Myself All the Forces of the Universe
I become Not Merely a God but the Universe Itself
I am Alone in Making the Transformation from Man into God
I am Released from this World of Servile Obligation
to False Temporal Powers who Claim to be Divine

11. The Chaining of the Iniquitous

The Slayers of Geb
Reckon up the Immoral
After the Weighing of the Words in Amentet

Tem saith unto the reapers
Keep Ward over the Wicked
And Bind ye Fast Those who Are to be Smitten

The Neniu Profane Apostates
The Depraved who when on Earth Cursed Ra
Shameless were their lies in Words and Deeds

The Inquitous Cannot Escape
Condemnation according to the will of Ra

Ra hath Issued Decree for their Doom
Which Shall be wrought upon Them in the Great Hall

Drive Stakes to Fetter them
Weigh them down with Heavy Chains
Bind their Arms behind their Backs

Bow Them down and Make them Prostrate
Reduce them to Helplessness

In your Hands take Knives and Hack them
Make Gashes in them
Slit open their Heads
Hack Into Pieces their Chained and Helpless Bodies

Great Suffering shall you cause upon The Immortal

The Chaining of the Iniquitous

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