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Nile Black Seeds of Vengeance Lyrics Album

Black Seeds of Vengeance Lyrics Album by Nile

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1. Invocation of the Gate of Aat-Ankh-es-en-Amenti


2. Black Seeds of Vengeance

The scourge of Amalek is upon you
The seed of Amu hath oppressed you
They hath urinated upon you
And made you eat feces
They know not Ra
They are the enemies of Asar
They hath defiled your tombs
Violated your women
And made victims of your little ones
They hath befouled the writings of Thoth
They hath burned sacred papyri
They hath cracked open your heads
Smashed your teeth and gouged out your eyes
They hacked off your limbs
And thrown your mutilated bodies
Towards the heavens mocking Ra
Let not their seed multiply among you
Honour not their wretched little Gods
Crawl not on your bellies before them
War shall you make upon them
Plague and pestilence shall you call down upon them
You must destroy their seed utterly
You shall gash them with flints
You shall gore them with sticks
Hack off their testicles
And cut their phalluses to pieces
Suffer none of them to live
Dismemberment and slaughter shall you perform on them
The mighty Sekhmet will devour them
The chain of Sut is around their neck
Horus hammereth them
Nepthys hacketh them to bits
The eye of Ra eateth into their faces
Their carcasses will be consumed in the desert
The seed of Amu with perish utterly
Their filth shall never breed among you again
We shall blot out the remembrance of Amalek
From under the sky

3. Defiling the Gates of Ishtar

Impure am I
Impure I spill my seed
Upon barren earth
And spit in the face of the Goddess
Unclean am I
Unclean I copulate
with the hands of the God
and defile the Gates of Ishtar
UnBlessed am I
Buh Luh Uh
Si il Inanna
As Gi Su Ak
Gis Tes
Gis Tes
Unwashed am I
Unwashed I lay violent hands
upon the altar of the Goddess
In filth I lay
In filth I desecrate
And profane the Temple of Ishtar
And blaspheme in the presence of whores
Baad Angarru
Open the Gate
That I may enter
Lest I attack the Gate
Lest I break down the walls
Open the gate
Lest I cause the dead to outnumber the living
Open the gate
Lest I cause the dead to rise and devour the living

4. The Black Flame

Withdraw Thy Phallus Baboui
Open the Gates of the Duat
For I am Burning in Aataakhu
Chains Bind Me
Flames Encircle Me
And Burn My Flesh
For Me the Gates Shall Open
Over the Fire of the Spirit
The Breath Drawn by the Gods
Arise Apophis Return
That I Might Return
Borne by the Flame
Drawn by the Gods Who Clear the Way
That I Might Pass
The Gods Which Sprang from the Drops of Blood
Which Dripped From
The Phallus of Set
That I might be Reborn
For I am Khetti Satha Shemsu
Seneh Nekai
And Will Become Set of a Million Years
Akhu Amenti Hekau
I Shed My Burnt Skin
And am Renewed

5. Libation unto the Shades Who Lurk in the Shadows of the Temple of Anhur


6. Masturbating the War God

Evil sick flames cast uncertain shadows
In the dimly lit Temple of Anhur
as we count the dead and vanquished
by hacking off their phalluses and piling the severed hands
before the living stone image of the God
The shamed and humbled women of the subjugated
kneel in hopeless aquiescence
as we grasp them by the hair and force them to serve
our father Anhur
Yea we impale them on the massive stone member
of the Ithyphallic War God until
the backs of their throats are torn out
and their bowels are ripped apart
One by one we force the female captives to serve the Ahati
until the God’s legs are awash with blood
and his phallus drips with red and black gore
Un snem sheth tesher mekhsefu parthal m aba neth Anhur
We lay our bloodstained weapons of Iron
on the altar of Anhur
and His Seed blesses us with strength to slay our enemies
Like as unto Menthu we have become Ithyphallic
The mighty Sekhmet is with us

7. Multitude of Foes

Sep Au Hetep
Ab Au Mekhar Gau t Metkh
Mekhar t Khhert Ua an Aqu
Mekri Sau t Athien Hapti
Tehem Er Sa Msa
I Call Upon Thee My Father Amun
For I am in the midst of A Multitude of Foes
Abandoned by the Legions of Amun and Ra
Engulfed by the Heat of the Fire
Blood of the Impure
Drips from my Weapons
Dismembered Armies Rot in the Sun
Mekhi Kherit Au Aqu
Mtun thai Peten Nekht An Aqu

8. Chapter for Transforming into a Snake

I am a Long Lived Snake
I Pass the Night and Am Reborn Every Day
I am the Snake which is in the Limits of the Earth
I Pass the Night and am Reborn
Renewed and Rejuvenated Every Day
I am a Crocodile immersed in Dread
I am the Crocodile who Takes by Robbery
I am the Great and Mighty Loathsome Reptile
Who is in the Bitter Waters
I am the Lord of those who Bow Down in Sekhem

9. Nas Akhu Khan she en Asbiu

Nas Aakhu Khan She en Asbiu
Ua tehani, Ua temam, Ua khames Re Per Akhu
Ua khames em bah khan She en Amu
Ua khames em bah khan She en Seshet
Temam aakhu Thaui, Temam aakhu Shemsu Satha
Saakhu Nebu Tchaut, Saakhu Nebu Khebentiu
Snemeh em bah Akhu-Aqer
Tata ab uk em She en Asbiu
Ta-ua Akh uk em She en Nesersert
Meh u She en Shemmet, Meh u She en Shamu
Ua uk, Ua uk, Ua uk Aat en Khet
Ua uk, Ua uk, Ua uk

10. To Dream of Ur

Desolate and Forsaken
Eerily Moaning Dark Winds
Murmur Incantations
Dusk Calls forth Shadows
Spirits of the Glorious Dead Lingering
Bound to this Place
They Whisper of Untold Sagas
of Long Dead Cities
the Seven Shining Cities Sacred to the Aphkhallu
of Ages Past when the World was Young
When Babylon was Blessed of Marduk
and the Sound of her Armies was the Blare
of Ominous War Horns
and the Clash of Immortal Cymbals
of Bronze Gates Arrayed in Splendour
and Magnificent Walls of Sunbaked Brick
of Temples of Marble
and Bloodstained Altars
Long Before the Jeweled Throne of Ur
Fell Silent and Turned to Dust
Beneath the Endless Shifting Sands
and the Inevitable Vengeance of the Elements

11. The Nameless City of the Accursed


12. Khetti Satha Shemsu

Khetti Satha Shemsu
Khetti Satha Shemsu
Khetti Satha Shemsu
Khetti Satha Seneh
Khetti Satha Tehen
Khetti Satha Tua
Khetti Satha Kesu
Khetti Satha Sethes
Khetti Satha Sekhu
Khetti Satha Senes
Khetti Satha Suti
Khetti Satha Sekhem
Khetti Satha Sekhem
Khetti Satha Sekhem

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