Festivals of Atonement EP Lyrics (1995)

Nile Festivals of Atonement EP Lyrics Album

Festivals of Atonement EP Lyrics Album by Nile

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1. Divine Intent

Rise in splendor
Arms upheld unto the sky

Blindly I follow
Soon all will be revealed

Searing — transcendent
Visions of divine intent
Worshipful — obedient
I await the burning

In supplication
I turn my eyes toward the sun

It burns!

I turn my eyes toward the sun
Its flames — oh god it burns
Refusing to look away
In agony
I become divine

Obeisance — I make
Engulfed in radiant fury
Amon-Ra the hidden one
Takes my sight that I might see

Blinded I cry out
In gratitude
Tears streaming
I return unto the sands

Burnt — charred
I behold no god!

I behold no god!

I become divine

2. The Black Hand of Set

Eaters of human flesh
Hath eaten
Unlawful flesh
Upon our brethren
They have feasted
Seed of our father
We must now avenge

In secret conclave we gather
To rain destruction
On those we have cursed

With vile black arts
And tempestuous rage
We vent our wrath
Red blood stains my hands and
damns my soul

You will drink the black sperm
of my vengeance!

The mighty voices of my vengeance
Smash the stillness of the air
And stand as monoliths of wrath
Upon a plain of writhing serpents

I call upon the messengers of doom
to slash with grim delight
this victim I hath chosen
Feed upon his brain-pulp
Rend his throat
Pierce his lungs
With the strings of scorpions

Oh Kali
Oh Sekhmet
Oh Dagon

3. Wrought

Nanna – father of the zonei
Eldest of the wanderers
A shadow out of time
The moon is calling me
The breath of the old ones
Whispers in my ear
With inhuman impatience
They beckon to me

I call to the moon
And sin

I now possess the secrets
of the tides of blood

I have traveled on the spheres
And the spheres do not
protect me
I have walked in the pit
And the pit does not
protect me

The lords of the wind
rush about Me
The lords of the earth
crawl about my feet
And are angered
A wind has risen
The dark waters stir

The lines of my life
Have been obliterated
By my wanderings in the waste
My fate is no longer
writ in the stars
For I have broken the covenant

Have the gods forsaken me
I cannot read the omens
What sacrifice
have I failed to make
I call to the gods
Do not cast thy servant down

What have I done!

4. Immortality Through Art


5. Godless

Atheos anarchos
No belief in any deity
No lies or false idols
No dogma shall enslave me

My words of truth
The tongue of fire
A cleansing of utter blasphemy
No law of man or god
No chains of servitude
Bind me to the unjust

Purify me in flames
I have no fear of retribution
Before no graven images
Shall I bend in acquiescence
Say not unto me
Thou shall not

The head of Ramses
Lies fallen to the ground
Broken – crumbled – destroyed
Left in ruins

6. Extinct

Whisper silence in my ear
Uncover the truth
Of insignificance
Paint the anguish
Of the private soul
Reveal pathetic tragedy
As sleep I dream of death

Seething with rage
Exquisite vision

Amplify the dream unreal
Accept the vision

Does it matter
Does it matter

Paradise lost
Dreaming of extinction
We wander through
the walls of sacrifice
Sick winds brush
against my skin

Power of extinction
Growth intelligence no more
Mud rot skeletal
Drown thy spirit of kings

Society’s walls break down
Humans pound down
Dig – I must dig out
Puts all tools in place
Only peace comes in death

As I sleep I dream of death
Only peace comes in death

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