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In Their Darkened Shrines Lyrics Album by Nile

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1. The Blessed Dead

Looked down upon with scorn
We work the fields of the masters
And share not the bounty of the black earth

Destitute servile cast out
Affording no tomb
We shall be buried
Unprepared in the sand

We shall never be the blessed dead

Scorned by Asar
Condemned at the weighing of the heart
We are exiled from the netherworld
Serpents fall upon us dragging as away
Ammitt who teareth the wicked to pieces

Pale shades of the unblessed dead
None shall enter without the knowledge
Of the magickal formulae
Which is given to few to possess

Not for us the Sekhet Aaru
Our souls will be cut to pieces with sharp knives
Tortured devoured
Consumed in everlasting flames

We shall never be the blessed dead

2. Execration Text

Mut the dangerous dead
Trouble me no longer
I inscribe thy name
I threaten thee with the second death
I kill thy name
And thus I kill thee again
In the afterlife

Bau terror of the living
Angry spirits of the condemned death
I write thy name
I burn thy name in flames
I kill thy name
And thus thee are accursed
Even unto the underworld

Mut the troublesome dead
Plague me no longer
Thou art cursed
Thy name is crushed
Thine clay is smashed and broken
Thy vengeance against the living
Shall come to naught

3. Sarcophagus

Who dares disturb
My blissful sleep
Again in anger
Must I rise
How long unknown
I lay entombed

My world
So long forgotten
Did disown me
I was scorned

The suffering they did inflict

Stained with cosmic black sins
The sun no longer sets me free

4. Kheftiu Asar Butchiu

Kheftiu Asar Butchiu
Enemies of Osiris who are to be burned
Let there be fetters on your arms
Let there be shackles on your necks
Let there be chains upon you
Ye shall be hacked to pieces for
What ye have done to Osiris
You have put his mysteries behind your backs
You hath dragged the statue of the god
From the secret place
You hath desecrated the hidden things of the great one
You are doomed to stand and receive in your faces
The fire which the serpent Khetti is about to spit at you

Great serpent who lieth in undulations
Before the damned
Open thy mouth distend thy jaws
Belch forth thy flames against my
Fathers enemies
Burn up their bodies
Consume their souls
By the fire which issueth from thy mouth
And by the flames which art in thy body

The fire which is in the serpent Khetti
Shall come forth
And blaze against the enemies of Osiris
Whosoever knoweth how to use
These words of power
Against the serpent shall be as one
Who doth not enter upon his fiery path

5. Unas Slayer of the Gods

Poureth down water from the heavens
Tremble the stars
Quake the bones of Aker
Those beneath take flight when they see
Unas rising

The Akh of Unas is behind him
The conquered are beneath his feet
His gods are in him
His Uraei are on his brow
The words of Unas protect him
Unas this bull of the heavens
That trusteth with his will

Living on utterances of fire from
The lake of flame
Unas that devoureth men and liveth on the gods

Behold Amkebu hath snared them for Unas
Behold Techer tep F hath known them and
Driven them unto Unas
Behold her Thertu hath bound them
Behold Khensu the slaughterer of lords
Hath cut their throats for Unas
Behold Shesemu hath cut them up for Unas

Unas hath ingested their spirits
Hath feasted on their immortality
He hath consumed their shadows
Unas the slayer of the gods

Unas the Sekhem great
The Sekhem of the Sekhemu
Unas the Ashem great
The Ashem of the Ashemu
Behold Orion
Unas riseth

Unas hath taken possession
Of the hearts of the gods
Unas feedeth on their entrails
He hath gorged on their unuttered sacred words
He hath assimilated the wisdom of the gods
His existence is everlasting

Behold the souls of the gods are in Unas
Their spirits are in Unas
The flame of Unas is in their bones
Their shadows are with their forms
Unas is rising
Hidden hidden

6. Churning the Maelstrom

I am the uncreated god
Before me the dwellers in chaos are dogs
Their masters merely wolves
I gather the power
From every place
From every person
Faster than light itself
Hail to he who is in the Duat
Who is strong
Even before the servants of serpents
He gathers the power
From every pit of torment
From they who hath burnt in flames
From words of power uttered by the
Darkness itself

Hail to he in the pit
Who is strong
Even before the terrors of the abyss
Who gathers the power
From the wailings and lamentations
Of the shades chained therein
From he who createth gods from
The silence alone

7. I Whisper in the Ear of the Dead

I whisper in the ear of the unblessed dead
And my words of power are heard in the underworld
The dead
They are compelled to obey me
Even unto the worlds below
Yea I whisper in the ear of the unblessed dead
And they heed my necromantic demands
For I have bound them
Cursed in this life and the next
I whisper in the ear of the unblessed dead
And they tell me things no living man knoweth
For I have taken possession of their shadows
And they are mine to command in the netherworld

I dream of the dead
And their shades showeth me visions
Which no living man can know
I whisper in the ear of the dead
And mine is the unwritten knowledge
That lieth under the black earth

To speak the name of the dead
Is to cause them to live again

8. Wind of Horus

Ashu give us power
To oppose this legion of shrikes
They hath defiled our monuments and graves
For their greed of treasure
Ashu Sehu Neferui Skhenn
We are the breath of Horus
Hot as the desert wind
We are the slayers and reapers of men
By the arrow shot from Lanata
You will fall to your knees dead
Or begging quarter
Torn to shreds by obese vultures
Fossilized in the desert sand
We are the breath of Horus
Hot as the desert wind
We are the slayers and reapers of men
You will never escape
This valley Gallala
Left to decompose
Forbidden the underworld
Bemused by battle lust
I gash your throat
And splatter your blood
Upon the altar of Bes
We erect one hundred pyramids
With your severed heads
Ashu Sehu Neferui Skhenn

9. In Their Darkened Shrines (Part I: Hall of Saurian Entombment)

Through subterranean labyrinths of catacombs
We hath crawled to gather in this dimly lit
Hall of colossal proportion
Which few ever see
Along black walls
Rise tier after tier of carven painted sarcophagi
Each standing in a niche in the stone
The mounted tiers rising up
To be lost in the gloom above
Thousands of carven masks
Stare down upon us
We who are rendered futile and insignificant
By this vast array of the dead

10. In Their Darkened Shrines (Part II: Invocation to Seditious Heresy)

And here I stand
I who would be master of the black earth
Have summoned you here secretly
You who are faithful to me
To share in the black kingdom that shall be
Tonight we shall witness
The breaking of the chains which enslave us
And the birth of a dark empire

Who am I to know what powers lurk and dream
In these murky tombs
They hold secrets forgotten for three thousand years
But I shall learn they shall teach me
See how they sleep staring through their
Carven masks
Priests monks acolytes Kheri Heb Rekhi Khet
The mummified remains of the sacrificial whores
Of the cannibalistic serpent cults of thirty
Centuries with black incantation and foul
Necromantic art
Propitiated with the blood of the living
We will waken them from their long slumber
The ancients knew nay commanded the
Words of power
And shall teach them to me
I shall restore them to life
To labor for my own dark imperial desires
I will waken them will rouse them
Will learn their forgotten wisdom
The knowledge locked in those withered skulls
By the lore of the dead
We shall enslave the living
Pharaohs and priests long forgotten
Shall be our warriors and slaves
Who will dare to oppose us
Out of the dust shall Avaris rise

11. In Their Darkened Shrines (Part III: Destruction of the Temple of the Enemies of Ra)

Foul enemies of Ra who have rebelled
Malicious fiends
Spawn of inertness impotent rebels
Nameless filth
For whom blazing pits of fire have been prepared
By the command of Ra
Down upon your faces
You are overthrown
Your skulls are crushed in
You are destroyed annihilated
Gashed with flints your windpipes cut
The joints of your backs are rent apart

The fire of the eye of Horus is upon you
Searching you consuming you
Setting you on fire burning you to ashes

Unemi the devouring flame consumes you
Sekhmet the blasting immolation of the desert
Maketh an end of you
Xul Ur
Adjudgeth you to destruction
Flame fire conflagration pulverize you

Your souls shades bodies and lives
Shall never rise up again
Your heads shall never rejoin your bodies
Even the words of power
Of the god Thoth
The lord of spells
Shall never enable you to rise again

12. In Their Darkened Shrines (Part IV: Ruins)

I knew they were accursed
So remote were these nameless desert ruins
Crumbling and inarticulate the debris of
Its collapsed walls was
Nearly hidden by the sands of the uncounted ages
It must have been thus before the first stones of
Memphis were laid
And the bricks of Babylon unbaked
Fear spoke from the age worn stones
This desolate survivor of the deluge
This crumbling antediluvial ancestor
Of the eldest pyramid

Only the grim brooding desert gods
Knew what really took place here
What indescribable struggles and bloodshed
Awoke some distant throng of condemned spirits
And broke the tomblike silence of these crumbled
Time ravaged remains these night black ruins
Of some vanquished and buried temple of belial

But as the night wind died away
Above the desert rim rose the
Blazing edge of the morning sun
Which in my fevered state
I swore that from some remote depth there came a
Great crash of metal
Like a great bronze gate
Clanging shut whose reverberations swelled out
To hail the rising sun as Memnon hails it
From the banks of the Nile

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