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1. What Can Be Safely Written

Great Cthulhu
Ever the warrior God
Of all the old ones
He is the most terrible
For it is his delight
To slay and lay waste to everything that lies beneath his taloned feet
And the very lust to conquer
What was once free
Drives him onward across the heavens and through the spheres

It was he and his spawn
That defeated the elder things
Who had long possessed sovereignty of this world
Before he descended on his gray and leathern wings
Through the upper gate opened by Yog-Sothoth

On the walls of lost cities
And in the carvings of madmen
Who have glimpsed him in their dreams
Is his image delineated
Within a tomb protected by great seals
He lies in death
Under the weight of the dark waters of the deep
Yet he dreams still
And in his dreams continues to rule this world
For his thoughts master the wills of lesser creatures

[solo: Dallas]

When the stars in their endless turnings
Assume the angles of the same rays they shed down
In the primordial dawn of the world
Then does R’lyeh rise upward so the house of Cthulhu
Emerges from under his watery prison
The mind of the god waxes strong
And he sends forth his will to those men
Who are open to his influence
The command to release the seals that bind his tomb

[solo: Karl]

Always the stars
Never remain in alignment long enough
For the enslaved men to reach distant R’lyeh
Before R’lyeh sinks once more under the sea
Severing the bond
Between the will of Cthulhu
And the flesh of those he has enthralled
Leaving them to wail in confusion and despair
Upon the bosom of the vacant sea

[solo: Karl]

2. As He Creates So He Destroys

At the seething and fiery center
He sits upon his ebon throne
Within his halls of darkness
Which no man has seen and survived the vision

Both blind and bereft of mind
He pipes unceasingly on his reed flute
And the notes that rise and fall in measured patterns
Are the foundations of all the worlds
Ever calculating in sound the structure of space and time

Were his flute ever to suddenly fall silent
All the spheres would shatter into one another
And the myriads of worlds
Would be unmade
As they were before creation

The flute of the blind idiot
Both makes and unmakes the worlds in ceaseless
Spinning on the woven carpet of time

No creation without destruction
No destruction without creation

To unmake a thing is to make another
Each time a thing is made
Another is destroyed

[solo: Dallas]

The idiot god on his black throne
Does not choose
What shall rise into being
And what should pass away
He cares only to maintain
His mindless unholy music of
Random creation and destruction

No living creature can look upon his face
And endure its terrible heat
And black radiance
That is like the reverberating unseen rays of molten iron
Which strike and burn the skin
Of those who would dare
Gaze into the countenance of the idiot god

Never does he receive supplicants
In his black halls of uncouth angles and strange doors
Nor does he ever hear prayers or answer them
Endlessly he pipes
And endlessly he devours his own substance
For his hunger is insatiable
As he consumes his own wastes after the custom of idiots

As the god creates
So he destroys

3. Ithyphallic

As for mine enemies
The sun shall impede the beating of their hearts
And blind their eyes

Let the shades of my fathers
Curse their faces
Let the eye of Sekhmet
Send the violence of the sun
Down upon their heads
Let searing torrents of fire
Descend upon their brow
Let flames immolate their places of sleeping

Let the eye of Sekhmet
Cause their hearts to burst into flames
Let carnivorous dogs consume their entrails

As for mine enemies
Let their charred ashes
Be as discarded refuse
Lying forgotten in the desert
Let their shades not rise again

Let my curses be heard
Let my will be as Menthu the bull
Potent to create
And savage to slay those whom I hath cursed
Let my wrath be terrible
And my vengeance unmerciful

Anoint my phallus with the blood of the fallen

4. Papyrus Containing the Spell to Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks from He Who Is in the Water

Lord of the gods
Thou who art of the four rams heads upon thy neck
Thou standest upon the spine of the crocodile fiends
To thine sides are the dog headed apes
The transformed spirits of the dawn

Drive away from me the lions of the wastes
The crocodiles which come forth from the river
The bite of poisonous reptiles
Which crawl forth from their holes

Be driven back crocodile thou spawn of Set
Move not by means of thy tail
Work not thy feet and legs
Open not thy mouth
Let the water which is before thee
Turn into a consuming fire

I possess the spell to
Preserve me from he who is in the water

Thou whom the thirty seven gods didst make
And whom the serpent of Ra didst put in chains
Thou who wast fettered with links of iron
In the presence of Ra
Be driven back thou spawn of Set

Drive away from me the lions of the wastes
The crocodiles which come forth from the river
The bite of poisonous reptiles
Which crawl forth from their holes

Preserve me from he who is in the water
Preserve me from he who is in the water
Preserve me from he who is in the water

5. Eat of the Dead

The highest fulfillment of man
Is to become food for the crawling things
That burrow and slither in human flesh
Unceasing in mindless hunger
Remorseless undefiled by reason
The worms of the tomb they are pure

Their purity elevates them
Above the putrefying pride of our race

The destiny of man is
Merely to be
The nourishment of the worm
Yet their excrement bestows higher wisdom

From decay arises new life
Fill myself with that which rots
And I shall be reborn

By writhing upon my belly like a mindless worm
I shall rise up in awareness of truth
I gnaw upon my own decaying flesh
And my mind is forever purged
Of the corruption of faith

Believe in nothingness
There is no purpose in birth
No blessedness after death
Only oblivion

Eat of the dead
For I am like as one who is already dead
Eat of the dead
Lest I be consumed by the emptiness

Annf feth
Tema fentu

Eat of the dead

6. Laying Fire upon Apep

Fire Be Upon Thee Apep
Ra Maketh Thee To Burn
Thou Who Art Hateful Unto Him
Ra Pierceth Thy Head
He Cutheth Through Thy Face
Ra Melteth Thine Countenance
Lo your Skull Is Crushed In His Hand
Thy Bones Are Smashed In Pieces

Burn Thou Fiend
Before The Fire Of The Eye Of Ra
The Hidden One Hath Overthrown Thy Words
The Gods Have Turned Thy Face Backwards
Thy Skull Is Ripped From Thy Spine

The Lynx Hath Torn Open Thy Breast
The Scorpion Hath Cast Fetters Upon Thee
Maat Hath Sent Forth Thy Destruction
Thou Shalt Burn

solo: Karl

The God Aker Hath Condemned Thee To The Flames

Fire Be Upon Thee Apep
Thou Enemy Of Ra
Let Flames Gnaw Into Thee
And Sear Thy Flesh
Fall Down Apep The Burning Is Upon You
Thou Art Consumed
I Hath Lain Fire Upon Thee
I Hath Smeared Thy Remains With Excrement
I Hath Spat On Thin Ashes
Taste Thou Death

7. The Essential Salts

The necromancers of Giza
A cult of reanimators
Concerned with interrogation of the long dead
Corpses who may be revived and made to talk
And describe the contents of rare books
And gold hidden in the earth
Although they are often reluctant to reveal their secrets
And must be encouraged with fire and blade

A corpse chosen for resurrection
Is cut into parts of convenient size
Boiled in clean water
Linen strips of mummification are removed
And the skull and bones liquefied
And boiled until all water is gone
What remains in the bottom
Is a white crystalline substance
That may be carried in the palms of two hands
This white powder contains the essential salts
Of the man whose corpse was boiled
It is from this powder that the living body may be reconstituted
And made to serve as a house for the soul
Which is called back into its former flesh by words of power

It is a great shock to the soul
To tear it back from its resting place and reanimate it
The resurrected are often insane and scream ceaselessly or dash themselves into walls
If the salts are contaminated with the essence of other living beings
When the mummy has been the breeding place of vermin
The revitalization of the salts produces something
That is part man and part whatever gnawed his corpse
These horrors lack the faculty of speech
Or their speech is crazed and bestial
And must be immediately slain
For though the memory of the man may remain intact
The verminous parts of his reanimated nature
Inhibit his human expression

Those who have served their purpose are killed
By strangulation with a cord around the neck
And their bodies burned
Their ashes gathered and cast into the Nile
Where the currents carry them to sea

[solo: Karl]
[solo: Dallas]

8. The Infinity of Stone


9. The Language of the Shadows

Abandon hope
And I shall become free
And with freedom acquire emptiness

With the mind cleansed and empty
There is the void known as despair
A gateway upon an emptiness endless and vast

In despair the language of the shadows is intelligible
In madness all sounds become articulate

Terror and despair they guide me
Into nightmares that follow one upon the other
Like windblown grains of sand

[solo: Dallas]

I have become as the wastelands
Of unending nothingness
Now shall the night things
Fill me with their whisperings
And the shadows reveal their wisdom

[solo: Karl]

10. Even the Gods Must Die

Invoked in stone
Of epic proportion
Was his temple of pillars
Magnificent colossal
Humbling all who entered its sacred halls
Yet now fallen to decay and ruin
Its past grandeur
Obscured by the cruelties of time
The priests of the temple
Dead all dead
And fallen to dust
Their undying whispers of despair
Echo amongst sand strewn
Broken paving stones

Desolation desolation
The end of days
The glory of the gods
Is put out
Like a reed torch
In the water
The roof of the house of Amun is fallen
Even the gods must die

[solo: Karl]

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