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Those Whom the Gods Detest Lyrics Album by Nile

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1. Kafir


There is no God but God
There is no God but God
There is no God but the one true God
There is no God but the hidden God
There is no God
There is no God
Allah Akhbar!

In the name of the unmerciful the unbenevolent
In the name of the lord of the worlds
Owner of the Day of Judgment
Show us the path of those who earn anger
And those who go astray

As for the disbelievers
Whether thou warn them or warn them not
Is all one for them
They believe not
And theirs is an awful doom


O Mankind
Worship the God whom thou hast created
Who hast created thee
And those who came before thee
O Mankind
Thou sons of simian ancestors
Guard yourself against the fire
Prepared for disbelievers
Whose fuel is of men and stones

Ash had wanna Muhammadur Rasulullah (I bear witness that Mohammed is the Messenger of God)

Haya ala assalat (Hurry for prayer)

There is no God but God
There is no God but God
There is no God but the one true God
There is no God but the hidden God
There is no God
There is no God
Allah Akhbar!

Ashadu an la ilaha illa-llah (I bear witness that there is no deity but God)

2. Hittite Dung Incantation

You come to me
Because you believe I can cast off demons
To ward off the evil eye
To nullify some sick sorcery that is upon you

I mix the dung of a dog
Foul canine excrement
With barley flour
Smear it on your shoulders
Cast it from you
And feed it unto you

I have removed the demon Algalmati from you
I have pushed the demon Annamiluli from your skull
I have extinguished fire from your brow
And ignited it in the sorcerer’s head

I have driven away the stench of the dog from you
But the dog’s excrement
The dog’s flesh
The dog’s bones
You must utterly consume
Lest the dog’s shade
Thinks it may yet return
And will not rest
Relentlessly tormenting you
All the rest of your days

3. Utterances of the Crawling Dead

Demon who denies me
Who cuts off heads and severs necks
Who renders incoherent the words I speak
Sealing my mouth against the magic which resides in me
You who shall not see me
Kneel on your knees
Go with thy face behind thee

Wander without purpose
With your face averted
Looking back in dread
Upon the tormentors belonging to Shu
Who relentlessly follow you
Crawling after you
To cut off your head and sever your neck

At the behest of one who has despoiled his lord
On account of your threats unto me
To reduce me to incoherence
To cut off my head
To sever my neck
To seal my mouth

On account of the magic which resides within my body
May your face be downcast at the sight of my countenance
May the flame of the eye of Horus go forth against you
For abhorrence of you is in Osiris
Thus abhorrence of you is in me

Go back to the tormentors belonging to Shu
Dead yet deathless
Who relentlessly follow you
Shambling tirelessly on rotting limbs
Crawling after you
To cut off your head and sever your neck

4. Those Whom the Gods Detest

I will not speak the spell for not dying again, nay
I will not speak the spell for not dying again

I am the murderous Seth
My hostility made manifest
in the rebelliousness that is humanity

Entwined in coils of wrath
I disrupt the continuity of the sublime
and defy the words spoken from the mouth of Ra

We are they whom the gods detest

I deny the secrecy of the texts
I blaspheme the sacred scrolls
Unwilling to submit
I embrace what Ra hath called profane

I shall not hail to he who rises and sets
I shall not bend to he who imprisons myriads at his will
He who would bathe in my blood
and drink of my gore

Embraced within the coils of Set
I have no fear of the second death
Of being slashed with knives
Of being butchered on the slaughtering blocks

No god or demon will feed on my entrails or drink my blood
No blind servant of the throne of Ra
shall I willingly allow to devour me
No consuming flames of uttermost damnation shall I fear
No tongue speaking words of redemption shall ever penetrate my will
Darkly splendid I remain unconquered

Supreme and terrible Ra
Who maketh gods and men tremble before thee
I am counted amongst legions of the unrighteous
who dread not being immersed in pits of fire

We are they whom the gods detest

5. 4th Arra of Dagon

Painted and inscribed on flat stones
Abhorrent to the deep ones
Abhorrent to their great father
Is the symbol to guard against Dagon

Created by the elder things
Long ages past
To guard against Dagon and his spawn

No deep one will cross a threshold
That has the symbol painted upon it
No deep one will follow a path
That has the symbol upon it
No deep one will emerge from a beach
That is strewn with stones
Bearing the sacred symbol

By this sign those who dwell
Near their submerged city of cyclopean stone
Are not molested while on dry land
Unless they venture into the waves
Where the deep ones exact
A terrible vengeance upon them

6. Permitting the Noble Dead to Descend to the Underworld

Hail to ye who art in the sacred desert of the west
I know you and I know your names
Save me from these snakes which art in Rosetjau
Which live on the flesh of men and gulp down their blood
Hear my words
For I know you and I know your names

The first one Osiris, lord of all mysterious of body
Gives command
He puts forth breath into those frightened ones
Who art in the midst of the west
What has been decreed for me is lordship over those who exist

I know you and I know your names

May my place in the darkness be opened for me
May a spirit shape be given to me in Rosetjau
Even to the lord of the gloom
Who dies as the devourer of serpents
His voice is heard but he is unseen

The great god within Busiris
Those amongst the languid ones fear him
Having gone forth unto the shambles of the god

I have gone forth
Even I the vindicated Osiris
The great ones on earth await me
The scribes on their mats magnify me
I am as Re the eldest of the gods
I have taken possession of the sky
I have inherited the earth
Who shall take away the sky and earth from me

I know you and I know your names
I know you and I know your names

7. Yezd Desert Ghul Ritual in the Abandoned Towers of Silence


8. Kem Khefa Khesef

Get back crawl away get away from me, thou snake
Be drowned in the lake of the abyss
At the place where thy father hath commanded
that thine slaying shall be carried out

Be far removed from the abode of Re
Where in you trembled
For I am Re at whom men tremble

Get back thou rebel
at the knives of his light
Thy words have fallen because of Re
Thy face is turned back by the gods
Thy head is cut off, thy heart is cut out
Thou art put in chains

Crawl away Rerek snake enemy of Re
Thou who escaped massacre
in the east of the sky at the sound of the roaring storm

Thou shalt not become erect Apep
Thou shalt not copulate Apep
Opposition is made against thee
Ye whom Re hates when he looks upon thee

O Cobra
I am the flame which shines on the brows of the chaos gods
I am the flame son of flame

Get back thou who shalt be decapitated
Thy face shall be away, thy head shall be removed
Thy bones shall be broken, thy tail shall be cut off
The earth god hath condemned thee

Let no evil opposition come forth from thy mouth against me
For I am Set who can raise a tumult of storm
in the horizon of the sky
like one whose will is destruction

So sayeth the terrible one

9. The Eye of Ra

In my foolishness I had taken form of a mortal man
And entered time to live amongst humanity born of my tears
But now they have turned against me and my descendants
They overthrow the temples and curse my name

No I return to the city of the sun
There enthroned gouge out my eye
Terrible is my pain, horrifying are my cries, dreadful is my towering rage
All my fierce passions cause my torn eye
to take shape as a fearsome lioness
with teeth and claws that ache to rend flesh
Heedless of the blood that courses down my cheeck
Sekhmet the might I name thee and Nesert who is a burning flame

Then the terrible roar of Sekhmet sounds forth
Flee from me humanity though it availeth thee not
Hide in the deserts and the mountains
Let fear grow in your hearts
For I am vengeance and bloody death

With terrible wrath
shall I now go forth out into the two lands
To slay the gathered armies of man
Not one shall stand alive where I have been
As I rend the very flesh from their bones
I will wade in human blood and drink my fill
for the joy of killing gladdens my heart

10. Iskander dhul Kharnon

Iskander Dhul Karnon
Idolator pagan
Possessor of the horns of Ammon
Conqueror of both the rising and setting of the sun

At the ends of the earth
where the sun rises from the treacherous fetid sea
Iskander built the gates
With blocks of stone and iron
Poured over with molten lead
Enclosing the nations of Gog and Magog

Iskander is Alexander
Son of Phillip
The prophet himself had knowledge of him
Revealed in the cave at Mecca
They who deny him deceive themselves
They speak naught but lies

Dreadful is Muhammad’s warning
Surely Hell awaits the unbelievers

On the day of judgments
At the end of time
The earth shall quake
And the gate which Iskander built will be torn open

The hosts of Gog and Magog
Hordes of the fiercest of creatures shall be unchained
And allowed to go forth and ravage the earth

At the hour of doom when the moon is buried in darkness
Evil will rain down upon the wicked
Hell will be unleashed upon the disbelievers
And all the earth shall be laid to waste

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