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1. Long Shadows of Dread

The world grows dark
Dusk turns ominous
Penance for evil days long upon us
Unforetold dread is on the horizon
Warning us of impending doom

The world is become a despairing desert
The sands of time run short
The foundations of the black earth move beneath our feet
Unnamable fear lurks ever nearer

The shadows lengthen
[Solo Brian]
[Solo Karl]
The shadows lurk…
[Solo Karl]

The order of the cosmos is undone
The waters of chaos rise
All that we are is soon to die
Of the black Earth, only ruins shall remain
A desolate remembrance casting long shadows across untold centuries

2. The Oxford Handbook of Savage Genocidal Warfare

They have refused to submit
Treacherous and rebellious
Defiant in the face of certain destruction
Conquered cities razed to the ground
Captured towns pillaged, populations massacred
Savage genocidal warfare
Exacted upon the bitter enemies of Asshur

The cities of men have become targets for annihilation
Acts of blatant destruction
A deterrent to stamp out the flames of sedition
Men decapitated, women of all ages raped
Children blinded, rendered helpless
Infants clubbed to death

The unborn ripped from their mothers wombs

Nobles cruelly thrown from city walls
Only to be fed upon by wild beasts
Soldiers flay wives and whores
Roast their little ones screaming in the fire
Piles of severed heads built into pyramids
Even cats and dogs are slain in the streets
Not even the unborn shall escape the wrath of Asshur

Ruins scavenged for any poor wretches
Cowering in holes or skulking in cellars
Ruthlessly dragged out and slain

Every last one of them must be exterminated
Leave not a single one alive
The whole of them must be wiped out of existence

We shall make of their nation a barren wasteland
With flame
Entire landscapes will become naught but ruins
Asshur hath commanded let none escape the sword

3. Vile Nilotic Rites

He worships dogs and reptiles
He blackens his eyes with soot like a prostitute
He dances and plays the cymbals in vile nilotic rites

I am asked if he has gone mad
If he has been bewitched, having coupled with a sorceress
For he has become soulless, degenerate
In thrall to the detestable and unclean antedeluvial rites of the phallus
More ancient than even the river Nile

Groveling in a world of numbing debauchery
Sodded, addicted, degraded
Fallen into depravity
He has sown the seeds of madness
Consumed by irrationality
Decadence, deviancy and excess
What one worships, one becomes
[Solo Karl]

Whores, hermapradites, lickspittles
The corrupt and the drunken are all that is left him
For he is wretched
Consumed by lascivious and abominable orgies of flesh and blood
Infected by impious acts
A slave to the immortal passions
That contaminate and defile the soul
Inflicted with incurable decay
Staggering witlessly to his doom
What one worships, one becomes
What one worships, one becomes
What one worships

4. Seven Horns of War

I am become
The hawk headed lord
Arrayed in blinding light
Upon a dawn of terror

Given unto you
The machines of conquest
Engines of war
Anointed with blood and dung

With them shall ye smite thine enemies
None shall stand before thee
Slay, maim, trample, raze their cities to utter ruin

With fire and blood
With sword and spear
Be thou merciless
Damn them that pity

Attack without quarter
Swift as a serpent turn and strike
Drag down their souls to awful torment
Spit upon them
Lash them to the wheel of suffering

Sieze the stele of revealing
Set it in the secret temple
That stele thou shalt call
The abomination of desolation
Count well its name
[Solo Karl]

I am as
The hawk headed lord
Who appeareth on the throne of Ra
Supreme and terrible
Ra Harmachis
Who maketh gods to tremble
Arrayed in blinding light
Upon a dawn of war

5. That Which Is Forbidden

I who would walk across dimensions as yet unknown

To whom the laws of space and time
Nay even gravity itself
Are as futile
As the meaningless lives of men and insects

Who hath trod upon the imperishable stars
Whilst my sleeping form lay helpless yet unmolested
Protected by faithful slaves and inhuman servants

Who hath communed with those
Who dwell unwitnessed
On the dark side of our own lunar sphere
The eldest of the wanderers

Who hath gazed
Into the unfathomable all consuming blackness
From which not even light itself can escape

Who hath lain in wait lurking
As a dark celestial predator
While the planets navigate their endless cycles

I hath foreseen the alignment
I have unveiled the hidden formulae
I shall walk across dimensions unknown
I will traverse the waters abyss
Of the blackened night sky

I who would dare that which has been forbidden
Who would hold hostage untold innocent worlds
To blackmail shameless constellations
[Solo Brian]

I would defy the will of the gods
The path shall be made open
The secrets will be revealed
I shall not be denied
I shall not be denied

6. Snake Pit Mating Frenzy

One of many
Swarming writhing entwined
Sinuous coiled mass
Agitated in the heat of mating frenzy

Turning, twisting, churning sea of reptilian flesh
Writhing, sliding, forked tongues darting
Entangled in chaos

Turmoil fever, restless fasting
Churning urging
Primal need to procreate

Knots of confusion

Surging, weaving, hissing, slithering
Coiling, winding, encircling, undulating

Exhaustive competition to mate
Consumed by the will to copulate
[Solo Brian]
Seething, writhing
[Solo Karl]
I am one of many
Seething, teeming, crawling
Swarming, writhing serpents
Snake pit mating frenzy

Knots of confusion

Turning, twisting, churning sea of reptilian flesh
Writhing, sliding, forked tongues darting
Entangled in chaos
Churning, urging
Primal need to procreate

I am one of many
Who must copulate

7. Revel in Their Suffering

Our cruel masters
Overlords of the black earth
Have fallen unto ill days
Abandoned by their gods
War has ravaged them
Corruption and decadence have divided them all

Their pharoahs, their scribes, their priests, their gods
Hear not their cries
Revel in their suffering
Yeah verily they had long made war
War upon us
They enslaved our kind
They violated our lands and razed our cities
[Solo Karl]
With contempt they made our fathers to crawl
Like beasts of the field
[Solo Karl]
[Solo Brian]
Not now nor ever shall we shed tears
For the oppressors
Who have fallen to ruin

Let them descend into war and chaos
Amongst themselves
Let them tear into each other like wild dogs
Let them starve like filthy rats
Let them expire by plague and disease
Let their cities burn

We do not aid them
We do not hear their sorrowful wails of anguish
Revel in their suffering

For far too long have they incited
The wrath of the gods
We shall revel in their suffering
Their cruelty and malice
Their contempt for all we are
Their merciless atrocities
Shall be returned upon them
By the gods themselves
Let them suffer

8. Thus Sayeth the Parasites of the Mind


9. Where Is the Wrathful Sky

An hour of great contempt is upon us
The hour in which even our own lives
Have become abhorrent unto us

The gods we yet worship
Long since dead
Mock our servile existence

Our future is meaningless
Poverty uncleanness
And despicable apathy
[Solo Karl]
Where is the wrath
Where is the retribution

Our inglorious doom
Inexorable irrevocable
Shameful and mired in filth

[Solo Brian]
Where is the lightning
To strike down our wickedness
Where is the frenzy
To release us from the hopelessness
With which we are infected

Where is the wrathful sky
That will end our sufferin

10. The Imperishable Stars Are Sickened

For aeons has the hubris of man
Risen up as a foul stench
Offensive in the nostrils of the gods
Before the aweful thrones of eternity

A ghastly multitude of haggard spectres
Countless victims of the vast crimes of humanity
Have gathered around the gates of the underworld
Entreating for retribution
[Solo Brian]
The filth and corruption
Of the sins of all mankind
Enshrouding our skies with an impervious evil
The impeccable stars
Deny their luminescence unto the wicked
[Solo Brian]
The immaculate stars are revolted
From the vile rites our homage pays
We have become the shame of our creators
Disavowed, disowned, renounced
The gods have turned away in disgust

We who have dared to ape the grandeur
Of the great company of gods
Striving vainly atrivalship
With they who hold the universe in chains

Sekhmet whose fierce eye is the burning sun
From whose mouth bursts forth cataracts of fire
Laments not for our fate
When finally the aged Ra repents of his failed creations
Exhausting his core violently igniting
In agonizing death throes
Consuming our barren and scorched earth
In a blinding flash of incandescence

We who dared to covet the immortality of the gods
Envious of their dominion over the cosmos
Though it availeth us naught

The imperishable stars are sickened
They shun and despise the perverse abomination
That is humankind

11. We Are Cursed

The wretched and the desperate
Scavenge amongst the refuse
Piled waist deep in the streets
Of our ancient cities

The starving compete with rats over every scrap
Of ill sustenance to be found
Rotting amongst the dead and diseased
Maggot infested, disowned bodies of men and animals

The waters we drink
Are as sewage filth spreading sickness

The disinherited and the poor
Profane our temples
With the stench of their disease and death

Our existence has become loathsome
The gods have forsaken us
We have been cursed

All is covered in dust and soot
Ashes from fires burning
The unwholesome corpses of the afflicted

Our monuments have fallen to ruin
The images of the gods buried in sand
Our temples lay broken and prostrate in neglect

The grandeur of the pharoahs is subverted
Our empire fades before our eyes
The black earth lays barren and desolate
I look upon the crumbling pyramids and despair

We are cursed

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