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1. Call to Destruction

Call to destruction!

Call to destruction of the symbols of paganism
Grand monuments of idolatry
We must tear down these blasphemous edifices of Heathenism
We must annihilate all that is pre-Islamic
We must complete what the Sahabi Amr Bin Al As could not

We must tear down these relics of infidelity
Great and mighty works of blasphemy
Mountains of ancient heresy
Sacrilege encased in stone
From thousands of years before the prophet

The pyramids must be torn down, demolished, erased
The ancient symbols of human civilization
Must be pummeled to the ground
Call to destruction!

We must become as the prophet himself
Who demolished the Kaba Temple to erect a Mosque
And Al As who laid waste to the Library of Alexandria
Burning a vast accumulation of ancient knowledge
Existing long before the Quran
Before the Quran
Before the Quran

The preservation of human heritage
And the enduring achievements of Mankind
Are secondary to the will of Allah
We must eradicate all that is not in accordance
With the writings of the Messenger
We shall abrogate these architectures of profane ideology
Engage the destruction machines

We shall unwrite all human histories of Heathen origin
We must become as like as unto the prophet himself
Who beheaded hundreds of apostate Qurayza
We must cut off the head of the Sphinx
Timeless guardian of the ancient Pharaohs
Whose mere existence is a blasphemy unto Allah

The pagan idols and statues which fill our lands
Must be removed, struck down, dismantled, demolished, obliterated
Their priceless remains desecrated and violated
Everything of their ancient profanation must be wiped off from the face of the Earth

Call to destruction!
Call to destruction!
Call to destruction!

All pyramids must be torn down
The preservation of human civilization
And the enduring achievements of mankind
Are secondary to the will of Allah

2. Negating the Abominable Coils of Apep

Waxen one who feedeth by stealth
Coiled one who liveth on the Inert Ones
I will not be Inert for thee
I will not become infirm for thee

Thy poison shall not enter into my members
For my body is as the Body of Atum
If I am not weak
Suffering from thee shall not enter
Into these limbs of mine

I am Atum
At the head of the Primordial Waters
My protection is from the Gods
Who art the cords of eternity
I am he whose name is secret
More Holy of Throne than the Chaos Gods
I have gone forth with Atum
I am he who is not examined
I am hale, I am hale

Burn in flames thou creature of Wax
Coiled fiend who leadest away victims and destroyeth them
Thou who prey upon the weak and the helpless
May I never become helpless

Thy poison shall never enter my corpse
For my bones are as the bones of the God Tem
Since he dost not suffer collapse
I shall not suffer collapse

Let not the pains of death
Eat into my remains
I am the God Tem at the Mouth of the Abyss
I am he whose name is hidden
Whose sanctuary is holy for millions of years
I came forth with the God Tem
I am he who shall not be condemned

3. Liber Stellae Rubeae

Apep defieth Asar
This book of the most secret cult of the ruby star

Given to none, save the shameless in deed as in word
No man shall understand this writing, too subtle for the sons of man
The ruby star has shed its blood upon me

That which is to be denied shall be denied
That which is to be trampled shall be trampled
That which is to be spat upon shall be spat upon

Burnt in outer fire
Awakened into life and into death
The kindling of a great fire and a devouring
I shall smite the altar with a scourge and blood shall flow

The veil is called shame
And shall comfort the heart of the secret stone with warm blood
The watchers will drink there of

I Apep the serpent am the infernal heart of IAO
Isis shall await Asar
And I am in their midst

I am Apep O thou slain one
Thou shalt slay thyself upon my altar
I will have thy blood to drink
And my children shall suck upon the wine of the Earth which is blood
Which raiseth up the black Earth

I fear nothing for I am nothing
But me thou shalt fear
My prophet within whose bowels I rejoice
As I slay thee in my lust

I will overcome thee
New life shall illuminate thee with the light that is beyond the stars
Thou shalt scream with the joy and the pain and the love
But there shall be no sound heard but this my lion roar of rapture
Yea, this lion roar of rapture

4. In the Name of Amun

In the Name of the God Amun I wage war
North to Gaza I marched my armies of chariots and infantry
Twenty thousand strong to crush a revolt of vassal states

Rebellious kings of Kadesh and Megiddo
Syrians allied with the Mitanni and Amurru
Built their settlements taken over the trade route of the Dia Maris

Through treacherous mountain passes to descend upon the Canaanites
On the Plain of Esbraelon we rode forth bringing carnage and death
With chariot and composite bow
Attacking in concave formation
Vicious three winged piercing spearhead swiftly overwhelming both Canaanite Flanks

Fearlessly I smote their center
Savagely we broke the enemy’s will
Heavy slaughter and bitter suffering did we inflict upon them

At the Word of the God Amun I waged war
In the Name of the God Amun I sanctioned atrocities
Wanton cruel remorseless in the Name of the God Amun

Surrounded scattered broken demoralized shamed defeated
The Rebels fled into the city of Megiddo
Trapped like rats they closed the gates behind them

Seven months we lay siege to Megiddo utterly breaking the League of Rebels

I Thutmose III have brought doom upon the Rebels
Vicious and pitiless destruction have I inflicted upon the vanquished
I have slaughtered the captives
Slain the wounded, enslaved their women, massacred their populace
Killed their people by the tens of thousands
I have hacked up their lands, desolated their towns

Cast fire into their dwellings laid settlements to waste
I have made mounds of their cities
Cut down their fields of grains, felled their trees
Every resource of life have I denied them
Their resettlement can never take place
I have destroyed them utterly at the Word of Amon Ra

5. What Should Not Be Unearthed

Far better to remain forgotten
Far better to be thought of never again
Far better for it to lie undisturbed

It should not have been unearthed
It should not have been ever made known
It should not have been allowed to ever again see the light of day

The unendurable truths of who we actually are
The excruciating and unbearable secrets of the origins of the human race
Should never have been exhumed from their ancient entombment
To saw madness and self annihilation
Amongst the weak willed and deluded masses of this world

We should have remained hopelessly lost in blind self delusion
We should have prayed to never learn
Of the mind rending truth of the lineage of mankind

Far better to live in blissful ignorance
Far better to be unaware
Of the Grotesque creatures which spawned our race
Of our unwritten sickening genealogy
Of the wretched mockery of creation
That evolved into man

The unguessed horror had long been mercifully hidden in the mists of time
The blasphemy against nature that is mankind
Was yet undreamed of when forgotten shapes
Slithered forth from the Primordial Slime
Building strange cities amongst whose last crumbling ruins
The first Apes were to wander
At the end of truth lies madness

6. Evil to Cast Out Evil

Speak not of the gods to me
They listen not to the suffering

Speak not to me of divine mercy
When my eyes see only pestilence, famine and death

Speak not to me of the profane
When the truth of our existence is called blasphemy
And the smoke of plague ridden human carcasses
Blackens the horizon

Speak no more of wandering unclean spirits
Lest they be called by the sound of their names

Speak not of forsaking the elder ones
I must now seek instead their unholy embrace

Speak instead the chants of protection
Against the coming of endless swarms of devouring fiends
Against the dreaded black clouds of churning hatred
Against the malevolence which descends from the sky
Against countless voracious messengers of retribution
Swarming the innocent and the wicked

Lest he who is lord of the demons of the wind
Of the evil spirits which infest the air
Who layeth hold even unto death
Covereth thee with legions of winged terrors

Evil to protect thee from evil
Evil to cast out evil

Evil to protect thee from evil
Evil to cast out evil

Evil to protect thee from evil
Evil to cast out evil

Evil to protect thee from evil
Evil to cast out evil

Speak not of the gods unto me
They hear not the screams of the dying

Evil to protect thee from evil
Evil to cast out evil
Evil to protect thee from evil

Speak not unto me of the sins of mankind
When my eyes see only the evil of the gods

Evil to protect thee from evil
Evil to cast out evil

Evil to protect thee from evil
Evil to cast out evil

7. Age of Famine

There is no place in the upper kingdom
Not blighted with plague and famine
The bones of corpses stripped of flesh litter our towns
The desert reclaims the land
Corrupt winds of pestilence and contagion
Sicken the air with piteous lamentations of despair

No living creature great or small
Is safe from the starving and the desperate

Decades of drought
Seven years without rain or annual flood
The black Earth is in ruins, cursing the unfed masses
Reserves of grain exhausted
Cities choked with sand
Roving hordes of the starving and emaciated
Scour the streets for what scraps they can scavenge

Even insects and vermin fear to tread our cities
Starving humans migrate like swarms of locusts
Eating carrion, corpses, dogs, human excrement, animal dung

The poor are forced to commit unheard of atrocities
Noble women beg to become slaves and whores
Children are dashed against walls
Infants are roasted on high ground

Those entombed are unearthed
Violating the royal dead
What the pyramid concealed is defiled
Lawlessness unchecked, chaos unopposed
The land is deprived of kingship

No refuge for the old, the young
The weak, the malnourished
The diseased sick who are left alone to die
As the just and unjust alike descend into wickedness
And ravenously turn on each other
The age of famine is upon us

8. Ushabti Reanimator


9. Rape of the Black Earth

Violent clashes engulf the war torn black Earth
Political turmoil brings chaos and ruin upon the upper and lower kingdom
Heretics and zealots rape the two lands
Brazen rampant looting and wanton vandalism a bleak reality
Destroying entire epochs of history
Necropolis undisturbed for millennia ravaged
The dead not meant to be eaten by dogs or jackals
Or broken apart by the greedy and desperate
In search of shiny bits of metal

Dogs play with human bones
Amongst hundreds of deep pits dug into exposed tombs
Children scavenge for shards of pottery amongst grisly debris
The unwrapped and dismembered remnants of the mummified dead
Ancient burial wrappings unravel in the desert wind
Broken bits of wooden sarcophagi
Shriveled mummified hands bleached skulls spines arm and leg bones
Scattered all around like the aftermath of a massacre

The temples of the gods defiled
Looters hack relics off sacred walls
Laying bare hands upon the images of the gods themselves
Unearthing what should not be unearthed

Thieves ransack antiquities
Cutting monuments and statues into small parts to sell upon the black market
Manuscripts despoiled, papyri burned, inscriptions defaced
The images of the gods defiled
Statues stolen priceless coffin reliefs and stelae strewn in sand
Thousands of pharaonic god objects melted down
Inscriptions and wall paintings desecrated with knife and hammer
Limestone casings stripped from atop the lesser pyramids
Entire temples disappear, their foundations laid waste
Their stones pulled down, taken away and sold
To be reused in foreign and profane lands
The dried and withered corpses of the preserved dead torched
The bones of the royal dead from centuries past
Ripped from their ancient slumber
Left to be trampled, kicked and faded in the sun
As heretics and zealots rape the two lands

10. To Walk Forth from Flames Unscathed

Khenti Amenti
Dead god of the dead
Who was old aeons before the lordship of the dead
Was usurped by Osiris
Long before the priests of Asar
Forbade the cannibalism of the dead
Those who could not afford to be buried
Were to be eaten or burnt
Or devoured by crocodiles
Or fed to the hyenas and jackals

The seven who work slaughter
In the lake of fire who feed upon the dead
Who hack necks to pieces
Who seize hearts and tear them from breasts
I beseech thee
Feast not upon my heart
Devour not the insides of my skull
Gorge not upon my entrails
Gnaw not upon my limbs
Tear not with your teeth the flesh from my bones

I pray to the four apes
Who sit at the corners of the lake of fire
Whose mouths vomit forth flames
To propitiate the gods

As it was for he who walked forth from the Inferno
And wast not burned
Let me emerge unscathed from self-immolation
Let me be neither seared nor incinerated
Let me come forth unmolested
Let me not be repeatedly consumed in pits of fire
Let me walk forth from fire
Let me walk forth from flame

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