Amid Its Hallowed Mirth Lyrics (1995)

Novembers Doom Amid Its Hallowed Mirth Lyrics Album

Amid Its Hallowed Mirth Lyrics Album by Novembers Doom

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1. Aurora’s Garden

Sipping wine from the grail of vitality
I seek the answers
Chosen few have smelled this nectar
And fewer have tasted its erotica
The focus of my journey Will shine the light of harmony
Lick the drops of wine that trickle from my lips
Taste its sweetness For you are closer to your God
And I am a warrior of lost souls
Could I be the God you seek?
No. I am but a lonely man
A fool in the eyes of the infinite
I crave the light of those who drink of my grail
I get no response
A man with no tongue speaks no truth
Although, a women’s scent speaks a thousand words
Do you understand me now?
It is I who wallows in Aurora’s garden
You must leave
I now seek tranquility
Can this be found in the arms of you?
No. I think not
Smell upon my rose
Its fragrance is of a virgin, pure and sweet
Its petals, soft like skin
Caress it.
Enjoy the feeling of life in your fingertips
Hold me close
Let our bodies become one
For then we are strong
Fear not, the pain will soon be gone
A life of pleasure now begins
Here in Aurora’s garden

2. Amour of the Harp

Fear not my angel
For the silent dove will take flight again
You will never need your tears
As long as the air is free to soar
So smell the flower of hope
And indulge in its sweet pollen
Examine your body
For it is a product of extreme beauty
Never enter a state of lust without a vision of me
And together we will rock the pillars of heaven
Through a state of ecstasy
We watch the sun set
Deep within the sky
We lose all thoughts Of yesterday
Look deep into my eyes
And see the trust in me
For I am a power stronger then man
I am poetry in its purest form
Open your heart Release your soul
Let me show you wonders
You could only imagine
Let me show you
Amour of the harp

3. Tears of the Beautiful

Please walk from the shadows
I want to see your eyes
They shine of lost souls
And compassion for life
I don’t understand
Why do you cry?
The tears of the beautiful
Dry like moisture on a winters day
Such happiness in her face
And radiance in a smile
Although I cannot hear her voice
She speaks with the tongue of an angel
Two souls dance in Novembers air
Depending on each others trust
Silently turning in circles
Following the soft violins
Can I be so bold, as to ask for a kiss?
All I dream is her, I’ve known her forever
Please take my hand now
And I’ll lead you to the light
Yet still confusion erupts
How can beauty as such weep in sorrow?
Embrace me and I promise
The pain will diminish

4. My Agony, My Ecstasy

Gorge in my darkness,
For all to laugh at me
My undying love,
That you hold in chains
Bound by reality,
Controlling my every thougt
Visions of your beauty,
Deep in my memory
Please try to forgive me
The pain always returns
Yesterdays smile is tomorrows tears
Oh God, What have I done?
Our love together was strong
A bond between two souls
Lost within my slumber
Tonight I sleep alone
My mind no longer lusts,
My heart no longer loves
Half my life is gone from me,
A mistake I must endure
Containing my emotions,
From time we spent alone
Surrender to my past,
Live with a false sense of pride
Every time I close my eyes
I yearn the sweet scent of you
Always remember the love we made
And cherish It’s silent beauty
The softness of your touch
The warm glow of your skin
Is in my every fantasy
Your velvet lips upon my neck
Will release my torture inside

5. Bestow My Desire

My hands are bound, by the sound of a bell
A chime I cherish and respect
A divine song, played upon my chest
And echoing through my soul
Not a voice, nor any angel
Can bring me to my knees
Faster, then the softness of it’s touch
Drowning my strength, as it turns into my tears
Weakness prevails as I’m swallowed deep into trance
Whispering tones, emerge from my bliss
They surround my heart in gold
To only touch the physical side
Would lock me in for eternity

6. Chorus of Jasmine

Between my love, and my heart
Lies a weeping willow
Shading the secret of our yearning
This perfect place is ours
But the sunrise is mine
It will always remind me of our passion
Gaze into It’s beauty
And lose yourself in my arms
For this is a night of pure perfection
And nothing can take that away
Now my Eden has a queen
And I will stop at nothing
To give you my rhapsody
Please accept my life
And in exchange, give yourself to me
You will have no fears
I will protect you until I die
But without you, My death is certain
You’re my inspiration
You’re my thoughts and dreams
I need your love
I need your sunshine
You’re the one

7. Dance of the Leaves


8. Sadness Rains

Mournful overcast, Sorrowful state
Gray distant sky, Pensive turmoil
In heavy spirits, Wretched, Forlorn
Joyless and dismal, Stricken with grief
Lightning evades a world overhead
Angels in tears, Sadness rains
Pouring tear drops, From heavens above
Essence of purity, On hell stricken land
Blind to the fact, No shame in unleashed
Buried in agony, The storm prevails
One with sadness, Joined eternally
Wallow in misery, ’till death do us part

9. A Dirge of Sorrow

Bury my face in rotten love once sweet
Engulfed in kisses of utmost devotion
My conscience tells me to leave it all behind
As I wander into a world of heartache
To remember once, a life shared by two
In the midnight air, the love was ours
To my surprise, It’s now only mine
As my blind eyes sparkle in twilight…Alone
Now I speak to your grave in a childish voice
As a burning passion entwines me
An elephant caught in the spiders web
I’m at a loss without you
I rest my head upon your stone
And caress engravings of thought
All that’s left is remembrance of life
Is it to late to say good-bye?

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