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Materia Lyrics Album by Novembre

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1. Verne

Sarah, we once faltered
as you froze that
morning omen
and you told them
and you warned them
that the sky turned red
above them

Sarah it’s said, same rain
doesn’t fall down twice.
Days, gone by,
come back as the morning light

A colourless demise rises
and the only shelter I used to know
is gone lost out of sight

(repeat refrain)

Sarah of the wonders
of the wonders
made of wonders

Venivi dall’atrio del cuore
portando le chiavi del sole
domani faremo l’amore
e niente potrà mai cambiare

(You came from the heart’s hall
Bringing the keys for the Sun
Tomorrow we’ll make love
And nothing will ever change)

Di questo rimase il rumore
d’un sogno che come nel mare
si infrange su nere scogliere
d’un nero che può cancellare

(Of all this, only the noise remained
Of a dream crushing on black cliffs
So black as to be annihilating)

Si dice che il sogno dell’uomo
è far sì che il proprio domani
sia senza calar del Sole
ma dimmi com’è senz’amare?

(It’s said a man’s dream
Is to let his own tomorrow
Be without sundown
But tell me, how’s it possible without love?)

Ma i sogni son figli del cuore
creati in quanto dolore
spogliati della lor ragione
per questo mandati a morire

(But dreams are sons of the heart
because they are created in pain
Stripped of their reason to be
Then sent out to die)

2. Memoria Stoica / Vetro

Drops of slime big as pies
stain every single day of your saint’s life
consecution of all the sin you’ve been put inside,
my beautiful star

Wake up together,
together we will take the shame from you, away
wake up together,
together we will take the shame from you, away

wake up together,
together we will take the shame,
together we will take the shame from you

E c’era come un rumor di vetro infranto
ed una sensazione di allegria sommaria
noi eravamo foglie in quell’Autunno strano
e senza capir perché ci siam sfiorati piano

(There was a sound like breaking glass
And the feeling of a summary cheer
We were leaves in that strange Autumn
And we slightly touched hands, without knowing why)

E c’era come un rumore di bambini
noi come gli altri senza direzione alcuna
d’un tratto quell’Autunno diventò l’Estate
uno sconquasso, caddi e persi la tua mano

(There was a child-like sound
And like all the others,
we were with no direction at all
Suddenly, that Autumn became Summer
As the Earth shook violently
I fell to the floor, losing your hand )

(repeat refrain)

3. Reason

Upon the rivers of the day
it blows a cool breeze in the air
of thoughts and shimmering hours of May
and all its feelings

I dared to walk down by the lane
calm and fearless in the rain
I felt that you were by my side
calm and tender

You are the reason for this May
has washed the purple clouds away

You are the reason for this May
is warm and fills me with its rays

Listen, all the time we witness miracles,
all the time!

We thought that anyone that has a life
bears the cross of the passion and of the time
oh, the way I was blind!

The time I stumbled over your blue eyes
I felt like falling into a pool of joy
and a sort of miracle happened
the ancient fortress vanished at your smile

You are the reason for this May
has blown all darkness far away
you are the reason for this May
is warm and fills me with its rays

4. Aquamarine

Uncomfort within the improper feelings of this song
I’d rather grey instead of marbled pearly skies
its imprint is alive like a post-war Stalingrad
A sense of broken Atlantiscapes alive

Underside, underwater miles
there’s a treasure for you just to find
lightsand stars, precious minerals

A treasure to find
you are my treasure to find
A caress of water, a caress of life,
a caress of aquamarine water

Someone is wrong
a lifelesness alive
I won’t be long
the time to ask the night
how could it go so abnominably wrong
someone is wrong

A caress of water, a caress of aquamarine dark
a caress of lifelesness alive
A lifelesness alive

5. Jules

Penso il passato tornerà solo un giorno
per portar via questa notte anomala

(I think the past will come back, if only for one day
To take this anomalous night away)

Quando domani tornerai
in altra vastità latente

(When tomorrow you’ll return
In another latent vastness)

Penso il passato tornerà anche solo un giorno
lacrime azzurre asciugherà

(I think the past will come back,
even if it’s just for one day
Wiping azure tears away)

Quando domani tornerai
sostanza e verità

(When tomorrow you’ll return
As substance and verity)

You were alone that day
behind the screaming crowd, that day
and the rain started falling down
to soothe the thirst for slaughterings

And tomorrow other thunderstorms will come
from east as usual
then we’ll enjoy them with a smile

You were alone that day
behind the screaming crowd, that day

6. Geppetto

Quel giorno il vecchio s’alzò
sull’onda di un brutto sogno
capì che era giunto il momento d’andare

(That day the old man woke up
In the wake of a bad dream
Realizing the time to go had come)

“Oh cara vecchia Maria
è molto che non voliamo”
e cosi prese due stracci e salpò per il mare

(“Oh dear old Mary
We haven’t flown for such a long time”
So he gathered some rags and sailed to the sea)

Quel giorno il mare era un quadro
di colori scuri, disse
“Guarda un po chi c’è! Mi sei mancato compare!”

(That day, the sea seemed like a painting
made of dark colours, and said
“Look who’s there! I missed you buddy!”)

Non saprei dirvi il perché
di questa storia che ha messo
amore e dolore
in una sacca sgualcita

(I can’t say the reason for this story
Which puts love and pain in the same creased bag)

Capisci, il tempo del gioco
é oggi l‘era del vuoto
e poi son solo preghiere da porgersi al mare

(Understand that the era of play
Became the age of emptiness
And then it’s all prayers to be said to the sea)

Sound the chime
Sound the chime
Like a sign from high, up high

Yeah, it seems like rain
but no, it won’t hurt us again
and the whole landscape is mine
oh friend of mine, of mine

All alone in this peak of a time
You can only hear this one voice
Tell him what you desire
and it’s going to happen…

7. Comedia

More and more
the rain lingers on
war only was
to bond us all

Hell no, no war can paint this more sore
the path is packed with bags of coal

And bags of coal from some monstruous soul
and no, no rain can clean this at all

You say, “there’s no way-out at all” is something false
but way-out, if it is not far is still getting narrow

The prayers for light result in failure and dismay
but almost yawn, it’s a deja-vu sounding horror

Someday I’ll take you by the hand
and leave this place without a face
I won’t let our world to crumble down and come undone
but it’s not now, just let me gather strength,
we weren’t meant to be perfect
some things ain’t easy even if they seem to work just fine

Somewhere over that bridge it’s done
hey, the rain it splits as we walk

But war lingers on and some pain lingers on
as we rode the darkness all night long

And there’s no rain in this final climb
where Dante and I have seen such a sight
and Beatrice, my bride
to sleep now it’s time

8. The Promise (Arcadia cover)

(Arcadia cover)

Whose tears on a gaping voice
Who’s stretching arms match
The hunger of mine
There lips will they never join
But always draw me closer
And further entwined
With a promise dealer understand
All freedoms fade away
To a point of view
Where many different pathways meet
And we’re standing on this precipice
With nothing much to gain save
But the deep blue screams
Of falling dreams
With our next move

Heaven hide your eyes
Heaven’s eyes will never dry

The shades of a thousand steel
Come flashing by my face
In the fury of war
In desolation and abandoned fields
The hungry make their stand
When they’ll stand for no more
Hear the passion in their voices
See the heaven in their eyes
Their hopes and schemes are waiting
Dreams of less than paradise
And sometimes we make promises
We never mean to keep
For blackmail is the only deal
A promise dealer sees

Heaven hide your eyes
Heaven’s eyes will never dry

9. Materia

The time we had birth in light
the time we had been brought into light
we slipped out of their hands and fell into the night
after all this time, still can’t choke off the cries

And sail together this nightboat lost in time

In slow motion resound
the missing matter discrepance
can’t disperse the lightnings, echoes abysmal

Because the doorway is there tomorrow
doesn’t mean we’re doing fine
to leave the stairs of the absolute means
we are no more the loony ones

The time we had birth in light
the time we’d been brought into light
it rejoins the final blaze disorder
with no sense of losing something

Today I meet you down at sundown time
immersed in orange light we both revive
delight of the Sun
leaving us a caress, while
fading down, it brings our pain with him away

But war, remember, where it resides
tomorrow leaves the horror hiding, somehow

10. Croma

Andiam sopra ad aspettar
senti il circo arrivare?

(Let’s go upstairs to wait
Can you hear the circus coming?)

Tutti sopra per giocar
per la mano, e poi volare

(Everybody upstairs, to play
Hand in hand to fly)

Between the flowers
amongst the grain
I seek you now
and far away it comes a train

Don’t ever want to miss a moment
as we’ve just begun something
I just wanna be someone
that makes you believe you are not breaking away

And I wonder what on Earth are we awaiting
for the train to tomorrow is here and it is longing
to take us away

And tomorrow there’ll be landscapes you just dreamt about
and the sound of the bells
will sound much realer in this brand-new dawn
yes tomorrow there’ll be still shades of yesterday
but they’ll get vaguer and vaguer
as the winter’s caress approaches close

I run to you
and I see the sky crying
crying tears of widow, tears soon wiped dry
and thousand windows look at us dance
this sweet’n’sour theme, a romance
dance, dance, dance…

Engulf me in your soul
and let those feathered arms fly

11. Nothijngrad

Sometimes the night
brings memories, sometimes the night
brings feelings you thought they are died
in some dusty, forgotten lost hall of your mind yes, sometimes
the night

This time a sea of ox-eyes
painting the irises of white
flooding my senses with light
filling my forgotten halls with bright

Because the lanes of the night
always lead to railways blind
always lead to the most pointless rhymes
ryhmes of life that sometimes we must write
take the hand that is given to you
let yourself to this Sunday morning

We’re riding this shore to some-place beyond
so don’t ever believe we’d stop by
a thousand years we’ve got ahead of your eyes (x 2)

The further sight, always the farhest of sights
The farthest sight

Pride and might
we believe it’s Nothijngrad

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