Memoria Stoica EP Lyrics (2006)

Novembre Memoria Stoica EP Lyrics Album

Memoria Stoica EP Lyrics Album by Novembre

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1. Memoria Stoica

Drops of slime big as pies
stain every single day of your saint’s life
consecution of all the sin you’ve been put inside,
my beautifoul star

Wake up together,
togheter we will take the shame from you away
wake up together,
togheter we will take the shame from you away

wake up together
together we will take the shame,
togheter we will take the shame from you

E c’era come un rumor di vetro infranto
ed una sensazione di allegria sommaria
noi eravamo come foglie in quell’Autunno strano
e senza capir perchè ci siam sfiorati piano

E c’era come un rumore di bambini
noi ome gli altri senza direzione alcuna
d’un tratto quell’Autunno diventò l’Estate
uno sconquasso, caddi e persi la tua mano

(repeat refrain)

2. Materia

The time we had birth in light
the time we had been brought into light
we slipped out of their hands and fell into the night
after all this time, still can’t choke off the cries

And sail together this nightboat lost in time

In slow motion resound
the missing matter discrepance
can’t disperse the lightnings, echoes abysmal

Because the doorway is there tomorrow
doesn’t mean we’re doing fine
to leave the stairs of the absolute means
we are no more the loony ones

The time we had birth in light
the time we’d been brought into light
it rejoins the final blaze disorder
with no sense of losing something

Today I meet you down at sundown time
immersed in orange light we both revive
delight of the Sun
leaving us a caress, while
fading down, it brings our pain with him away

But war, remember, where it resides
tomorrow leaves the horror hiding, somehow

3. Nostalgiaplatz (acoustic)

No longer I stand this sea of light
No longer I stand the gift of god
Screaming, sighing, sighing ,
screaming, crying loud

The old boat sailed out of sight
Taking my feelings off, afar
It leaves me, drying, dry;
It leaves me crying now

No longer I stand these fields of shine
No longer I stand this sea of light
So why not moving to Nostalgiaplatz
Together, forever, together

4. Flower (acoustic)

Lost in the storming of the north
someone warm up his own beloved
a feeble flower of the north

No one can hear their sos
but could someone ever care less,
of those two flowers grown in frozen grass?

She was brighter than a star
he loved to watch the rain
and just like a trick of life
they departed in winter

Two frozen hearts sleep in the dust
bonded by time in tears and rust
in the darkest hall of winter lust

No one could hear their sos
and no-one could ever care less,
about two creatures laid to rest

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