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Novembre Novembrine Waltz Lyrics Album

Novembrine Waltz Lyrics Album by Novembre

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1. Distances

This dreary darkened sky
In which I float benumbed
Into my Enola-gay filled with ambitions failed

And when it will collide with the towers of madness
I’ll fall off to the ground
Hope will flow out from my wounds
Some unfit dog shall spell a tear of grief

Far at East, by the silky way
The mirage of a forgotten town rescues me
In storms religions lost and empty sanctuaries
I let my body being slowly buried along other fools

To the silence we belong,
And the silence in this wilderness throve
The Via Crucis across the Dead Sea
Then caught in Samarkand bazaar dream

No, don’t search for me at North
Where the nonsense of my frenzied notes lead
As now I am the Czar

In sleep I spread my veils
As day is much too harsh to sail
While dreams are bright and manifold

2. Everasia

Si inizia un nuovo viaggio
di terra, aria, e mare
e poi volare, sino a quasi il sole sfiorare

(a new journey begins, by earth, air and sea
and then flying ’till almost caressing the sun)

Issa oh, oh Issa
Issa oh, oh Issa
Issa oh, oh Issa
Issa oh, oh

(Heaven ho!)

Da padre a figlio
Da padre a figlio
Da padre al figlio del figlio

(from father to son,
from father to the son of the son)

Feel the summer in this morning
and it’s thousands passions riding
Riding us to farther seas and rising dreams of Everasia

And the gold is there, just cross that bridge of clay, damn!
Be brave and take that treasure where
your father spent strength

And I avoid the mire in which my legs has faltered
The boots are laced, the eastwind leads you, dear old ship,
way Everasia

Alla fine delle righe, solo il tempo per capire
che si muore e il tempo non si ferma mai
Ma per te che sai gioire son bugie da ignorare
vivi sempre non morire mai

(In the end of the lines
there’s just the time to realize that
we die as time never stops.
These are nothing but lies to you, who bear joy
Do never die, live forever)

Oceanheart, non-forgotten
soon will rise from its deepest self, it will rise
to its primal splendour, it will rise back

Atlantis, new knowledge
new geometry, new astronomy, magic

Religion of the science
erecting its churches
devoid of heavens

It’s fire, what we need is fire,
for this world gone, fire, fire

3. Come Pierrot

Dream the sweetest dreams
Aqualunae dreams

Come with me up the stairs of the rainbow at the horizon
Made of drops of dawn
Don’t worry, I’m just the guardian of your playground
When the day has gone down

But I’m closing down on me, closing down on me

I’m wondering who’s my guide towards the horizon
Will I ever know?
‘Cause I ain’t allowed to have dreams except for one
Please be my only one

And it seemed so long and shining bright

Stasera piovon gocce d’acqua di luna
Ed io arroccato quassù come Pierrot…

(tonight moonwater drops are falling
as I’m sheltered up here just like Pierrot)

Farewell oh my dear moon, goodbye
You gave me shelter when dogs howled

The time has come, my task is now done
Keep shining forever!

A sweet tune accompanies my last bits of life
Lulling my passing away

Dream the sweetest dreams
Aqualunae dreams
Take my hand and dream
Aqualunae dreams

4. Child of the Twilight

This is now, since and then
And this is where we unendingly forever stand

And then I saw your smile, the origin of the Sun
which cracks the stone of which we gods are made
Now that I saw your smile I’d step out from this stump
This is where we unendingly forever stand

E’ come impazzire in un mare dorato

(it feels like going crazy in a golden sea)

Running from light
Dive in the wonders of twilight
like children of dusk on the run from the day

Do u remember the expanse of desks and the smell of the first days?
tears dense and in plenty,
while far behind, the world punished u against the wall.
for nothing but just being

Now, that after all this years I’m no longer sure
if u had really existed, or if I just invented you
Tell me what’s left to trust

I face that place again
But this time in depth of the self
and I’m weaker without your sad smile, the same as mine

Sometimes the sight of the town through the rain fills the
pit of a failure of life

When the sight of the town through the rain
fills the pit of a life that has failed

This is now, since and then
And this is where we unendingly forever stand

5. Cloudbusting (Kate Bush cover)

I still dream of Orgonon.
I wake up crying.
You’re making rain,
And you’re just in reach,
When you and sleep escape me.
You’re like my yo-yo
That glowed in the dark.
What made it special
Made it dangerous,
So I bury it
And forget.
But every time it rains,
You’re here in my head,
Like the sun coming out–
Ooh, I just know that something good is going to happen.
And I don’t know when,
But just saying it could even make it happen.
On top of the world,
Looking over the edge,
You could see them coming.
You looked too small
In their big, black car,
To be a threat to the men in power.
I hid my yo-yo
In the garden.
I can’t hide you
From the government.
Oh, God, Daddy–
I won’t forget,
‘Cause every time it rains,
You’re here in my head,
Like the sun coming out–
Ooh, I just know that something good is going to happen.
And I don’t know when,
But just saying it could even make it happen.
The sun’s coming out.
Your son’s coming out

6. Flower

Lost in the storming of the snow
Someone warms up his own beloved
A feeble flower of the North

No one can hear their sos
But could someone ever care less,
of those two flowers grown in frozen grass?

She was brighter than a star
He loved to watch the rain
And just like a trick of life
they departed in winter

Two frozen hearts sleep in the dust
bonded by time in tears and rust
in the darkest hall of winter lust

No one could hear their sos
and no-one could ever care less,
about two creatures laid to rest

7. Valentine

Come on, rag-doll ballerina
Return in your theatre made of tin
Do not forget one day you’ll fly
The doors of the theatre open wide

The wind shakes your beautiful hair in this morning in Paris
I try to get closer to you with tears in the eyes
And then a myriad glints of rain in this old picture of your smile
Look at that seagull in the sky, it’s my Valentine

8. Venezia Dismal

Enigma Carnival
Dancers in the black
Venezia dismal land
Countess dour, faceless in her mask

A duel of silhouettes tonight
A rondo rapture breaks the lights

As the gondola sails high
by the wake of milky way
A romantic tune we cry
in a misty and faded day

As the music leads our eyes
it echoes in cathedrals grey
When December leaves us dry
then the belfry’s stuck again

When the magic rain of this merry confetti dance
is nothing but our icy tears from beyond our skyclad masks

skyclad masks, or starclad, infinite-clad

A venetian old men sighs
reeling to the canal bench
when the season tide is nigh

Then December leaves fall dry
upon this melancholic place
Some romantic tune we cry

9. Conservatory Resonance

Through the paintings and the white busts
in the corridor to the fountain
from a century I try to find you, I try

The veil, the veil of the night descends
heavy upon our school

Where the music found shelter
from the havoc of the plebeians thirst

And I wonder why
birds are silent now
and our tools of notes worn as your love

A young boy takes a violin
and puts all his dreams in it
and turns towards the dusky skyline,

as yet he ignores the minstrels fate
to need for a love vast as sky
impossible to find

Or maybe he’ll find flowers
on which you’ll share some joy
the kind of those
greeting the end

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