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Novembre The Blue Lyrics Album

The Blue Lyrics Album by Novembre

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1. Anaemia

A certain feeling assails
Visions form to wonder why
It still keeps fading
Away to the stars

The sanitarium is the night of the mind
Hidden where no-one wants to know
As nightside keeps saving your life
With its silver-painted dawn

The sanitarium holds the keys of the night
in a place no-one wants to know
And dance, dance for staying alive tonight
And you’re not alone

On and on the rains with their anaemic crystals wash the pitch away
And I will follow you through centuries of famine and there will still be horror

Nightly blood anaemia
Night and blood, anaemia

As black sprites keep draining your life
When at night you’re all alone
And dance, dance to remain alive
As this night beholds no dawn

2. Triesteitaliana

There at the borders
Cold and rigid guardians dressed of no life

We run and run in circles
Till the world stops spinning round
(Run in circles, and the world as we know it, spins in silence)

Till remaining breathless, panting
Overwhelmed by laughter

Starry skies of stains
Ultimately sorry
Uneducated random strokes of pain

It’s a chain going backwards through the veins
Must sew up this wound and run away

I can feel their strenght
Through crooked-lightning desert pathways

Run and run and run the pathways
branching off through time
Two lone-wolves shared
the utmost silence of the time
(run, run the pathways as you share
the uttermost of silence)

Trieste Italiana – Trieste Italiana

3. Cobalt of March

Sceneries far from the Sun
Far from the dust
Glide into dusk
Cobalt of Match

I see your eyes above the arch of your smile
Lost in this nighttime through the daze of its dark
I see your eyes lost in the queitness of March
In the striations of the cobalt of March

I see (that) this numb mourning dies
I see (that) this orchid was born to be taken away

I see your eyes above the arch of the sky
I see your eyes throughout the gaze of the night
I see your eyes closed, in the coldness of March
Lost in the glaciers of the cobalt of March

I see (that) this numb mourning dies
I see (that) this life
Was just meant to be taken away

Centuries under the Sun
Biting the dust

I fade away into September
My soul is gonna return
And it will be for just one time
To say that nothing truly dies

And I’ve seen (that) the world
Has stopped since that time
Singing lullabies to make us all forget

And that same world fell by its own fire
And I try to cope but still cannot forget

4. Bluecracy

I can’t say where you are
Can’t see where you are
Can’t stay in the Sun

And I wonder, why am I even here right now
Attending this slow parade
Of massive figures and clouds

And I’m going to kill you
For you have slain my child
Enchained me in this maze
Of your eyes and your bluest lights

Leftovers of my mind
To witness what once was
Ice in endless coloumns, alive

I can’t see where you are
Can’t say where you are
Can’t stay in the sunlight

In a sentimental requiem held until today
A last sparkle of renascence leading me the way

Blind, I’m facing the Sun
Drag my bones onward
Yet nobody’s son

Yet another last beauticracy of yours, again
And in sapphire coldest rays
There’s rescue under the rain

A chance to prey,
The horror is through the air
Much too dark here
Pull back the curtains and let the Sun in

5. Architheme

It flows out from inside
It builds cities and fairytales
Reachable from here through a stairway of dust

But fail to restore
The themes and rhymes and the frescos half-lights
And then smear’em with everlasting paint

It flows out from inside
Arising architheme of the Earth

Nazarene of filthless time
Spare me your goddamned wonders
And give us back the day
Reach out from the weight of the debris of the Earth
(Reaching out from here with more cries
Debris of the arcade of the Earth)

And I stand under the vaults
And find just the meaning of the end
As i finally walked the Sorrowful Way

6. Nascence

Through windows of new desires
I guess I am coming to bright

Feeling the coolness of the ocean in your bright eyes
The taste of salty waves

Nascence and feel no more discomfort while
I slowly run my faint hand through the softness of your hair

Higher nascence

Nothing will ever make this magic moment vanish
Throughout the streams of time, into the
Fire that purifies the memories
That purifies the hardest feelings
Hidden, lost and found

The last time you met me
I thought I was alive
Through Earth, wind and fire
I’m now coming to life, instead

Through windows of new desires
I guess I am coming to life through
Earth, wind and fire

7. Iridescence

Must clean up the way until there is no one left alive
And then there is always someone begging for the light. Endtime!

Time, torn and thrown into pre-existential oceans, pre-ritual
Must clean up the way till there’s no trace left of me. Endtime!

Did I see me last night? Then denied it today?
Same solitude rite, done again?

It pours down upon me
Disgorging down from above.
And now it’s too late.

Now, how are you tonight?
Is there any way I could be of help tonight?

I write a vomit serenade of living yesterdays
I’ll show you tonight that no one really wants to listen to a song that really hurts
Who’d ever want a love like a rainbow in the rain, iridescent but vain

I thought you would lie
Next to me in this bed of swallowed time

And deceiving the autumn and all the remaining time
And deceiving the horror, the pest and the relative slime
And the cancers and darkness behind the doors at night

Today all these things are unaware

Must clean up the way until there’s not a soul left by my side
But there’s always a little sign of someone meant to take good care of your heart

8. Sound Odyssey

Hoist the sails of the night
Sail your ships towards the horizon of the sound

Where are your rhymes you suavely sang in the morning?
And the morning will come, again

And I land ashore in your city’s mourning grey
Screaming out its wreckage, screaming out loud
So I close my eyes in sorrow and back away

I had experienced the wonders of your light
And I’m witness to your passage through these times
And there’s no regret at all, it’s all just fine

It’s a blend of green and rain
The painting risen in front of us
While the vessel still keeps on sailing forward…

… to the ultimate star
Where your inner essence, we’re told resides
Across the seven seas, this odyssey is my plight

9. Cantus Christi

Cantus Christi vow
As today I say farewell to you

I can see me now
From a height, as if I were you

I turn to Zenith now
All there is, is the scent of you

I can see me now,
As today I say farewell to you

There is always, however, a small gap
Between the sea and the sky
Where I retreat to take a break
From those monotonic chants clocking our passing time

There behind a crowd of clouds bathed in Sun
I behold these pictures to you

And that’s how it goes
A song always comes to an end
Then a few more bits of silence

In a composition of stagnant water and seagulls sad
I bring your laughter back to light
And your life, which you always felt as stolen?
Has (always) been there instead
Just afraid of blooming, of us

10. Zenith

it seems so long
shining bright
it seems so long
shining bright…

11. Argentic

I lit the sunlight with my hands
Knowing there’s to be some reason
For this ever coming dark
All I want to find is a way
For these cardboard wings to fly
Their blackened feathers up again
Not a tiny breadcrumb trace
To retrieve the lost Argentic pathway leading us away

Oh, my naked angel face
Now it is my turn to drag you to tomorrow
All your light faded away
‘Cause you have given all the strength you had
To someone else

Touch me and relieve me from the plauge of sorrow
Touch me and heal me with your silvers colours
Touch me

I lit the sunlight with my hands
Knowing there’s to be some reason
For this ever coming dark
Not a tiny breadcrumb trace
To retrieve the lost Argentic pathway leading us away

Touch me and relieve me from the plague of sorrow
Touch me and heal me with your silver colours
Touch me

I reached the Sun myself and found nothing there
To clear the reason for this ever coming grey
And all there’s left to find’s the way (back) to the fields
Of silver colours you once used to share with me
As this nights beholds no dawn

12. Deorbit

The shadow of the Earth
Abyssing your lonely water-visage
Giving us a breather from the yoke of the Star
Before utter oppression restarts

In a schism of major zones of remote dreams
Where I own the empire
You hand me the keys
And the sceptre of your playground

A parade of fast satellites across a slow night-sky
And once again it’s dawn

They’re made of steel and chrome
The screams propagating through
The coldness of the outer space
It’s a message no-one is gonna get
There in the infinite abyss of the night
And not making a noise we quietly deorbit

And the night that I gave up the way
All the songs have returned to silence

And my friend of the other side
Was the witness to that miscarriage

But the truth was not by my side
I was blinded from all those dark things

So the night (that) I let you go astray
Couldn’t see the full extent
Of all the hate that followed

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