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Ursa Lyrics Album by Novembre

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1. Australis

Goddess of the Monsoons let me fly
Mother do not throw our boat aside
Clouds are all left behind
Sailing through the wind, eyes open wide

Taste of salt is in my hair
A scare of light is in the air
Leaves of silver pave the way
Lights of nightmares finally fade
Clouds of nightmares finally fade
I’m obliterated away
Finally ash is washed away

Sailor’s wound bleeding out past winters
I feel water crystalize in my winter

[Solo: Massimiliano]

Dreams are coming down
To the foreign lands below
And encrust the reasons and the pain along the way

So listen now
There’s no mercy around
Rise your swords of feathers
Step outside and fly away
Out and fly away

Mountains of art
It’s like… you won’t believe it
Temples enveloped in sand
And seal your heart beneath it
And you will keep it alive
And you will keep i breathing
And you will keep it alive

Monsoons, Terra Incognita
Trade winds, Terra Incognita
Clouds are all left behind
Australis Aurora

2. The Rose

Eyes in this somnial night
I know I own nothing
I wanted nothing

And I feel like I am
The second son of your god
Lifting lives away

A lighthouse spins in your eyes
Still I see nothing
Waters of nothing

I plant a seed in your garden
Yet it grew nothing
Thorns without roses

But then I’m sorry for I have died
Others were taken away
Hostage of secrets of Aura
Waters of nothing
Dawn painted nothing

I failed to sense the sign
And died in the arms of Europa
An anima astray for a long, long time

[Solo: Massimiliano]

I set our forest afire
Broke the old promise
Tore all the roses

Became a symbol of violence
In primordial noises
Churches of noises

And write a new song made of lightning
From which we’re taken away
I know it seems it’s all right
While it was nothing
Lot worse than nothing

[Solo: Carmelo]

At the bottom of the pond
Is found a chest of science and gold
A shell of glass, it means bad omen
Find two and you’re blessed with grace
The essence of the sea is provenance
Watched by the wise old man

3. Umana

There’s something in the fringes of your mind
That keeps you up all night
The Spirit of the Ages softly whispering in your head

You’re out of your mind – it says the higher mouth
As in this sorry nation two and two results in shame

I’ve tried to confide in someone
Find shelter from decay
My hand leaned on someone’s
To feel the acid in the taste

But I’m not afraid
And I’m not humane

Our souls float, unaware of the scale of the awakening
The fear is whole, consuming us through the crisis

“The crisis – is a crisis in consciousness, a crisis that cannot any more accept the old norms. Man is still, as he was, brutal, violent, aggressive, competitive, and he has built a society along these lines” —— Jiddu Krishnamurti, 1966

4. Easter

Here in this shroud of light
Centuries staring at me through the haze
In a slow demise
Lines of a song looking away

In a slow demise
In a low streaming of scent
In a touch of Gloria
I see your face

Let’s have the night
And drink from the chalice
In rivers of Saturn
Bodies pass me by from the tide
In this sin

A desire, pollutes the skies of the town
Determines the upraising
The oldest breach of the caste, roaring out loud

Here in a shroud of fright
Pages of madness staring at me
Lines of a song atavic
Veins of a son taken away

In a slow demise
In a low streaming of scent
In a touch of Gloria
I see your face

5. Ursa

The bear’s arms around me
Am I an empire of sadness, and time
The Ministry of Nowhere
Declared me an apostate of State
But I stole nothing, in a world of plague
Is there a den to hide in, hide

All this is sad and senseless
Inside the bar, there’s a congress o ingenuous eyes
The world I see is ending tonight, please stay inside
Distance and ice in this animal sovietica

Crawl to where the crow died. It kept the sadness alive
For what? You thought your thoughts flew up there, to a just sky

All this is sad and senseless

All these years of snow and sleep perennial
Mirrors of a sin aeternitas
In a rainy Reich, mirrors of my losing of your hand

If we’re to die you’re the one I’d rather be beside
The world I se is ending tonight, please stay inside

Listen, tonight you’re the one I’d rather be beside
Don’t wanna see what happens outside, please stay inside

6. Oceans of Afternoons

Let’s just stay in this spot for a while
Quite with the Sun at our backs
As it ceases to bathe us
A panorama of cyan

And these senses enfolding the heart
Slow as a flood of blue magma
And deceiving the morning into night
Spaces entwining with time

And running far away
And then I fled the world
And then I failed the world
An unrepentant world

Here in a cinema of flowing time (of tomorrow)
You gave me kisses of breeze and sky
Sooner or later I’m coming back
Finding all the things I forgot
And reason why I got lost in this fog

And running far away
And then I fled the world
And then I fled the world
And then I failed the world

And I’ll stay thill the morning will come

[Saxophone Solo: Sapia]

7. Annoluce

I used to come here
Textiles all over, and lamps
And colours of centuries flash from the stands
Do not lose my hand now
We’re in a tempest of sound
Our stranger wind brought us here from afar

A journey through lightning ending now
A song made of light spreading around

I just wanna end this ride
That life has turned into this rusting pile of pipes
Cos I believe that there is more than meets the eye
In this script of anger
Brought to tears until the Sun died

And a journey through lightning ending now
A song made of light spreading around
A million eyelids closing down, A million eyes

[Solo: Nyström]

I saw the files that they have on me,
I saw the chambers of new bright opinions they sewn in your flash
I saw the files that she has on me, setting this astral conjunction against
all the reasons and odds

I used to come here
Storms have swept it apart
a swirl of memories hitting the land, with the wind and the sand
Do not lose my hand now
We’re in a ‘lager’ of sound
Which brought us here in a light-year of bleeding and screaming and cries

8. Agathae

(Song of mysticism, chauvinism and irrational homesickness)

[Solo: Massimiliano]

9. Bremen

“Something better than death
we can find anywhere”
We are cannon fodder

A plastic bag on a shore
flowing back and forth
in a polluted shit of dawn

Ein, zwai, the leaders order the men to gloriously die
Ein, zwai, the leaders order their men to uselessly die

With the weight of a ton in your heart, sick, we’re living our lives
In a new epidemic of sorrow, everything is all right

Ein, zwai, the victims fall to the mincer of amnesia
One by one, the victims leaving a helmet of nostalgia

A repeating sequence
Shadows in black and white
Unending chronicles of époques lost in time
And then a window hollow
A Freudian scene
An oceanic square with all my demons in uproar

Ein, zwai, the victims fall to the Winter of amnesia
One by one, the victims losing their faith in god as they die
Are those a village lights or are they stars?
Are those the lights you brought me when I was beaten, fallen and drunk?

[Solo: Carmelo]

Are those the sparkles of your eyes?
Are these the borders of my time?

10. Fin

Water that tells a life
In a late November
Two lithe figures descending a slope
A sidereal evening
1979, you may have forgot
I won’t be here too long
I got a train to catch,
I got a painting to draw, of me dying

It’s hard to remember, you don’t deserve it
Ever since the glass shattered into pieces of mind
You won’t tell this story because it’s secret
You’ll die with its key in your hand

It’s time to verify the nature of our kind
you’ll never find anything like us, alive
Into this barren wasteland, we turned the Earth
you fought in ashes all your life

No sooner said than done
And we’re there together
On a rainbow made of dust, a route to folow
Hallowed land tonight, that we reach together
In a simpler way of life

Solitude omen in the Day of Man
Hidden in the viscera of the world
You even feel its pulse under the granite surface of the Earth
We’re walking towards the miracle of life

Life is in the water, life is in the water
Let me quench my thirst with your denial.
And cries, the closure of all dramas,
The elixir for the thirst of dying people of the land
And lies, I’ve seen all kinds of liars,
I’ve been all kinds of misfits, for the sake of my survival

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