Devouring the Prophecy Lyrics (2005)

Odious Mortem Devouring the Prophecy Lyrics Album

Devouring the Prophecy Lyrics Album by Odious Mortem

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1. Debacle by Cephalopod

A concavement of a failed civilization breeds vacuous vessels awaiting blood drenched hands siphon in a panicked frenzy flesh consumes flesh greed is butchery tooth cuts through bone

2. Caverns of Reason

Repugnant aspects of festering luminations centering visual distortions of what’s real gluttonous minds secreting remnants of thought caverns of reason overruled by doctrines feasting upon ideas of false promise showing no struggle towards endless life creating a world within the gates of your mind surgical perfections of imposed icons emulation of hidden demonic presence filth implantation to be assimilated

3. Nothing Beyond the Rot

Kill forced in to death ripped from limb to gutted thoughts from the past flashing in your mind until you die what then nothing faith is at it’s test but now you’ve learned that there is nothing beyond the rot many still live by their blinded faiths how long will there be these fecal minds penitence injected into spinal chords of the children that these bastards left behind what a great life they must live searching for a master they’ll never find serving themselves upon a platter there’s only one existence of one’s kind educate the masses lobotomize the weak this is the only way we can find a peace

4. Golden Excretion

Further into trenches of earth no relief from untamed obsessions golden emblems excreting eternal message of greed dampening fluctuations of perception sculpting delusions to be regurgitated by the young domination glorification inhale the odor of his ever enduring stench

5. Thought Disruption

Reverse patterns of mental ingest cavities of the subconscious entrails of quivering cortex crumbling contour of your perceptions deconstruct blockades to the unknown stimulate stagnant brain matter passageways to unearthed regions liquefy patterns embedded summon pulsating crevasse enter the realm of engorgement

6. Carpal Tunnel

Spores shooting out of earth spread open copulating with tyrannical creatures transcending to guttural domains seeping into all that remains sweltering visions frantic movement melting fragments of scattered sound shifting scraps of urchin arms ground becomes river of worms grinding cerebral fusion of extracts

7. Third Pawn

Destruction and murder will be forced to show the essence of being prove to the feeble through great slaughter that their importance is death experience the unimportance of self live slowly fades as superiority is

8. Morton’s Neuronoma

Burning skin face flush symptoms of presidential origin preaching decaying words without meaning scorched facial planes of earth’s complexion frenzy of insane proposals resurrected through progeny crawling on hands and knees reaping from the fowls of man following paths of the past neuron transfers conducted one mind to the other ideals sent through robotic passages morton’s disease hideous features hidden by light birth of decay

9. Gristle Dripping Scab

Through this gorge of eternity existence is the stench of our reign which rots and scabs as our virus grows we breed the mucus of our demise deprecated thoughts subside visions clouded with filth gluttonous creatures feed on life excreted from their sacred reich lucre gristle

10. Cerebral Dissection

Decompose visceral clotting the filth of dissection observing the waste beneath the flesh unable to exist without the hierarchy of being an eternal specimen nothingness is the only reality feared by all humanity memories forgotten bound to faith by the horror that our lives will come to and end those weak are the next to be patients of cerebral dissection agony of a false reality

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