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Officium Triste Ne Vivam Lyrics Album

Ne Vivam Lyrics Album by Officium Triste

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1. Frozen Tears

You left me to live,
my life alone.
You left me a feeling,
I don’t know.
It feels like a… cold winter night.
A positive future… out of sight.

There’s no reason,
for me to live.
So much love,
I wanted to give.
Now I’m stuck,
with all my fears.
All day I’m crying.
Crying frozen tears.

Why did you die?
It seems so unfair.
And when I cried.
I cried frozen tears.

2. Lonesome

No one to talk to but myself.
All this love I cannot give.
I’ll just put it on a shelf.
That’s the lonesome life a live.

Loneliness…my worst pain.
Loneliness…driving me insane.
Loneliness…a closed door.
Loneliness…can’t take it no more.

All these dreams but no one cares.
All these plans I ever made.
Is there someone who wants to share,
this lonesome life I really hate.

No one there to ease my mind,
to keep me up from falling down.
An answer I will never find.
In this lonesome life I will drown

3. A Journey Through Lowlands Green

Lowlands Green through which I fly.
These colours of joy I see in the sky.
Travelling in an incredible high.

These flights through lowlands green.
Heaven is what it seems.
Cannabolistic dreams.

Seeds of pleasure, from lowlands green
Inhale the fog, your mind is clean.
These memories will forever be.

Hairs of white with a purple glow.
Take me there, to places unknown.
Lowlands green through which I will flow.

4. One with the Sea

Raped by society.
A useless life for me.
Into eternity.
One with the sea.

The waves cleanse away the pain.
The salt takes away my name.
Only leaving my soul to be,
becoming one with the sea.

Scarres mind, I want to be free.
A trip to my final destiny.
This afterlife mystery.
One with the sea.

Usefull life? I disagree.
A hopeless pile of misery.
Into the books of history.
Becoming one with the sea.

The waves cleanse away the pain.
The salt takes away my name.
Only leaving my soul to be.
Becoming one with the sea.

5. Dreams of Sorrow

As you sleep, your subconsciousness reigns.
Visions of misery, sorrow and pain.
Blackened sky, mournfull spheres.
People drowning in a flood of tears.

Fear of nighttime, it’s time to sleep.
Sandman comes, no time to weep.
Hope you’ll wake up alive tomorrow.
Surviving again these dreams of sorrow.

As you sleep, your mind falls deeper.
Visions of death, the grim reaper.
Black plague, hunger and hate.
Mortal people this is your fate.

As you sleep, you dream of fear.
Visions of sorrow, visions are clear.
Blackened earth, world of death.
As you breathe, your final breath.

Dreaming about sorrow, the nightmares of life.
No more sleep
being awake is being alive.

6. Stardust

Into dimensions undiscovered.
Life on earth? Who bothers.
Escaping is a must.
Flying free on stardust.

On stardust i fly free through the galaxy.

Cosmic freedom.

Through galactic spheres.
Circling around the moon.
The milky way my guide.
I’m already starting to bloom.
This peacefull new life,
without that eartly gloom.

Into dimensions undiscovered.
Life on earth? Who bothers.
Escaping is a must.
Flying through the galaxy on wings of stardust

7. Psyche Nullification

Look into my mind, what do you see?
Voices crawling round, torturing me.
Telling me things, you can’t believe.

Lost forever in this mist of voices.
A dark world beyond our own.
Unable to make my own choices.
I’m soil for downers they’ve sown.

When I take those pills my life will be well,
I will hear no voices.
But they are so wrong, my life is hell,
I’ll take an overdosis.

A glimpse of the truth you may have seen.
That’s who I am, that’s who I have been.
I’ll take my life in search for peace.
Slashing my wrists and I’ll be free.

Always these voices.
I cannot take it anymore.
No more,

Look into my mind what do you see?
Nothing is there, now rest in peace.

8. The Happy Forest

In the happy forest where life is fine.
In the happy forest I can free my mind.

In the happy forest where life is swell.
In the happy forest I will forever dwell.

Through woods with all kinds of green.
The most beautiful place you’ve ever seen.
Just feel the vibe, this inner peace.
A forest of joy without deceit.

Trees smile and birds sing songs.
The happy forest is where I belong.
This forest it doesn’t lie.
The perfect place for me to die

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