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Officium Triste The Pathway Lyrics Album

The Pathway Lyrics Album by Officium Triste

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1. Roses on My Grave

Roses on my grave,
My headstone crumbles,

Since the day I died,
You mourned for over a year.
I saw the way you cried.
The way you shed those tears.

You came to my grave.
Fresh roses every week.
A ressurection you craved.
Oh, you were so weak.

But as time flies by.
Your life got back on track.
Eventually you stopped to cry.
My headstone started to crack

Roses on my grave,
My headstone crumbles,

My grave you visit no more.
Past tense I have gotten.
Fresh roses nevermore.
I am forgotten.

2. Pathway (Of Broken Glass)

Follow the trail of blood,
From my feet,
I left behind,
On the pathway of broken glass.

Broken glass everywhere I walk,
In every direction I go.
To the left, the right or straight on.
Every step my blood flows.

And I bleed,
For you,
For them.
Wish I could leave,
With you,
And them.
To be free
From glass
From blood
From pain
Away from this pathway

The pain I feel at every step I take.
On the road you call life.
Suppose it’s some sort of debt I’ve made.
To be paid by blood left behind.

3. Foul Play

I’m sick of hearing you bitch and moan
I wish you’d leave me alone
You follow me wherever I go
What don’t you understand in: “No!”
Your presence really annoys me
Why don’t you leave me be
Being with you wasn’t all that fun
I’ve had enough and pull out the gun

Take this lead
You know I’ve said
I’ll bring you death

I’ll take you out to keep you silent
I’ll take you out so I hurt no more
I’ll take you out to be free from anger
I’ll take you out you fucking whore
Now that you’re gone I’m free and
I can go on living like before

You had your pleasure in bringing me down
But I was good enough for you to stay around
You had me trapped in your maze of lies
In silence I screamed and in woe I cried
The only solution that I’ve got
Is becoming a sinner in the eyes of god

Take this lead
You know I’ve said
I’ll bring you death

4. Camouflage

Running away from problems and pain
Realising life ain’t no game
Trying to hide from the past
Starting all over, camouflaged

I look over my shoulder to see I’m not followed
Hunted by thoughts of the life I’ve lead
Pain, hatred, tears and sorrow
A choice between a new life and death.

Living in hell is no option to me
A new beginning and identity
Camouflaged so I can’t be found
No more nerves when hearing a sound
Free from pain and another face
A new name and a new base
Starting all over trying to forget
Hurting memories and the things I regret

5. Divinity

A sparkle in this chaos ridden infinity
The light, my goddess, ultimate divinity

Draped with velvet and silk
She provides honey and milk
Heart and soul I sacrifice
The love for you never dies

You’re my life
I realise
You’re so fine
You are divine

Divine woman you stole my heart
Other gods I will discard
You are the one I will serve
I bow for your shapes and curves
Entangled we reach our paradise
A garden of eden behind our eyes
Fulfilled with lust and desire
My veins burn, my heart is on fire

Oh my goddess what have you done to me
My love for you, it shall forever be.

6. Deep Down

The darkest time in my life
Feeling lost, where can I hide
The downward spiral in which I am
Fucking leads me to the damned

Deep Down
I float in apathy
All black
That’s called misery
A mistery… to me

Unable to tell what’s the cause
Searching for answers enclosed in fog
Unable to determine how I got lost
Entering a world of black frost

Crawling back, a useless task
The last beams of hope I cannot grasp
The downward spiral, I’m falling fast
Release me at last.

Unable to tell what’s the cause
Searching for answers in the fog
Unable to deal with reality
What are these visions I see
Unable to determine how I got lost
As I enter this rotten world of black frost

Deep down
I float in surreality
Freezing cold
That’s called misery
A mistery… to me

7. This Is Goodbye

This is goodbye
I am leaving, we tried
We failed, we’re done
Goodbye, I’m gone

I am through with you, I am leaving this hell
Our love is lost, there’s nothing more to tell
Everything’s over, the passion’s gone
I’m out of here, goodbye, so long.

It’s not my fault
You’re the one to blame
I cannot stay
Don’t want to feel no more pain
I’m through with you
Everything stops here today
No future together
The price we pay
So this is goodbye
I’m forever gone
So this is goodbye
I’m staying away

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