Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion Lyrics (1998)

Old Man's Child Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion Lyrics Album

Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion Lyrics Album by Old Man’s Child

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1. Towards Eternity

Strangely we await them
like the morning breeze
in a night so dark and silent
as in the realms of death

Through the horizont
they now come forth,
in the streams of nothing
going toward eternity

From a world far beyond
a world of evil existence
they dwell within the light of God
and await the final resurrection

Born by the rage of torment…fire
The spawn of evil shall defeat the…liar
demons of the coming judgement

Where they may wonder
blood shall follow their path
driven by the vengeance
from an earlier past

storms of crimson rain
is bound to fall,
repent your sins
cause today you die

chained to life with with a fate not knowned
the ones of evil habit shall bring you

2. The Dream Ghost

A face so pale by fear
I know you dream of me
human I am watching you
I make thoughts come true

Trapped in a night so young
in a place where the sun is gone,
your mind is in my realms
your life is in my hands

I am the dream maker
the sprirt of evil creator
lord of endless nightmares
the beast of twilight despairs

So strange, can you feel the pain
or are you just going insane
welcome to an unknowned sphere
a state of mind so absurd

Take my hand and walk with me
far within your own fantasy
fall into your deepest mind
and a place behind you will find

3. Demoniacal Possession

Sick is my spirit
for I am bound to possess,
sweet is my vengeance
for i can taste its blood

blessed are my sins
and all I with evil do,
strong I will pray
for the end of morrow day
I believe the devil
and I will burn in hell
those who he possess
shall walk the final way

my heart belongs to evil
my thoughts are truly black
nothing lasts forever
and I will soon attack…

Death attack

Spelled by the magic
from the sound of the harness bells,
I must confess…
I curse you the human fall

O`master confront my sins
and grant us your existence
release me from this mortal life
and dominate my spiritual world

4. Fall of Man

Once in a time and place so far away
when man stood strong and brave,
scars from a past, the ancient blood
shall stream through our veins once again

Die…they have deceived us
die…we must come forth
die…let us kill together
die…and heal our wounds

The preach of salvation
the words of Christ
a war for a holy domain,
we shall burn their fortress
and enter we will
prepare to fall, into an endless grave

Reveal our past
and fulfill my dreams
show us the way were supposed to live

We are natures failure
a creature born to demise,
we are the alien strangers
a creature that has lost it’s place

5. Captives of Humanity

Souls tied to the chains of life
the existence ruled by Gods light
the preach of terror impales our mind
words of salvation the fictional rhymes

Slaves of mortality
Captives of humanity

Come with the fall of dawn
and grant us your powers
show us the way to go
lead the pack into your storm

rise from a palace in ruins
and start rebuild your kingdom
take hold of your evil possession
and release us this fatal flesh

Soldiers of nocturnal race
hiding behind a human face

6. God of Impiety

Bring my pain to the level of death
show this place the passion of hate
use my flesh to feed your soul
O’ master retrieve the control

My fate you have won
turn me into something strong

Your imperious glance
will burn the sky
demons shall dance
in the flames of your fire

Feel the ghastly force of death
the God of impiety roams free

His spell embraces me
I am touched by the essence of evil
a war of mighty dimensions
bring forth the powers of inhumanity

7. My Evil Revelations

I can hear the demons call
from within my inner self
I can feel destruction roars
from beyond another world

There’s something coming forth
visions from the ancient times
they rape my mind as I try to resist
but I can’t cause I’m just like them I become possessed
to a beast with human detest
cursed… I will roam this earth
I’m reborn by the devils birth

Open the gates to hell
and turn loose your immortal slaves

Shadows in the dark
beasts to the full moon bark
those that evil breed
the sons of Satan’s seed

I despise you
I’m at war with the living race
Come before me
And fear my demonic face

8. Thy Servant

A being of evil nature
son of deaths creator
I am the one you fear
the master of your despair

Raised under satans spell
inspired by the judgement bells
now I am at war
I’ll make you Satan’s whore

The devil spawn
of demoniac breed
in a ghostly form
by evil seed

I am the anti-Christ
I am the anti-life

Marked by the sign of the beast
I roam the streets unleashed
praised be the one, the evil son

The blood of Christ
Shall be your defeat
On the crucifix
You will meet your God

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