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Old Man's Child Slaves of the World Lyrics Album

Slaves of the World Lyrics Album by Old Man’s Child

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1. Slaves of the World

A curse of the fallen
that once died in wars
in battlegrounds of hades
A legacy is born
In the storms of the fire
the burning crusade
soldiers in black
enslaved by their hatred
death is now bound to this world
breeding the spawn, the ones named mankind
one life forced to exist
in the circle of lies
betrayed by god

Slaves of the world

black is the dawn
that arises from hell and beyond
dark is the day that possesses
the souls to decay
far away from a past to remember
the spawn embraces the world
far into a future of pain
life goes on, destined to fail

2. Saviours of Doom

Dark prince of the underworld
start your battle, prepare your war
enter this world through the gates of hell
unleash the wolves and your demon-slaves
roots of malice buried in the ground
buried beneath what’s never been found
the portal’s thunder roars from beyond
and calls on evil to kill the weak
in orbit through hell’s realm
like clouds drifting in pain
bleeding like rain the feeds
the earth of Satan’s flames
as the troops of hell arise
from the graves of beyond
the storms of hell unleah
the silence of doom
they have come from so far away
to a world of fire
the sons of mortality, a beast called man
demons in flesh

3. The Crimson Meadows

In the mist of the morning light’s shadows
triumphant, he stands battered and proud
in the dark of the morning light’s shades
the meadow is red, and the fallen lies dead
tales of a menace, abandoned by god
fierce is the wrath, and this is his land
onto the gateways, kill and disarm
this is his nation, surrender and die
born on the fields, far and beyond
raised by the ruler, like father, like son
his talents unfold, the future is war
wherever he rides, nothing will grow
tribal reunion – ready for wars
destroying the earth as they move on
masses are fleeing, ready to die
again they will conquer, conquer them all
all ground pulsates, as the horsemen attack
nothing remains, infernal is their path
onward to glory, forever he rides
the king o f the masses, forever in pride
time has moved on, and the legacy is faint
but words from a past are written in blood
those who remember carry his words
his blood they will bring, and this earth they will flood

4. Unholy Foreign Crusade

One day a blaze will shine upon this earth
and all we know will be taken away
one night they will come from beyond
invaders of the darkest crusade
death is unleashed now, life belongs to the past
saviours of doom, they’ve come back for your soul
a future in pain
a would bound to decay
alien malice reprisal
we await the judgment day
dark is the world when seen through dimensions
a place that man will never forget
drifting with stars and their unholy gods
the mortals will die, covered in sin
time has set free, the true, dark enemy
black is their goal and black is their soul
death has arrived

5. Path of Destruction

Where is my god, the saviour of faith
as I’m wandering here through this world I created
I am a lonely killer
and I am trapped in despair
death is my path
fallen to madness
in a world of my own
I worship the beast
and I am his son
fear the wolf
in a case of fire
I am trapped
burning my soul
lost in the secrets of pain
and I give no remorse
I will find those hidden
on my path of destruction
where to hide
when your blood is bound
where to hide
when the moon shows the way

6. The Spawn of Lost Creation

Memories from a dark, cold age
where life was bound to suffer
blessed with power and blessed with sin
hunting down the ones that infest the wind
arise from hell
and join the crusade
come forth and rise
the banner of hate
remnants from a distant past is all that remains
the glory is lost, but the seed still grows
when the sun fades below the trees
we come on command
as the moon rises upon the hills
follow us far into the past
in a time when the dark is killed
the light
and the sword ruled all
when man was filled with hate
warriors of the night
death is your fate

7. On the Devil’s Throne

I am going to make you suffer
suffocate you to death
bury you in my torture chamber
you shall rest in agony
I will devour your soul
the sacrifice to my god
my revenge is dark and grim
and remorse is all but gone
I am your god
the mortals shall die
in presence of evil
my demons shall rise
and follow my hate
slaughter the sheep
until nothing remains
killing by numbers
they all look the same, pain is the only thing I can create
like creations of art
life is for me to seek out and annihilate
annihilation of all

8. Ferden mot fiendens land

Tiden har kommer
na skal tronen bli var
fylt med vart hat
de skal slikke sine sar
i kaos og sorger
ligger alle fortrapt
na er din tid forbi
alt det som var
fra gammel tid tilbake
skal vise oss vei
mot morket vi vandrer
dit hvor taken forer
vi gar imot sorgenes strommer
vi kriger om makt og alt som skal bli
om aere og dod vi alle mann drommer
jorden er var blodet skal stromme
ferden mot fienden’s land gar i takt med doden
mot morket vi vandrer dit hvor taken forer
nar alt er forbi
og tomherten seirer
den sterke skal sta
med ditt blod pa sin hand

9. Servants of Satan’s Monastery

You will not walk alone
when you travel through
my realms of hate
you will not see the end of days
welcome to my realms of death
this world is mine, until the end of time
killing by numbers
find and destroy
from here and beyond
dark servants around the world
bow down to your god
a world filled with desire
a world filled with my hate
the rage of torment’s fire
death is your fate

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