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Opeth Damnation Lyrics Album

Damnation Lyrics Album by Opeth

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1. Windowpane

Blank face in the windowpane
Made clear in seconds of light
Disappears and returns again
Counting hours, searching the night
Might be waiting for someone
Might be there for us to see
Might be in need of talking
Might be staring directly at me
Inside plays a lullaby
Slurred voice over children cries
On the inside

Haunting loneliness in the eye
Skin covering secret scars
His hand is waving a goodbye
There’s no response or action returned

There is deep prejudice in me
Outshines all reasons inside
Given dreams all ridden with pain
And projected unto the last

2. In My Time of Need

I can’t see the meaning of this life I’m leading
I try to forget you as you forgot me
This time there is nothing left for you to take, this is goodbye

Summer is miles and miles away
And no one would ask me to stay
And I should contemplate this change
To ease the pain
And I should step out of the rain
And turn away

Close to ending it all, I am drifting through the stages
Of the rapture born within this loss
Thoughts of death inside, tear me apart from the core of my soul


At times the dark’s fading slowly
But it never sustains
Would someone watch over me
In my time of need


3. Death Whispered a Lullaby

Out on the road there are fireflies circling
Deep in the woods, where the lost souls hide
Over the hill there are men returning
Trying to find some peace of mind

Sleep my child

Under the fog there are shadows moving
Don’t be afraid, hold my hand
Into the dark there are eyelids closing
Buried alive in the shifting sands

Speak to me now and the world will crumble
Open a door and the moon will fall
All of your life all your memories
Go to your dreams, forget it all

4. Closure

Heal myself-a feather on my heart
Look inside-there never was a start
Peel myself-dispose of severed skin
All subsides-around me and within

There’s nothing painful in this
There’s no upheaval
Redemption for my pathos
All sins undone

Awaiting word on what’s to come
In helpless prayers a hope lives on
As I’ve come clean I’ve forgotten what I promised
In the rays of the sun I am longing for the darkness

5. Hope Leaves

In the corner beside my window
There hangs a lonely photograph
There is no reason
I’d never notice a memory that could hold me back

There is a wound that’s always bleeding
There is a road I’m always walking
And I know you’ll never return to this place

Gone through days without talking
There is a comfort in silence
So used to losing all ambition
And struggling to maintain what’s left

And once undone, there is only smoke
Burning in my eyes to blind
To cover up what really happened
And force the darkness unto me

6. To Rid the Disease

There’s nobody here, there’s nobody near,
I try not to care, dead eyes always stare.
Let these matters be, don’t trust what you see,
take hold of your time, step into the line.

There’s innocence torn from its maker,
and stillborn the trust in you.
This failure has made the creator,
so would you tell him what to do?

Would you?

Leave your mark upon the head of someone
who’ll cry for his state, we know it’s too late.
I turn around to see what was meant to be,
faint movement release to rid the disease.

There’s innocence torn from its maker,
and stillborn the trust in you.
I have lost all trust I had in you!
This failure has made the creator,
so would you tell him what to do?

I have lost all trust I had in you!

7. Ending Credits


8. Weakness

Found you there in the blink of an eye
I miss you
Turned away into a thousand dreams
You’ve found out what they mean

Lost you there in a moment of truth
I trust you
Gave away your one and only heart
A gift to tear apart

Stain me, save me
Take me to my home
Hold me, show me
Take me to my home

Weaker now, drawing fluid from me
You kill me
I’m not afraid of what you have just done
But of what you’ve just become

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