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Opeth Watershed Lyrics Album

Watershed Lyrics Album by Opeth

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1. Coil

[Mikael Akerfeldt:]
She told me
Why she told me lies
Always take care of this
I told her how I’ve always stayed
Always waiting for nothing

When I get out of here
When I leave you behind
I’ll find that the years passed us by

And I can see you
Running through the fields of sorrow
Yes I can, see you
Running through the fields of sorrow

When you get out of here
When you leave me behind
You’ll find that the years passed us by

And I can see you
Running through the fields of sorrow
Yes I can, see you
Running through the fields of sorrow

2. Heir Apparent

Cold days
Old ways
Told lies
No more

So many years to clean the slate
Endless despair within its wake
His touch soiling what used to be clean
His gaze burning on the edge of our dreams

Cold days
Cold days

And again he rides in
It’s September and he covets the gullible
Skeletal wish
A thousand lies cast from the throne of secrecy

Hear him spewing forth a meaning to miserables lies
See the twisted hand of doubt seal the affair
The insect trust
our body a vehicle to him just the same

Pearls before swine they are nothing but blind
Submit to nothing and swallow my spit of scorn
Invisible king
Procession of woe struck down by sorrow

A burden so great weighs heavy on old and withered beliefs
The swift solution crumbles beneath the mock notes of a masterpiece
Death in his eyes
Spiralling judgement provoked in the rains

Futile test drowned in the levee of deception
His futile test drowned in the levee of deception

In the year of his sovereign
Rid us of your judgement
Heir apparent

3. The Lotus Eater

The liquid is in your throat
For hopeless delight

After all you fell in love with death,
Life has aborted.
All you’ve had and all you became,
The night is calling, you pray forth.

The barren waste is your land
Your crops, they were sown to die

The skin is a mirror
The eyes hollow with ignorance
Health runs from your lips
Sucked in and safe in a world of sleep

All those years caring for a liar
A benefit road that is winding higher
You’re a moth too close to the fire

You are stuck in a route of confusion
Changing and waiting and seeking the truth of it all

Fleeing your sorrows
Pushing your spirit away

Sick of the weakness of the psyche
A whisper from the heart of evil luring them all into despair
Resenting the goods of a savior

And cries out
For the restless will also die

A selection culled from the damned, drawing a lifeline of one
A friend died in your room and sought the birth of a follower

O brother, you are a killer and you target yourself
I wish you’d never come back for us to see the beckoning end

And the pride of a mother brought flaws in a mother’s son
And the love from a father was used by a father’s son

Overheard us talking in a smoke of lost hope
The language of a parting so clear and so true
Overheard us talking

4. Burden

I, once upon a time
Carried a burden inside
I sung a last goodbye
A broken rhyme I had underlined
There’s an ocean of sorrow in you

A sorrow in me

I saw movement in their eyes
They said I no longer knew the way
I had given up the ghost
A passive mind submit to fear
And the wait for redemption at hand

Waiting to fail

Failing again

If death should take me now
Count my mistakes and let me through
Whisper in my ear
You’ve taken more than we’ve received
And the ocean of sorrow is you

5. Porcelain Heart

[Mikael Akerfeldt]

I lost all I had (that April day),
I turned to my friends (nothing to say),
I wrote down a name (and read it twice),
I wallowed in shame.

I said that I loved (eternal schemes),
I cling to my past (like childish dreams)
I promised to stay (and held my breath)
I went far away.

Icy roads beneath my feet,
Lead me through wastelands of deceit,
Rest your head now, don’t you cry,
Don’t ever ask the reason why

Kept inside our idle race
Ghost of an idol’s false embrace
Rest your head now, don’t you cry
Don’t ever ask the reasons why.

6. Hessian Peel

Will their children cry
When their mother dies
And in the autumn of their lives
Will they feel the same?

[reversed lyrics 2:03-2:22:]
“I see you
My sweet Satan
Come back tonight
Out of the courtyard”

Her longing for me
Comin’ down like hail
Why did you leave me?

Come here inside
And tell me how
How in my final days
I’ve found her out

The light comes on
The signal for us to end our lives
You wait beneath the white sheets and you wait forever

The night comes on
Your weakness starting to erase all your lies
So I left you alone
We all left you alone

[reversed lyrics 7:21-7:24:]
“They’ll lock all your reasons why”

Lock the children away from harm
They’ll lock all your reason why
Seeking tenderness with a dagger
Skin is blocked by the years of trial

You felt abandoned in the fog of flesh
Sitting in place from the dead
Awaiting the face of the moon to ascend
You follow the siren in your head

In your head

7. Hex Omega

Two years in your heart
One moment of doubt
Two lives torn apart
One second from now

Held him in your arms
Your fever subside
Always safe from harm
Kept demons inside

Still you always start runnin’
Touch the light from the moon
Some way mother cried
Left us space here

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