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Echoes of Decimation Lyrics Album by Origin

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1. Reciprocal

Agony inside me, enemies surround me
Misery confide in me
Your soul soaked in sickness
Being plagued with weakness
Fill your world with meekness
Drowning deep in sadness
You can’t take the madness
Cover you with blindness
My eyes fill with anger
Your world fills with danger
My ears hear your laughter
All my senses going dead and all my vision…all my vision turning red
Upon your world I’m descending
In this hell where…in this hell that I can’t rest
Begging for a shorter death
That you will not receive
Thunderous hell in my soul
That you can now believe
Dissolving within, I retain no more
I retain no more control
Boiling in myself, a beast priming to explode!
Lashing out upon everything in sight
Everything you touched has turned to shit
Burning of your world crushed under my might
Though the charred remains, no-one will sift
I’ve forsaken destiny for malignancy
I have crushed the sacred and the wicked
Equal in my eye of eyes, your demise
Pulverising all the blinded sheep
I’ve forsaken destiny for malignancy
Cursed to be reciprocal, purely cyclical
Laughing at your fearful cries, hate revised
Pulverising all that I will keep
Crush all that I will keep
Crush all that I will leave
Crushing all I will keep
I refrain from re-building this world
To escape from your dying past
You remain, killing your delicate soul
To escape from your future so vast
Now empty, you are lost, waiting to die
To escape from your dying past
I abstain, leaving you dwelling so cold
To escape from your future so vast
Die in the future so vast!

2. Endless Cure

Lurid maelstrom, ignite knowledge beyond all time
I have come – to now collect all your souls, come to me
I’ve come to give sight, unspoken might
Severed, split – shearing until it divides to revive
I have come to show you the light, untangled coil
Life’s spiral – plunging deep into the past, abrogate
You seek endless life, countermand life
To science – only to suffer in vain, paralyze
Now entombed the rest of your life
On the cot, inject – new life into you
All that’s sought, one chance
To take back the time that you lost
Wasting days, careless – then everything changed
No known ways to die, to cure
What’s been laid out on the table
No more ways, so much pain
Endless days – slowly dying, always
Sleepless plight, ends in sight, cannot fight
Stem cell harvest, last hope
In the labs – they’re cloning new life
Barbed helix – that’s rendered divine
Requisite – The cells will divide
Slowly bringing – new life
On the slab – infusing new blood
Life signs dead – replace the old parts
You now rise – rebuilt new again
Reborn in your last day
Cells stored for rebuilding
Flesh and bone, organs for harvesting
Brand new souls, still time will expire
Your new mold
Infinite, exquisite, sheering time
Cannot die – life owed to a science
Thankful – to all the efforts that conquered your very death
Now life seems – infinite
You can – rebuild yourself anytime now you see fit
Life owed to – life’s science
Now forced – to be prepared to re-conquer your very death
Though life seems – infinite
You must rebuild yourself for all time

3. The Burner

Death has come to you
Nothing left to do
Fire – coming at you from all ways
Burned – still alive
Screaming silent cries
Crawling – out to see your fallen world
Flames – fill the sky
Everything will die
The burner – of all worlds has come to you
Gone – nothing gained
Nothing is the same
Failed – burning your flesh where you lie
Now, say your prayers
Now is your time to atone
This is your last day
And you will die all alone
Take your last breath
Burning as your lungs explode
The deadly flesh
Melting both your eyes away
Burning all your lives away
Burning all your cries away
Burning all your minds away
Burning all your eyes away
Death not dignified
Burning all your lives away
Death not dignified
Burning all your cries away
Death not dignified
Burning all your minds away
Death not dignified
Burning all your eyes away
Scourging the earth to rebuild it only for me
Reface the world to do just as I please with it
The burner set to destroy what I see in you
The burner sent has erased what I hate in you
The sky black for all time
Now, nothing will exist again
Barren, void of all life
Empty – now until eternity
Barren, void, no more life
Empty – now unto infinity

4. Designed to Expire

Hatred swelling deep within the souls of all today
I commend it, I condone it, raging to a head
Festering the anger cannot be put down to rest
It still needs, it still breeds, it still waits to feed
Rotting core, dead before, searching, wanting more
Now it’s here, the nadir, fills with all our fear
Death’s reasons
Coiled eternally around the necks of men
Sent to die
Infinite warfare despairing the destiny
Of our lives
Forced into battles with no answers, no reasons
Just to die
Preparing mentally dwelling in misery
Only to die
I spit forth derision to all the prophets of man
Only knowing the questions to why we live in sewers
The war of all wars is coming, soon we’ll all be dead
Now – deep in our core – just like before – facing death
Destined to die
Fear – trembles within – history begins – coming doom
Hardens the heart
Infliction of pain – casualties raise – bodies are strewn everywhere
Now – it is your turn – not to return – knowing you’re destined to die
Poising for, the blinding attack
The time to see, just how we will die
History, written in advance
The time has come, your hopeless to stop
Your fears dissolve, accepting your fate
Accepting the fact, you’re destined to die.
Seething, bleeding, tearing – into insanity
Fearless, reeling – pleading to die
Flesh is peeling, fleeing – into mortality
Blindly, crying – take your own life
Seething, bleeding, tearing – into insanity
Fearless, reeling – pleading to die
Flesh is peeling, fleeing – into mortality
Blindly, crying – take your own life
We can’t stop the end that we are all destined to see
There is no light in the darkness that has come to be
Forgive us for our trespasses for we will now sin.

5. Cloning the Stillborn

You’re born dead
Into oblivion to be brought back
To our world – you have no soul
Lifeless your life is, no one can tell you why
Why this life, why was I brought to this place
Why must I deal with this fate
Why must I feel this disgrace
Why does my soul have no face
Where’s my life
I have no more will to live
There is nothing I can give
Living on your borrowed time
That you gave me
I now hate you all – your creation
I don’t have a meaning
Don’t know what you’re seeing
I did not ask for this
I’m a life gone amiss
I was generated
Now incarcerated
Through your mindless morals
I am devastated
I was cloned from darkness
From my stillborn carcass
Turning misanthropic
Black is my subconscious
Playing god with our lives
Torturing us through your mind
Nullify the meaning of life
With no soul how can we expect
To live with humankind
Ethically you’re fucking our lives
Obviously, you just can’t see what you’re doing
You’re all dead to me
I could kill myself, but I think you could set me free
Dying for what you make
You have cloned the stillborn, you should not have fucked with me

6. Staring from the Abyss

We have returned to the edge of our lives
To gaze deeply within the
—meaning to just why we’re here
Look deep inside all your miserable minds
Only then you will find the
—meaning to why you’re here
There is no truth though you try to rebuke
What you’re told, what you learn everyday
Face it, you’re fucked, you don’t know when to stop
But you stop, it awaits the
—point in time that you step off
You are standing on the edge of all eternity
You can’t see the black abyss and you can feel no peace
Plague at your door
Death and pure war
A world unkind
Is what you find
Transfixed by the torture
You can’t turn back
On the edge of darkness
You’re trapped, you’re gagged, you’re silent
Staring at the illness
That fills your world
Balance of existence
Offset, severed, it’s no more
Everything is turned upside down
An abyss where nothing is found
Overcome, you’re shocked in terror
It’s not real, it’s just a vision
Plague at your door
Death and pure war
Blindly staring
In the abyss
Take one step and you fall
Never to return – no
Slipping into the darkness
Fill your void with nothing
Life deranged
Through your mind you’re falling
Staring into the abyss
Just forget that you’re sick
Just forget that you’re dead
Your world has left you now, you can’t find your way
You’re —plunging faster
Forgotten eternity
Of hate and regressions
Finally you hit the ground
Finally you obtain what —you never found
Peering up the black slopes
Covered in flesh and blood
Human race, souls deranged
Wanting out of this hell —there’s no way out
Look – up to see the light
Up to see the might
You fell into night

Fall – on the brink of death
Fall down with the rest
Force you to confess
Stand—up to face the truth
Lost within your youth
Nothing to refute
Run – dive into your grave
The whole world has caved
Into what you made
Just forget that you’re dead
Just forget where you’re led
Your world has left you, now you become my prey
You’re—my possession
Forgotten eternities
Of hate and regressions
Finally you hit the ground
Finally I obtain what —you never found
Clawing up the thorned slopes
Covered with flesh and blood
Human race, souls obtained
Wanting out of this hell – screaming skywards

7. Amoeba

Simple, pure life, revoked
Gorged with, illness, disease
Mutate, hidden secrets
Transformed, life forms of death
Treachery constantly bleeds from me
Sinking deep in my seams morbidly
The minute attributes seeping through
Shifting and murdering mindlessly
Invade, attack, attract, assail
Inside, my life, in me, bleeding
Out of obscurity, into me physically, mentally
Invoking inwardly, involuntarily
Out of obscurity, into me physically, mentally
Invoking outwardly, involuntarily, tearing me fiendishly
Out in obscurity, into me physically, mentally
Invoking outwardly, involuntarily
Come into me, and spread the disease
And grow within me – your virus
I have become the vector of pain
Injecting in the – amoeba
Mutating me, now I’m the disease
Contagion in me – amoeba
Exit from me – mutant disease
Spout forth demise – topple all life
Agony breeds – in me freely
I have become – death’s amoeba

8. Debased Humanity

Burdened— Unsettled Time
Pervert— The Vicious Cycle of Our Lives
Degrade— Virtue Erased
Spoiled— Dilution of Our Tainted Kind
The Corpse— Of Existence
Attempts— To Fight Back Demorized
Worthless— Dissolution
Humans— Sickness is Immortalized

They- Feigh
To Reign
Deceive— Retreat
Lead Us
To Death
Leave Us
Barren— To Die
Insert— True Deception
Embed— Merciless Thought in Our Concience
Impend- Our Deaths
Enchant— Noble Falsehood
Rashness— Reckless Morals So Audacious
Gather- Deduce

Faint Faith
False Trust— Horrid Nightmare
The Prey— Of Blasphemy
Neutral— The Obstruction
Of Malicious Entanglement
Debased Humanity
Of Inferior Perfectio
Fertile Impotency
Defending Ourdelves
From Your Sordid Sympathies
Debased Humanity
Presentiment of
Feverish Incompetence
Lack of Sufficiency
Nothing Left to Find
Nothing is Devine
Disturbing Your Greed
Denigrate Your Seed
Nothing Left to Find
Nothing is Devine
Toss Us All Aside
Seperate Divide
Disturbing Your Greed
Denigrate Your Seed

9. Echoes of Decimation

The Voice of Dying
Multitudes of Crying
Have Been Saved
Echoes of the Conquered
Resounding— Through All Our Minds
Blessings of Their Hatred
Are Merging—
Confluence of Their Screams
Conducing— Revberate
Injecting Their Venom
In Our Brains— Horrid Convulsions Upon the Bold Concussions
They— Suffer…
For— Ever…
They Bleed
They Scream…
Have— Re-Turned
To Us…
To— Tell Us…
We’ll Bledd
We’ll See…
What— Happens…
In our Vastness
Centuries of Murder, Hatred and Disorder
Screaming Through Our Thin Minds,
From Our Dreams We Can’t Hide
Dragged Into the Violence, Screaming, Mindless

Deaths in Tune with All Past Lives
Have Come Forth Now to Surmise
Ears- Overwhelmed- And- Eyes Open Wide
Sould- Of Billions- Are- Heard on High
Fragile Minds Cannot Stand the Lies
That are LaidDown Upon Their Lives
The- Solution- Of- their Reprises
Is- To Meltdown- Now- All of Our Minds
Echoes of- Cadaver Mutation
Echoes of- Havoc Infestation
Echoes of- Body Mutilation
Echoes of- Of Our Decimation
Our Decimation
Our Decimation
Our Decimation- Echoes
Sure Decimation
Sure Decimation
Sure Decimation- Distant
Sheer Decimation
Sheer Decimation
Sheer Decimation- Echoes
Pure Decimation
Pure Decimation
Pure Decimation- Growing
Echoes of- Cadaver Mutation
Echoes of- Havoc Infestation
Echoes of- Body Mutilation
Echoes of- Of Our Decimation
Echoes of Decimation!!
Echoes Tearing Apart Our Minds
Driven to Suicide to End the Cries
Only to Become the Ones We Now Flee
No Ways to Restore, Our Lives are Not Free
Sounds- Crushing
Mind- Numbing
Co- Phosis
Is— The Reward
Mind- Crushing
Sound- Numbing
Pure- Deafness
Now— Is Rewarding

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