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Origin Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas Lyrics Album

Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas Lyrics Album by Origin

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1. Larvae of the Lie

Larvae of the lie bred on deceit, fear for life
Larvae of the lie, know now truth, no faith, no worth
Empty, you are blind, you’re searching for no answer
Sacredness in strife, constan struggle to an end
Stumble through your hellish life, blame your tortured past
No one will care if you die, not held responsible for your misery
Turn to an altered state of your consiousness
Seek an exit to your mind, lose yourself in your pain
Seek a greater good
BElieve in your distortions, you’ve been victimized
You are nothing but a pawn
Gain others sympathy through your agony
Buried in the emptiness of your barren soul
Brainwashed servants follow you
Lead them to their deaths for you, take all of their lives
Slaves to your pain kill for you
Beg for your priase
Feed them with the lies from your red and swollen eyes
Nurture your cause
With blood of all the weak who believe in your fight
Fulfill their greed
Fool them to believe that their wishes are received
They die for you
Never knowing all your lies, they march to their demise
With the nothingness inside your molten dead soul
Never before have they had hope
Their fear turning to bravery
Resiliency flows in their veins
You promise them a better day
Show them their death is preordained
Their purpose here, die for your ways, the path is laid
Agony is all that they seek, they crave torture
So pure, their hate, to bring the fate to whom you say, kill them now
Poised and furious to strike out at their victims
The scope of the war they’re waging is insane, they will die
Many will fall as they conquer this new world before yo
Almost all have been devoured by their thoughtless anger
No one left to hold your promise, you reap all of the deaths
The war they finished for you left them all with nothing, all for nothing
Your slaves, all dead
Washing away all the remains of their coprses and decay
The world is yours
All corruption that you have bred roams athe world free
No consequence, lies relentless
For eternity, spawn malignancy, merciless
Breed insanity
Crush all the words you come upon, give birth to your kind
Larvae of the lie, empty you are blind
Larvae of the lie, born to perish for your sickness
Empty, all have died, you reign praying on their madness

2. Inhuman

Synthetic rearrangement
Breeding within all our minds
Genetically hybrid new creature
Destroying all our lives and oblivious to cries
Dead, you are buried, lives crushed, all is gone
Screams of the dying and those that are lost
Rotting dead flesh is now food for the flies
Sickening horror, internal demise
The deadest eyes are staring forth, seething, endless fear
Impervious to any feeling, cleansing, purified
A holocaust beyond proportion, we all die
The outcome of the sick distruction, new forms will appear

Plague of inhumanity, foretold prophecy of the darkest destiny
Nourished, the lost cause of man, we are nullified
Destroy the whole world we know, their domain will grow

Enhanced transgenic brutal beings
Of our image, eliminate, flawed humans
Perfection, synthetic breeding
Lost convictions, blood will soak all the earth
New god, inhuman majesty
Ultimate, merciless, nothing left to destroy
No god, unforseen butchery
Living feed off the dead, blood has soaked all the earth
Fleeing ones are crushed and tortured
Souls devoured, suffocate, putrid waste
Predator beyond all hatred
Loathing, soulless, extinction, devastate
No god, inhuman master race
Decimate all with hate, our blood seeps through the earth
No god, silencing everything

Order reigns through the earth, no one left, no one found
Insane monstrous rage for the crimes of humans
Days were always numbered, now we know the way

The human genome is erased
With the lies and all the weakness in life
Instinctively, ridding the imperfections
The barren new earth has now been purified
Dead, you’re now buried
All is crushed, all is lost
The blood soaked lands now devoid of man
Unaware of the new dawn still left to begin

3. Awaken the Suffering

Awaken suffering souls of mine
Embrace me with all your hearts
Follow me to your new battlefield
Make martyrs of all their kind
Crush the weak, destroy my enemies
Spill their blood upon their land
Defy them, tear out their fucking hearts
Torture waits, hatred prevails
Bring their limbs to me so I can see that they’re dead
Destiny’s end
You won’t fail, or you’ll enter my hell
As I deceive you all
It’s time to unleash the horror to the ones that fall to their knees
Bleeding as they have failed, they are conquered
Knowing they are destroyed, screams unanswered
Silenced by one ’til they are all dead
Burn their corpse ’til they’re ash, they all must die

Threatened their way of life, world angered
Aim hate at their hearts, rise up, enter battle
Execute the prophets of man, aflame
Their whole image, enormous and heinous
Their fate perilous
I am to man, I will kill and tarnish all of life

You will suffer one and all to me
I devour your destiny
Awaken death to serve my ways
And give me your life’s dismay
Soon reborn to be, I’m the key, endless anger
Suffering, you all bleed before me
You will beg and plead me for my seed, weak forever!
I will take your lives unto your graves
Your sadness, anger all displaced
You feel no pain, your fate is sealed
For victory, and then I must now spread all my disease

Torn into these new depths
Enormous are the deaths of those that I detest
They stand proud, atrocious holocaust
Awaken, all are lost

Grizzly actions, hate assassins
Their deceptions, my redemption
Bathed in their decomposition
Soldiers carry on my mission
Force them to war by my vision
Mercenary souls imprisoned
Consuming the helpless victims
Misery feeds all that I see
Torturous to my enemies
No one survices, all are deceased

4. Perversion of Hate

Lighting the fuse
Months of planning now becomnes beginning of our wor
for mankind
Hatred flowing to destruction
Sickening heart that hardened amongst failures of a
wasted lifetime
Disenchanted obligation to destroy and crush our illusion of safety
Unknown reasons for the killing
Polite, engaging killer, decorated by the ones he has killed
Fantasizing horrid mass explosion, children blown to
bits and ripped of their lives
Dark sentiment of his hatred
On the day they all died, no one quite knew yet of all their demise
Crushing fire, fall to earth and die for the sick cause of this
tormented soul
Meticulous, the perfect plan
Domestic terror born born to us and now the manhunt is beginning

No priest will be there as he is strapped to the table,
defiant until the end
Death is now his next adventure for mass murder
Deeply depressed, one way focus
No point to delay, can’t admit your ownly mistake
Time to check out, end all appeals
There’s no remorse
Now planning his own funeral
Mentally ready, no fear, no doubt or regret
A one time crime for eternity, his demeanor
Failed belief in the afterlife
Stoic bold soldier at war with nothing that’s real
Growing rage and isolation, needs enemies

No regret for your crime
The end will justify all the means
Numb to the pain you cause
You don’t really know quite why you did this
Inject you with your death
You still feel no pain, you know you won

Hero, rolled up eyes in his head, now he has died
Bitter, now we pay for his lost, demented soul
Avoid emotion through intellect and pain, hide
Rulers spit in your face and you laugh, hate


Innocent victims with nothing to do with your cause
Burnt to death and crushed under the ashes and dust
Scouring through the remains of the sick visions to
find parts and pieces of destroyed humans
Terrible shockwaves that tore through the land as you
killed and the families that suffer the pain that you brought
You choose your own witnesses to your painless death
You should suffer a million deaths before you die!!

The pain and torment that you have left behind
won’t be felt by your indifference for life
Hated by many, disdained to all
Singular focus, embracing death’s call

5. Portal

Forever I’ve suffered in this world, con’t prosper, no
Monument of ruin, dead empires, statues decay
Endlessly searching for an end to my pain, gone
Seething, tumultuous suffering, decadence, mine

Fiercely seeking death, existence, my plague
All hope, a disease lost in a lost time

Fallen from your secure world to famine and death of
your values gone
Nothing is held sacred
The meek beholding the ruins, scavenge for life,
seeking answers, dying
Monoliths of decay
Downfall of our race imminent, deadly stampede for a refuge lost!
Forgive us for our wrongdoings, bring salvation to our burdens,
take us
Longing for the ending, now our souls are burning

We’ve been forsaken, our lives are not worth a thing
We can’t survive this, the boiling cores of our strife
Something’s arising, brilliant ray of light along the dead horizon
A protal leading, unfound path leading my way to voids of serenity
Or so it seems, nothingness, emptiness, nothingness

An entrance to a world that man has never met
Garnished in utter peace, endless shapes of beauty
Infinite suffering ending as I proceed
Fleeing through the portal into the tranquil scenes
Behind me lies the world, dismal and unrestrained
Encloaked despondency left behind forever
My senses disappear, all the pain and fear
Searing benevolence, perpetual, my hopes

Somehow I realize this can’t last forever
The life I have left behind pours back into my soul

Hatred raining in through walls far too thin
Bewildered by rage, newly found hope, gone
Now trapped in this hell, my portal is gone
I take my own life, never born again

6. Meat for the Beast

End of man is drawing closer
Destiny, forge the beast of man that yo made
End has come for your life, can’t escape solidified reality
On your knees, soon to be deceased, it’s coming!
Mutilation, natural the consequences
Hope is lost, begging for your life, you’re dying
One by one I’ll kill you all
Piled like shit, rotting in my pit, ripening!
Putrid flesh fills my mouth, teeth grinding
Savoring the taste of your death
Wasted souls, you have made this be, no mercy!
I erase your whole world, only my seed remains

End of time upon us, we will see the growing fear rising to insanity
Nothing here can stop it, everyone is doomed to die
Death arrives so unkind
Rounding up the victims, force them head first to their death
Prejudice for humans
Every corpse is equal, gaping holes that once held life
Nameless dead cadavers, end has come
Everyone will meet their end now, end of man
All in line for execution

Man will meet its horrid death
Brought upon themselves, heinous crimes, begging
Kicked down, crushed before my feet
Brutal death unfolds, disaster comes, terror
Bodies piled for all to see
Murdered for your waste, negligent humans
Torn apart, consumed by me!

Ripped apart, eaten by me, and now!
Now that you are next in line, next to die
Forced in, pinned down, now you are prepared for your death
At me, your face, it just stares
My seething rage you see behind my eyes
Mindlessly, you scream your pleas in my face
Scared to death and sickened with disgrace
Your last known thought is that I now own your life!

Your entire world has been destroyed
There’s nothing to turn that back
You don’t even know what you’ve become
The cancer of all the earth
The entire world will be destroyed
There’s nothing to hold me back
I will eat your flesh, tear off your heads
And rid the world of your mess!

The entire world will be destroyed
There’s nothing to hold me back
I will eat your flesh, tear off your heads
And rid this world of your mess
Your entire world has been destroyed
There’s nothing to turn that back
You don’t even know what you’ve become
The cancer of all the earth!

The whole world must die
The whole world must die, savoring youre death, now I have
your world
The whole world has died, meat for the beast
The whole world is mine!

7. Mental Torment

Consume my thought, rupture my being
Devour my soul, mentally bleeding
What has this done to me?

Live with this trauma, torment
Actions, words forever immortalized, mistakes, regrets
Misery ripping to pain, agony, agony, pain burning, conflict inside
Unanswered questions burn in me, Burning red hot mental torment

Screams shrouded in mind, body and soul
Wounds opened from tense anger and scorn
Consequence, blood letting, blood settles in pools
Hatred, screams ripping apart, memories seep from my wound
Scratching free, blood from me
Mind fucking insanely echoing
Sanity lies in it’s dormancy

Inside my head, rage, fear consuming me
Sell myself short of myself, guilt stress stabbing my shield
Piercing these holes right through
My fate carved into stone, I am doomed

Plagued, receding into my hell, death, breathing, but I am not alive
Slave to my own mind I am
Lost inner feeling, fucked inner feeling, hate
Mind harbors anger, I harbor anger, soul harbors anger
Bleed bitter hatredm cold bitter hatred, sick bitter hatred, agony
Self mental torment, my mental torment, I am mental torment

Live with this trauma, torment
Actions, words forever immortalized, mistakes, regrets

Misery ripping to pain, agony, agony, pain burning, conflict inside
Unanswered questions burn in me, burning red hot mental torment

Sanctum retreat into painfully agonized torture
Self-bred horror, terrible

Screams shrouded in mind, body and soul
Wounds opened from tense anger and scorn
Consequence, blood letting, blood settles in pools
Hatred, screams ripping apart, memories seep from my wound
Scratching free, blood from me
Mind fucking insanely echoing, sanity lies in its dormancy,
awaiting me

8. Insurrection

I’m imprisoned with the entire world, I’m insane
Enslaved to suffer your madness
Torn is my mind, destined to magnify all my hate
I am meant to rise above you
Fooled will be your entire purpose to stop me
I will defy all your kind
You have no idea what’s aiming for your heart
I shall bathe in all your blood

I shall rise before you, look in your eyes, tear off your limbs
Peel off the flesh that I loath
Rapturous are your screams, I gain pleasure,
Erase my pain through the spilling of your blood

I will not be stopped, nothing will quench my rage
for your horrid ways
To control all my thoughts, my very action
Dictated by your laws, enforced by your greed

Strengthened now to become my only purpose
To cut your throat and tear out your ruling voice
Your voice of resentment for all that we are
Soon our voices will ring loud through all the world
Resonate our hatred to deafen your rule
Senseless, in schock, you fall flat on your faces
Your carcases are swarmed, soon to disappear

We are rising to defy you, I’m amassing acrimony
Our fierce anger brings you danger

Unknown wrath brought to you
Schocked, in fear, your whole realm is reduced to ruins

I’m coming for you, you cannot hide
I’m going to kill you and all that you are
Run away from me, I will catch you
Time is on my side, your time is up
Bold insurrection
Now we will choose what our lives will be
You’ll never see…

Questioning my existence, I have feared for my life
Devastating were your answers, my fear turned to despair
Unrelenting deprivation, weakened to submission
No more reasons for survival, when you’re dead, you’ll know I won!
I will kill you, rip out your tongue motherfucker!

I’m coming for you, no point to run
Face what you deserve, torture, torment
I show compassion through your murder
I save all the world now that you’re dead
A new dawn will rise, free of sickness
Free of all your lies and suppression
Now that you’re in my grasp
My hand around your unbroken neck, soon to be snapped

I cannot be stopped, I will not cease until you’re pulp at my feet
No resemblance of what your being once was
Crush all your bones, splinters fly forth in all ways
Your remains, a trophy to display for my,
scornful amusement
I pray that your kind will never appear here while I am alive
I’ll see you’re all destroyed, end your oppression
Atone in your ashes, scattered upon lands
Buried by your thoughtless hatred of our kind

No chance to regain your hopeless and dead world
Yuo cannot survive!!

9. Implosion of Eternity

New beginning, thrust into our new consciousness, final ending
All reversing, infinity is uncoiling, how can this be?
Unwound eternity
The air is gone, atmosphere evaporated, all lungs explode, still, life has not ceased
Unthought process, ripping through the whole universe
The stars all gone, consumed forever more

Silent, yet thunder tears through me, no light or sound to find my way
If I could feel, I’d die of fear, no emotion to explain anything that’s happening

Narration of what’s unfolding, everything is now imploding
Past and future, time and space is now nothing and never was galaxies are vaporizing great volumes reduced to nothing
History of any world not even a memory
Past and future, time and space is returning to its origin

I have become one with everything that has existed, then reduced to nothing,
Universal point of no light, infinity now waits, eternally to be reborn
As it’s born, it will die, endless cycle of creation

Between nothing, we leap into what we know
The births and deaths of all there is will recycle endlessly
Between infinity is what we have known for all to be

Compressed, unwound, pleasure, torture, all at one point
The past, future, conquered for us, back to the start

Light returns, ever slowly dim, then winks out
Every time it grows brighter, then it’s snuffed out
Color bleeds into voids of black, reappears
Soon the void blinds what I can see, I’m reborn

Nothing is what it once was, light is dark
Inverted, so confusing, backward is forward now
Proceed in disarray, get nowhere, yet achieve all that I wish
Conquer worlds and all tings back and forth
The universe, it respirates and dies to give birth again,
though nothing is the same

All comes back, all goes black

I have seen nothing, though I have seen all there is to be
I have been nothing, and I will be all there was to be
I have seen nothing, as I have seen all there is to be
I have been nothing, and I will be all there is to be

Imploding, implode me!!

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