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Origin LP Lyrics Album by Origin

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1. Lethal Manipulation (The Bonecrusher Chronicles)

Bones begin to break, smash your fuckin’ face
Beaten, you plead to live
Born to mutilate, live to desecrate, die, I will kill again
Adrenaline rush, pumping through my veins, boiling in my blood
Methodically, this hunt has just begun!

Death, by the power of my hands, the strength of my grasp
My skull crushing blows
Arms, tight around your neck, trying to get loose
Hard for you to breathe
Life, hanging by a thread, from underneath your chin
Nothing you can do
Blood is starting to get thin, from lack of oxygen,
Question if you ever wake up

I force you to forfeit, my raw strength, force you to submit
Tight locks ripping your tendons, rear back choke,
Squeezing your life out, neck breaks, just crushed you too hard
Face cut up from a savage beating
Blood pools beside my victim, now give up


Funny position you got yourself into,
Pinned down, bleeding badly, I start to beat your fuckin’ head in
Domination, physically I rule, termination, Execution – you die
Such a fool, fatal mistakes, no next time, you shall die

Why did you fuck with me? You got what you deserved
Fuck you, motherfuck you, fuck you
Motherfuckin’, cocksuckin’ fuck

2. Sociocide

Individual characteristics, fatal birthing right, overpopulate
Inefficiency leads to misery, human circumstance
Deadly consequence
World we dominate, mass obliterate
Inhumanity breeds unconsciously, cosmic injury, Earth deformity,
World survival rate, man’s uncertainty

Why can’t you foresee it? Our future to be
Escape, it’s too late, destiny, certainty, tragedy!

Counter measuring this atrocity, unintentional hell-bent accident
Biological life dysfunctional, mental stimulant, unintelligence
Man’s diversity, disharmonious, past calamities unforgettable
Homosapiens inability, uninhabited man monstrosity

Set ourselves up for this, we reap what we sow
What more will you rape? How much will you kill?

Earth is bleeding
Pain, resurrecting truth, extinguishing love, domineering facts
We are truly fucked, nothing we can do, cataclysm time
Decimating time, indivisible time is steadfast change
Systematic change, periodic change, evolution

Screams and cries, planet dies, answers none, it’s our fault
The way to hell is…..RIGHT HERE!!!

Ignore the truth, our fate, and let it be known
Helpless creatures are doomed to be extinct
Harbor our thoughts, our fears inside of ourselves
Unsure, oppressed, all right before our eyes
In time, ancient ruins will start to unfold
Shed light, gives clues, why nothing could survive
Demise awakes, steps forth, spits flames from it’s mouth
Intent, destroy ’til nothing is alive

Mortal earth shell entombed, searing fire burning
Giving lifeless silence, pure everlasting death, true death
Desolate wasteland, hypocrisy
Plague the whole world with despair
Life is truly uncertain, death, true death
Unearthly abcess exploding, lazy in absurd denial
Massive adherent destruction

Death, absent-minded death, aggravated foolishly
Pain, adolescent death, agonizing atrophy
Life, visualizing hope, unrelenting mystery
Truth, resurrecting truth, reoccurring sanity, agony


Our own fate, uncontrollable mass hysteria
Illegitimate lack of reasoning, undeniably irresponsible
Uninhabited final resting place
Question answering life or death, we will see

3. Vomit You Out

See and observe, written in these words, sick and absurd
Don’t waste your breath on me
Jealous and fake, spineless and wormlike, I wish you death
Rot should the flesh that’s weak
Why are you making me hate? Constantly feel hate, you are the seed
Waste is the fruit you bring
Your life should be taken in vain, endlessly feel pain
Bleed all you bleed, hide from the eyes of hate

Spending time judging others, what are you?
Sick hearted, ill-minded
Self content, you insult me in your words

Backstabbing, ass kisser
Leech-like, lap dog, puppet, parasitic
Boastful, selfish, cocky, egotistic
In your path, self-made ruins, crush your life
Resented Unwanted
On your knees, blood intended, know your peace

Cold blooded, no mercy
Blled, cruelty, hatred, inhuman blood thirsty
Die slowly, suffer, vomit you out!

This time it’s war, bastard
I declare war, no feelings unspoken
Unbreakable hatred, hostility, endlessly suffering
Pulverizing sick flesh, tenderizing, me laughing, you screaming
Disintegrate, like shit, blowing away
So much hate for your kind

Fuck you, deadly sick of insults, spreading lies, you liar
Talk that shit you fucker, vomit you out
Masochistic, murderous, terrorizing, retribution
Acts of cruelty, wrathful vengeance, smash your backbone
So deserving!

Unladylike apology, go fuck yourself, you don’t mean shit to me
Amusingly intimidate, humiliate, yellow runs down your back
Conceivable ungodliness, impurity, death is the offering
Insensitive, I terminate, dismemberment,
Breaking off all your bones

Cold brutalizing, maiming, ripping you limb from limb
Sick mutilation, killing, chopping you into chunks
Annihilation, destroy, ’til there is nothing left
Death tramatizing, deceased, never to bother me
Never to bother me! Vomit you out of me!

4. Origin

Slumber in death, we are unborn, absent of mind, time is a womb
Out of the dark, into the light, luck and a chance
Spawning of life
Born into this uncertainty by chance, from origin inception of matter
itself, all forms of life, born to be dead to live again
Then die
Constantly change evolution, born to be dead, dead to be born
Evolving is in harmony with death
Insuring the progression of all life
All things are born from the universe, and all things shall die!!!

Lifeless, inanimate, breeding inhabitant space
Resting eternally, dwelling infinity, lost but not
Endless activity, lasting divinity, time
Forever mystery, we have eternity for life and death

Evolving is in harmony with death
All things are born from the dead
Insuring the progression of all life
All things with life come forth from the dead

All life forms born into eternal emptiness have but one,
Just one chance
To be born into this well of eternity, born to die
Born to die
All things are born from the dead
All things with life come forth from the dead
All that is dead must give life, then all shall die

5. Mental Torment

Consume my thought, rupture my being
Devour my soul, mentally bleeding, what has this done to me?
Live with this trauma, torment
Actions, words, forever immortalized, mistakes, regrets
Misery ripping to pain, agony pain burning conflict inside
Unanswered questions burn in me, burning red hot mental torment

Screams shrouded in mind, body and soul
Wounds opened from tense anger and scorn
Consequence, blood letting, blood settles in pools
Hatred, screams ripping apart, memories seep from my wound
Scratching free, blood from me
Mind fucking insanely echoing, sanity lies in it’s dormancy
Inside my head, rage, fear, confusing me
Sell myself short of myself, guilt, stress, stabbing my shield
Piercing these holes right through

Me, fate, carved into stone I am doomed
Plagued, receding into my hell, death, breathing but I’m not alive
Slave to my own mind I am
Lost inner feeling, fucked inner feeling, hate
Mind harbors anger, I harbor anger, soul harbors anger
Bleed Bitter Hatred Cold Bitter Hatred Sick Bitter Hatred Agony
Self mental torment, my mental torment, I am mental torment

Sanctum retreat into painfully agonized torture
Self bred horror terrible
From my wound, scratching free, blood from me
Mind fucking insanely echoing
Sanity lies in its dormancy awaiting me

6. Manimal Instincts

You are helpless to me, hunting my prey, smelling my blood
I am hungry you see, nothing to eat, stomach empty
Your poor victim to be, take your clothes off, give yourself up
I am physically stronger than you, what can you do?

You’re my prey, my next kill, put you inside of me, time to feed
Hung and bled, stripped and ripped, start to eviscerate
Man of beast, beast of man
Quench me of my hunger, satiate my thirst
One more bite of flesh, just one more drop of blood

You are dead, used up, rot in the ground for me
You are dead, used up, you are dead
Devoured your blood, sipped it real slow, lived all it’s pain
Tasted so good, when it ran fresh, straight from the wounds
Pouring out the red, thick, rich and warm, into my mouth
Blood has gone bad, when it runs black, I drink of it’s death

Manimal of mankind, ancient lycanthrope
Feeding on the blood of man and his mortal flesh
Territorial beast, born to kill and feed
Awaken from sleep, bring forth your wretched horror
Eyes gaze deep into yours, frozen in fear, shitting your pants
I have instincts to feed, ardors to treat, sweetness to taste
Tongue swells, oozing with spit, gritting my teeth, ready to bite

Earth’s blood wolf comes for you, there’s nothing you can do
Death’s waiting here for you inside my sturdy ribcage
Fangs dig in deep, pierce your flesh, bleeding bestial atrocity
Claws grasp your pain, squeeze your life
Gasping, spitting out a pool of blood
Jaws locked on tight, crushing bone, screaming, animal ferocity
Strength to kill man, feeding on man bleeding, manly inhumanitans

7. Infliction

My life’s scars run so deep, deep as in before birth
Some things just won’t ever change, feed myself some more pain
Bad memories of childhood corrupting innocence
Not teaching me, misleading me, leaving me on my own
Why questioning? No answering, this shit’s just so fucked up
Ignoring my own personal self characteristics

Why no one was there to look after me, torn in between myself
Lost everything taken away from me, words they can’t hear
Deaf to hear
Born out of somebody’s audacity, not given a fair chance
Lies spoken in words that I do not know, pain teaching me

I can’t ignore my feelings, my own hostility
Wearing my hate on my face, look into my eyes
How in the world could you take care of me? You could not care for you
I’m left with these horrible memories, time easing me, freeing me
Rise out of my conscious supression and ask what the fuck?
What for?
Truth wakes in me from my experience, laugh wondering
What it means

Do not create so blindly, better your offerings
Lives are at stake, don’t deny us the future
Powers beyond in our hands, ask yourself what it means
Never forget to look deep, finding thyself

Laws I was rebornwith, God-like in character
Choice to create, I will not make that choice
Severing of my blood, extinction of my flesh
By my own hand, I can’t deceive myself
Childhood wars, I suffered through them, my institution
Some pain will last, like time unchanged
Cannot forget, lost in illusion, trapped in confusion
Stress overwhelms my peace of mind

I was born from demons, from souls so far from peace
Ask where they came from, woke with them, spoke with them
They too came from demons, where can we all find peace?
Life should mean so much more, peace will come when we sleep
To live is to suffer tragically
My life is complete hell, infliction
I know I am not alone, suffering
We all have our own shit, infliction

Grasping of all meaning inside myself, what we must all endure
Constant awakening of what my spirit brings
Breathe from my strength, child of ignorance
Living in infliction, multiplied misery
Just part of birth, this is the consequence
What do I ask myself? This shit’s just got to change
Some pain will last, living in infliction

8. Disease Called Man

The beginning, disorder of the earth, deadly disease called man
Epidemic of our inheritance, monstrosity, mankind
Start of the end, death by capacity, like a virus, killing
Humanity living in consequence, parasitic leeches

And now living in consequence, growing abnormally
Just how can we let this shit be?
Unfit, mutating blindingly, end is here don’t you see?
Disease spreading beyond control
Human, bred to contaminate, sealing your fucking fate
Like rats, trapped in this world we live
Caged, fucked, trampling on ourselves, killing without a thought
Vermin infecting pestilence

How we have survived, I am wondering
Time is running out, meet your grave
Why must our existence bring us death and pain?
Complicated syndrome, how insane
Mankind is running out of ways, his seeds are roots for future days
So he will kill another day, never-ending waste that cannot change
Wage war on yourselves, broken lives torn sick diseases

Humanking is wasted, blind, down on our knees
You are your own enemy, doing as you please
You are not concerned with what you have not learned
Parasitic worms infesting, breeding as you born

9. Inner Reflections

Look into me painstakingly, what do you see?
Stop judging me from what you see, try empathy
Society’s conformity, opressing me
Tried desperately from infancy past puberty
Swallow me from my birth
Walk in the walk, talk in the talk, fall prey to sin
Don’t stare at me half-heartedly, close-minded prick
I am not you, you are not me, I empathize, simply ask, go fuck yourself

Trust in me that someday people see
To shut their eyes and open up their hearts and minds
What will our own pupils learn from us?
Time we spent inducing fear in our children’s lives
Peers build up pressure, lack of a response
Closed feelings lock tight, pain and sore regret
Planned expections fail a true burden
Screams cased in silence, mute and cannot speak

Do as I say, not as I will do
What can we learn from our gross insane state of mind?
Break free from these chains that bind you down
Step outside yourself and tell me what do you see?
I look into you, hide inside yourself
Shed all of your skin, bare your naked flesh
Trust all things to be, see reality
It’s chance happening, don’t waste it on hate

Now look back right at me, I am you, don’t you see?
Look real deep in me, I am you, equally
Can’t you see human indecency is what you’re feeding me?
You are blind, deaf and mute, your own delinquency keeps you from seeing me
So much fear from your eyes, look at cautiously
Already judging me, stare in deep at yourself
Mirroring images reflect your cowardice

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