Sorrow and Extinction Lyrics (2012)

Pallbearer Sorrow and Extinction Lyrics Album

Sorrow and Extinction Lyrics Album by Pallbearer

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1. Foreigner

All along the dark and forbidden way
I can feel their eyes and see their arcane thrones
So between my steps I rest to gather up my strength
I must keep pushing onward
Under swirling moons and galaxies

In the presence of ancients, beckoning to me
And I fear to be their conduit and lose myself
In the shadow

Shifting path, that makes it hard to tread my way
Wastes my strength, takes my breath
For the purpose of erosion of my will to carry on
And steals the fire from my blood
Lost within the shade, I call out for a helping hand

2. Devoid of Redemption

The old man approached the river
His gray head hanging low
His frail bones, tired and weakened
Stepped beyond the shore into the cold

And he knew there is no hope for redemption
No mercy would fall upon his wretched head
A wicked soul, who did not long to see the sunrise
With sullen heart, he cursed the churning waves around him

Swept into the dark, too late to return, he breathed in
From the emptiness, fear rose up in his throat
And then he knew

No more time, no more breath
No more hope, no more dawn
Only void

3. The Legend

As I gaze from my tower
I can see him lurking, watching
Flickering in the gloom-light of funeral pyres

Immortal specter, waiting in the shadows
For his time to emerge and close my eyes forever
Who is this figure, shrouded in the veil of death?
Why does he seek me to inflict his curse upon my head?

From beyond the realm of man
He speaks with words like thunder
Casting condemnation upon my wounded soul
No more to breathe the air, to feel the warmth of summer
As I start to slip away, I know my time has come

4. An Offering of Grief

In the twilight hour clouds obscure the bleeding light
As they bear the body of the sun
To lay at rest in the earth

Lay a shade on my eyes,
On the corners where mysteries are born
Let me search the distant stars for what is left of my ruin
Inhaling the stillness, I make silence my temple
And place an offering of grief
A communion with the soul

In the shadows I wander
A solitary man, fearing not the hidden
But searching
In this harsh world of deception, I will stand up once more
And find within myself the strength to stumble again

5. Given to the Grave

Carry me to my grave
When at long last my journey has ended
On the path that leads from here into oblivion
And no more sorrow can weigh me down

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