Seals the Sense Lyrics (1994)

Paradise Lost Seals the Sense Lyrics Album

Seals the Sense Lyrics Album by Paradise Lost

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1. Embers Fire

A fallen time that’s bygone
A crude elite that’s from a distant zone
You don’t know if It’s the truth you told

Anger looks on the quiet dreaming
Seals the sense incandescent ones

Hold back desire for danger
A bet you lose, you’ll have no way to turn
I see the man who lives and breathes corruption
Into a circle that you call you own

Don’t run away, from the pain, a claim that you deal with
A power game, from within, impossible for you to see this.

Laid down the laws of deceit
The ones who cherish are the ones who’ll go
Into the ashes of a tortured world
Only in mind’s eye can you see a light

Harmony break, dark awakes, in old eyes – the trouble, feel it
Here to stay, mark the way, improvise the judgment hearing

Anger looks on the quiet dreaming
Seals the scense incandescent ones

All remains of the glowing embers
Is a bleak cold irrelevance

2. Sweetness

You have a history of holding back
A certain sweetness that I lack
Sensitive till the day of the final strike
Hatred coming on from greater heights

Won’t you stay away
I’ll pass away a different day
Won’t you stay away
Don’t hold it against me…

Looking down on a rogue this lonely frame
It’s predictable the killing game
The sickness knows not what feels right
You gotta hold on to what feels right

Won’t you stay away
I’ll pass away a different day
Won’t you stay away

Together it’s impossible

I see blood on the robe

Cold hearts will still haunt you

3. True Belief

Wretched will, host of pleasure surreal
Closed the room where the last is buried

Rise or fall at your master’s request
You’re unable to accept redemption

I don’t know about a true belief here
With the ‘lost’ it’s the same as always

All I want is the same, a true belief

You can’t wait to become a memory
With the ‘weak’ it’s the same as always

Stand confused lack of comprehension,
Re-aroused by a thought of madness

And I know that the truth is always right
But it’s time to search for lies
You’re the only I try to save
But the blood spills from your veins

Call counting time till the end
Death’s wicked smile never fails
The curse is cast, you’ve lost the past
Forevermore, a candle burns here no more

I don’t know about a century life
When the love of generations die

I can see no good in taking your own life
When any moment death calls…

All I want is the same, a true belief

4. Your Hand in Mine (live)

Pay the deadly price
Lift the fallen prize
Told you soon will die
Sin that sails alight
Carry ungodly crimes
Travelling out of reach
Taking the weight of the night upon my back
You cannot believe the pain that I’ve seen

Crawling out of life my fire is strong
Can it be, I can’t go on
And I’m hurt now, don’t turn your back

Changing ways, events prolong
Hidden by the mist, insinuate what’s gone

Your hand in mine
We’ll reach the sign of plains above us
Your hand in mine
Unholy times of pain relentless

Forced to watch not eagerly
Breaking hearts with words and all ecstasy

Your hand in mine
Reveal all life, uphold all others
Your hand in mine
Are you alive, with flames of sadness

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