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Persefone Aathma Lyrics Album

Aathma Lyrics Album by Persefone

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1. An Infinitesimal Spark

Be brave
Release your false self
Transcend this illusory prison void of human mortality
Awaken to the pure light of love
You are the enlightened body of existence

2. One of Many…


3. Prison Skin

Tears in my eyes, void in my heart
I don’t know who I am anymore

This trance defies the realms of my mind
My head collapsed by the magnitude of this feeling

Let you be, close your eyes
and dare to see what always was…

I will! I want!

Don’t want to be what I am not anymore!
Trust your being, let you feel connected with this life
Thousand voices, fear and anger
Fighting ego wants to keep this false “I” alive

Confined by the walls I built
Being consumed by this prison skin
Open your Eye
Feel what you are inside…

You’re not your face
You’re not the name you’ve been given
Break these walls and see the Light
Transcend the senses

There is more
That I can’t see
That I can’t touch
But I can feel, deep
I will break free
For this false reality
I will!
Leave the anger
Open your heart
Bloom outside this prison skin

4. Spirals Within Thy Being

I walk in lines, my life
There’s this feeling of something being wrong
I know where I want to be
But I have blinded my heart

What do I know?
Which is the right way?
I can’t see
I can’t breathe

I don’t feel myself, right
Avoiding all my essence
Ignoring all what I truly am
Deep inside, I know what is wrong
I don’t think right
This is not my real me
I think, I move
How can I know I walk the right path?

Then a spark of consciousness
A heat in my chest vibrates
Leaves a hint, ignites the doubt
‘Cause I’m a human!

It stops, it dies
It feeds my ego
And my selfishness

Then my mind conspires
“Nothing is supposed to change”

Energy flows
Transforming heat in fire
Can you feel it?
Just believe it and become a spiral

And I see the path
Not what I’m expected to be
Not how I’m supposed to act
Just the right path!

It feels right
The way is enlightened by my inner self
Guides my blindness through this nightmare

No harm can hurt
There’s no pain that I must heal
If I flow within myself

I do as I think
I think as I feel
I feel as I love

In the link with the source
I will find the way

My inner being
The truth
The spirals of my being

5. Cosmic Walkers


6. No Faced Mindless

Trying hard to keep the pace
Living under rules I was told
But never felt
My mind just walks a path the world dictates me
I’m paralyzed!
My will feels numb

Senses overload
A magnified sense of reality that keeps me dazed
Forced to deal with a game
I never asked to join
I’m feeling tamed
By this realm of singularity

Disconnected with myself
Building walls, global involution!
Invited to a mindless existence with no face

I’m breaking up the pattern now
Freed to find my way

I refuse to lose my being
Alienated by a false sense of existence

Let me out!
Let me find!
Let me out!
Let me find!

I will let my inner self breathe for once

7. Living Waves

I transcend
I flow
I am the ocean
I vibrate
Behold, the sound of a living

I live behind the screen of thought
Projections have no substance here
A slender thread informs my life
I taste the coals that burn my eyes
I am the pain, the joy and the fight

There is no separation in this illusion

Breathe every piece of the existence
And feel the entire Universe inside of you
Evolution in compassion
Expanding boundaries where there are no more
Giving birth to a new way of being!!

I transcend
I flow
I am the ocean
I vibrate
Behold, the sound of a living…
I transcend
I flow
I am the ocean
I vibrate
Behold, the sound of a living wave

I let go of anger
I let go of judgment
I let go of guilt
I let go of fear
I feel I’m nothing but a living wave

8. Vacuum


9. Stillness Is Timeless

Arise and cease
Still and silence
My inner self being guided
Somewhere new
Somewhere deep
Somewhere timeless
Starting to see the world as a constant flux

When we lose the clouds
We gain the sky
Clear your mind and allow you to discover
Something in yourself that never dies

Now I see myself among the stars
I’m a speck of dust floating in the immensity of space

Nothing endures but change
Nothing disturbs me now
I refuse the grief, the sorrow and the pain

See the stars
The moon and the sun
How they move in silence
Free yourself
Let the world flow
And accept the change
The impermanence

I’m not worried about losing my identity
Since I am nothing!
I am part of everything
I am the time, I am the change
The river that flows endlessly
I will keep the flame alive

For the eternity
I will rise above the Universe
Part of everything
I am the time and the change
I’m still and silent

10. Aathma Part I. Universal Oneness

Inner landscapes
Feels like a light within my mind
This place knows no fear
The anger feels so far away from me

Tears of joy as I can feel
That every part of me is connected with the source
I feel at home
I feel, I found myself for once complete
Free to breathe!

Inner light crushing all I thought I ever knew
I’m moved by a quiet and everlasting shake of feels
I throw my hands to the sky
And with them the will to be part of this new reality
My being at last is free

Part of everything!

I’m no longer meant to feel lost
I breathe
I extend my wings
And I fly over this new realm!

I feel my inner self pulsing through my veins
My core vibrates and shakes my soul
Witness of the timeless dance of life and death
I feel overwhelmed
I’m floating in this side…

Feeling aware of my own breath
Awakening of consciousness
I take the chance to rise my being
The truth beyond my mind
One is many as many are one
With all linked
Rooted to the same source of light

11. Aathma Part II. Spiritual Bliss

“You are not the body or the senses, the mind or the intelligence, the name or the form. You are the Aathma itself.”
All I can see
Comforts my being
No more fear
As I let the light in

12. Aathma Part III. One with the Light

This new me can’t be defined
This new me can’t be described

Movement of the mind
Fire in my chest
My hands become my eyes
My body heals
As I connect myself with all that ever was
This painful transformation
I survived to my own lies

Effortless, I leave behind the mourn
And walk away from the singularity I once believed

Now I can see
I feel I crossed the line
My heart vibrates with all

My soul is not contained within the limits of my body
Instead, my body is contained within the no limits of my soul

13. Aathma Part IV. …Many of One

I’m not this body
Nor this realm of senses
I am not this face
These eyes, these hands
I’m a living wave, calmed

I’m within this light
I’ve let go of the burden
I let go

I am just this soul…

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