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Persefone Metanoia Lyrics Album

Metanoia Lyrics Album by Persefone

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1. Metanoia

I feel void, I feel absence
I need to transcend and let it go
I feel
I feel empty

Growing wound
No more tears left
I’m alone in this
I know I need to transcend
Let it burn

2. Katabasis

Let me dance amid the flames

Aching, blinded by desire
My light expires, my heart dies
Drowning, gorced to look inside
Free falling, facing myself
No faced mindless

I am lost, so confused
Trying to reshape
The architecture of the I
Closing my eye
Below I can hear a sacred voice call

The walls are closing in
I can feel I’m trapped in here
Consume my soul
My journey starts now

I’m slowly turning into ashes
Still so far but getting close
I am living my own

Bring me down
Amid the flames
Shatter my whole being
Higher self

3. Architecture of the I

The words that made me
The elements that carved this carbon shape must leave
I feel so weak
I’m paralyzed. I can’t move, I can’t be no more
My fears are crawling from within

Architect! Remove the imperfections
Architect! Let the pure structure remain
Anger is rooting and feeding from the inside
This parasite must burn

I am fading, facing myself, all these cold flames
Senses are numb
Am I fear? Am I peace?
Tear the skin, I can’t find me there

The essence is there
I must embrace every word that made me
Bury this shell, leave thy false self and let it burn

The flames are devouring the outside
Rising from within
Ember pulses life

Fear, Hate, Rage
Mind, Love, Peace
Am I the creator?
Architecture of the I

4. Leap of Faith


5. Aware of Being Watched

What do I know?
This is not me
I don’t feel things right
Can’t pronounce the words out loud, just whisper them
I feel the need to go back where I was

This cold place, full of mirrors
Shaking, where am I?
Pride is taking control on me

What makes me still fight against me?
The denial of change, my own loss
This heavy weight
I behold the vastness in awe of all things that I had ever known

Mocking myself, so cruel it hurts
Aware of being watched
A glitch in the reflection
Just a single memory in a maze

This cold place, full of mirrors
Dancing shadows
Leap of faith

6. Merkabah

On my knees, I still believe
Tear the cortex, fear free
This cruel metamorphosis
Pure reborn, believe

No longer obsessed with the shadows
In this room full of light
Letting go of my mental abstractions
Crackling of the blazing fire
Healing inside
The smell of change
The primitive call
Now the noise is,
Now the noise is gone

On my knees, I still believe
This cruel metamorphosis
Pure reborn

When memories and desires all flow into one
Surrender! Step in the flames
To defeat this beast
On my knees, I believe

On my knees, I still believe
Tear the cortex, fear free
This cruel metamorphosis
Pure reborn
All worries pass away

7. Consciousness (Pt.3)


8. Anabasis Pt.1


9. Anabasis Pt.2

Arms raised
Breathe in
Calm the mind
Open the eye
Breathe out

Feel the blood pulse, life is pumping
I’m alive, I am now one within the light
Wake up, rise
Fear no more
I’ve crossed the stream of life

I’m out of the cave
Eyes wide open
Bright white

Out of the body
In a different dimension
Going beyond the illusion
Vibrating with all forms of life
Reaching the first spark
All the flames inside

Breathe life in
I’m fulfilled
Embrace my soul
Feel the pulse
I’m a river
I’m the sky
In this state of grace
All the elements
Are aligned

Unleashing my true nature
Life makes its way

Ashes drawing the path with blood
Going beyond the mind, fearless
The fire has wiped out all the things that I was
Born again
I can breathe and feel
A vessel of pure energy

Feeling the presence that surrounds us
Closing the eye
Everything is in balance
The universal flame
My own Anabasis
My spiritual migration
I’m complete
Face the highest truth
I’m above
Feel the flames inside
A whole new me
Blood, love, mind, flesh
Now I can see

10. Anabasis Pt.3


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