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Persefone Spiritual Migration Lyrics Album

Spiritual Migration Lyrics Album by Persefone

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1. Flying Sea Dragons


2. Mind as Universe

Powerfulness in my soul
A great force is
Supporting me
I see it has always been here
Innate, a natural right
In every moment, every second, all the time

I feel I can face anything
Deeply strong…
A huge mind is working through me

Life is on our side
Wishing well-being on humankind

We are sons of a great and deep source
Transmitting unconditional love
Its power flows to each one of us
Eternally sustaining ourselves

Deeply trust in it

No matter the difficulties,
And all the troubles
No matter how hard is your path
You have the power
To face them all
The strength of life is in you
Everything we live
Are chance to grow
To become more strong and conscious
There’s no punishment
Only a chance to connect with our own inner being

I entirely open the door
I release this mighty force

3. The Great Reality

A light has appeared
A pure life is born
On this earth
In this world
Bringing its inner power

Molded from our birth
Like a robot
Stage by stage
Erasing our essence

Each influence along our lives
Creates on us
A false being

Denying the purity
The innate brightness
Turning off
Our deepest evolution

A distorted world
Living in lies and illusions
Limits the true vision
And the expansion
Of our power

But buried in the deepest of my being
A flame’s still burning
A hidden truth
A covered perception
Conscious I see
The great reality
Its throb increases
Coming closer to it
Feeling like I’m losing my home
I feel the real in the unreal

My foundations crumbles
All my world destroyed
I plunge into this huge perception

The secret is revealed
A universe full of love
Remembering what we are
Attracting all we want
Being grateful
We are beings of light

A state of consciousness
With our roots in the present
Deeply fulfilled in completeness
Embracing our life
The existence
Feeling we come from
The source

Internalize this deep truth…
What you see outside
Reflects what you have inside
You create your own reality

Feel your wounds, your emotional locks
Heal your inner world
Clean the window of your life

Allow your wisdom
To lead you soul

I open my heart
My whole being
I let the light
Pass through my
Fears and shadows
My inner child…
My deepest emotions

I leave myself
In hands of healing
In silence
I trust
I know it’s for my sake

A reconnection with the source
The origin of all life
As the center of the universe
Transmitting love, infinite joy
Well-being flows to us

Allows ourselves to receive…
All this stream of energy
We are becoming conscious
And learning how to
LIVE in all its dimension

4. Zazen Meditation


5. The Majestic of Gaia

Huge blue planet Immense wonder of life
Floating for years and years
Full of beauty
And forms of life

The Wisdom of nature
Helps us to feed, to grow
Allows us to live in it
And appreciate
The Majestic of Gaia

I feel the Earth
As a totally rooted giant tree
Linked to this energy body
I venerate all its presence and beauty
Its pure life

We have to understand
Our planet evolves, rises
A crucial time
A gift of life
A spiritual migration

Rising to a higher dimension
Towards a natural state

All the inner changes
You experience
Are the result
The consequence
Of the vibrational ascension
Of Gaia
Let them happen
While you help our planet to rise!

We’ve forgotten it
Forgotten the link
Earth, soul and Universe
We’ve never been separated from it
We’ve just disconnected ourselves
The reconnection begins

A new Earth
A new Earth is emerging
The natural balance
Is being reborn

The veil dissipates
A progressive transition is happening
Low vibrations will be healed
Suffering’s eradication

I embrace my planet
Together we do the great migration
Gaia’s evolution’s also mine

I feel the Earth
As a totally rooted giant tree
Linked to this energy body
I venerate all its presence and beauty
Its pure life

“Oh mother Earth,
I thank you for all that you give
I’m rooted to you
I feel you
I am you”

6. Consciousness Pt. 1: Sitting in Silence


7. Consciousness Pt. 2: A Path to Enlightenment


8. Inner Fullness

“Here it is again
Hateful monster
With all my rage and force
I pushed you
Into the dark depths
Where always you must be
Don’t move from there…”

Always present
This attitude does not lead to a growth path
Well fed in our civilization
Therefore instilled in each one of us

All of our surroundings
Have conditioned us
Have taught us
To hide…
Hide what they don’t want to see
Have cut ourselves piece to piece
Forced to hide parts of our being
But who decides what to do
About your soul
It’s you!

I realize
What I’ve been doing all this time
Imposed from the outside
Unconscious attitude

But who are you
To cut the wings of my soul
You cannot control me
You will not have such power on me

Courage in both hands
Forces and wisdom on my side
I take the reins of my being
And now, introspection sinking
Emotional immersion, go!

I open my thick floodgates
The fear is growing
The desire to flee fires
Afraid I cry!

A wise voice appears
Supporting me

“Trust, trust..
With love
Embrace what you are,
If you can’t accept yourself,
Who will?”

Affected by the magnitude of these words
I understand it
I deeply feel it
Embrace myself
All the pieces
Shadow and light
Is the only way to the inner release

Now I know…

All the fear disappears
I want to see every part of me
Pushed by the power of healing
There’s no more shadows I won’t feel

It’s the way
I feel free
Healing what consumes me
The light enters through the gaps
Breaking them with force
Opening my soul to life
To the deep inner fullness

My wings are spreading
Breathing for real
Feeling connected to the existence
I can tell
I have reached home

I perceive I’m here to experiment and learn
Being one with everything
And the universe…

Growing to the fullness

Acceptance is the way to bring light
And balance ourselves
End the hiding
Love all what you’ve become

You should stop all this game now
To become completely alive, go!

You waste your energy

Pushing your shadows
Like air underwater
You can use this force for your sake
All the outside world is a mirror
A consequence, a reflection of your inner world
Heal it!

And love yourself foremost
You decide your life
This is our planet’s path
The way
To the natural state

Living in balance

Healing everything
Changing inside
Embracing the existence
Re-align body and soul
Perceive the great reality

I clean the window of my life
To let the light come inside

9. Metta Meditation


10. Upward Explosion

A deep explosion in my soul
Outbreak of an esoteric power
Like an opened mystic door
Unleashing secrets
Strength, light, truth, love, life

Inward awakening
Something has taken my me
Wisdom, powerfulness
I feel invincible
I’m a warrior of life
I become the mighty god we all have inside

11. Spiritual Migration

Feeling like I’m losing my home
My entire life is changing
Foundations of my known soul crumbles
All the experience, all my world, destroyed
Something is growing inside
A new life, a new force, a new me…

I’m now connected
With a mystical force
The perception is being deeper
My fake past disappears
Here and now
I let myself flow

I surrender to life
Leaving my being
To this immense source
As a river
Flows the ocean
Rooted into our mother Earth
I’m a channel
Between sky and ground
I feel conscious, alive
I’m one with life

Totally present
I see, clearly
We are asleep
Unconscious people
Atrophied beings
Having lost their essence

We have the big chance
To be full in this world
We create our life
Attracting all we want


Break all your limitations
Negative thoughts and feelings
You’ve dragged and fed for years
You’ve lived what you’ve chosen
Attracting it to you
Know that they seriously hamper
Our inner power growth

Because there is…
Imprisoned by ourselves
Waiting to be released
Comes from the universe
Wish to pass through you
And allows us to grow

I open my soul
My heart
My whole being (And flow!)
Transforming my vibrations
I realign myself, connect again with the source
Where we come from

I understand
I’m transcending from an imposed life
By our known world
To the great and majestic reality
A deep spiritual migration

The Universe helps me to flow
While I help our planet to rise
Perceiving this new reality
I feel gratitude and peace
We can always enjoy well-being
And feel the joy of being alive
Finding our place in this world
Is our spiritual migration

12. Returning to the Source

The most horrifying moment of my life
At the bottom of my heart
My inner child is crying, scared, shouting,
Deep and hidden fears are unlocked

My childhood
My loved ones
My entire life…
All is being lost
I am living my death

This is the way we feel
Death here on earth
But the vision is changing
We are evolving

We have linked
Emotions, thoughts and feelings
To our physical shape, of flesh and bones
Temporal, limited, perishable

Perceptible invisible forces
That belong to the immortal spirit
Your energetic shape
Transcending time and space
Extension of the source

So much dark around this step
So much fear… Ignorance… The humankind
Filthens it.

We have been instructed
Hypnotized during our life
Instilling in us
That life ends with death

A new horizon
A clear and healed vision
We are sons of the omnipresence

The experience of feeling
There’s no end to life…
Is being real

Release yourself
“Physical spirits
Remember birth is the opposite
Of death
Your life is an ageless path”

It’s time to
Face my death
Liberate myself from Samsara
I transcend this spiritual step
Losing my being, my ego
To live only present

I enjoy the learning on Earth
And consciously, happy
Living in my soul
I return back home

I detach from my body
It’s not what I really am
It’s not what really lives
I know I’m an eternal soul
Quitting and leaving the matter

I join the spiritual world
The invisible kingdom
Where I belong
Oh… Great reality
The Heart of the universe
The source of all life

I let myself go…

13. Outro


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