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Power Quest Blood Alliance Lyrics Album

Blood Alliance Lyrics Album by Power Quest

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1. Battle Stations


2. Rising Anew

I’ve seen the writing on the wall, believe me
I know they wanted us to fall away
They criticised our every move, deceivers
They never wanted us to break their chains

[Chorus I:]
They sit in judgement and they think they know it all
They act like gods but they are human after all
I don’t care what they say
They just want to shoot us down in flames

[Chorus II:]
Rising anew, in from the cold
Ready to strike, never grow old
No one can ever hold us down
Rising again, back on the streets
We have the power to believe
No one on earth can stop us now

The words they write are not the truth, I’ve seen them
Refuse to open up their eyes and ears
For you my friends we carry on, believers
The Quest will always be what makes us strong

[Chorus I]
[Chorus II]

[Solo / Interlude]

[Chorus II]

3. Glorious

We are the chosen ones, marching out to distant lands
I don’t know when we will return
So many miles from home, lonely road we travel on
We have a mission to fulfill

[Chorus I:]
Over rainbows and stars
You can be sure I’ll be there
When you’re feeling alone
These are the words that will lift up your heart

[Chorus II:]
Sunrise in Eden, the will to go on
Never surrender, our lives will be glorious

Forever we are free, standing here in unity
No one can ever bring us down
Beyond the fires of hell, deep inside a wishing well
You’ll find the answers that you seek

[Chorus I]
[Chorus II]

[Solo / Interlude]

[Chorus I]
[Chorus II]
[Chorus II]

4. Sacrifice

I saw it in your eyes
You left me paralysed
Now I can’t remember how I felt before
Was it all in vain?
Another losing game
I can feel the fire that rages in my heart

This ain’t the time to be afraid
You’re not the only one who feels this way

Sacrifice – sacrifice my life
To be with you tonight
Sacrifice – nowhere left to hide
I need you by my side
Sacrifice – all the wrongs seem right
Don’t leave me here alone
Sacrifice – steal away my soul
I want you to know

[Solo / Interlude]

It’s only you and me
The way it’s meant to be
It was written long ago before we walked the earth
I will depend on you
For you to pull me through
Climb the highest mountain to be right by your side


[Solo / Interlude]

This ain’t the time to be afraid
You’re not the only one who feels this way


5. Survive

World of confusion
Face oblivion
Veil of illusion
Everything is wrong

Leaders they fail us
Just don’t have a prayer
Serving self interest
No one really cares

[Chorus I:]

After all is said and done
There’s nothing left to lose
Has the story finally ended tonight?
Have you made your final move?
The sands are running low
Can you see a new horizon tonight?

[Chorus II:]

We can run, we can hide
We can say our last goodbye
Heaven knows, we’re all too young to die
We can fight, we can try
Living under the same sky
Be aware, don’t be scared
We’ll survive

Power of deception
Growing every day
Nothing left to say

Heart of a lion
To fight their evil ways
We’re only human
We must not be afraid

[Chorus I]
[Chorus II]

[Solo / Interlude]

Looking back on better days
Can’t believe that we have fallen so far
Who can help us find our way?
Who can take away their power and set us all free?

[Solo / Interlude]

[Chorus II]
[Chorus II]

6. Better Days

Talk about a better day
Don’t know what you heard
In the end your actions speak louder than words
Do you want the easy way
You’re so unprepared
Let me know when you have decided to care

[Chorus I:]
I’m never giving in
I’m reaching for the stars
I’ll never falter now
I’ve come so far

[Chorus II:]
Living the life that I’ve got to live
All I’ve ever dreamed of
Giving it all that I’ve got to give

Thought about another way
Could I break the rules
Time to be the master, not one of the fools
Only getting older
Will not be afraid
In the end there’s nothing that can’t be changed

[Chorus I]
[Chorus II]
[Chorus II]

[Solo / Interlude]

[Chorus I]
[Chorus II]
[Chorus II]

7. Crunching the Numbers

We fell on harder times than we had known before
Heading for tomorrow full of fear
Unemployment riding high, the country on its knees
Heading for disaster so it seems

[Chorus I:]
We worked so hard but for no return
Money just slipping through our hands
What can we do now but carry on
Fingers to the bone

[Chorus II:]
Don’t believe the things you read or see upon the TV screen
From your own conclusions, practice what you preach
Time has come to realise, economy is jeopardised
Where does that leave us now?

[Chorus III:]
Crunching the numbers is all we can do
Hope there’s enough left for me and you
Cross the line, the great divide
Crunching the numbers from black into red
Hope to survive, not to end up dead
Can this be what is left for me?

We put our trust in those who said they wouldn’t fail
Find the right investment for us all
Stocks and shares and banking institutions up for sale
Everything we worked for ends in tears

[Chorus I]
[Chorus II]
[Chorus III]

[Solo / Interlude]

[Chorus III]

8. Only in My Dreams

She’s an angel, running all night through the badlands
Trying to find her way home
Hiding her eyes from the sandman
Till morning breaks through she’s alone
Searching the dark like a radar
Trying so hard to believe
Avoiding the glare of the hangman
She reaches for someone to hold

[Chorus I:]
If she only knew, I’ll be right there with her forever
How can I explain the feelings that I know are true?

She’s in danger, hearing her voice in the silence
Trying to find a way through
Feeling the eyes of a stranger
Burning so deep in her soul
Look at her now she’s surrounded
Searching so hard for the light
Memories of heartbreak, confusion
I won’t let her out of my sight

[Chorus I]

[Chorus II:]
Hold me now and stay forever
Till the sky comes crashing down
Save me now, I can’t remember
If you’re only in my dreams

[Solo / Interlude]

[Chorus I]
[Chorus II]
[Chorus II]

9. Blood Alliance

Locked in our hearts are secrets
Never to be told
Deep in our minds are wishes
Never to unfold
We are the small communion
Hide behind closed doors
Born of a blood alliance
Beyond the realms of law

[Chorus I:]
Promise of truth passed to us all
Father to son, heritage calls
Follow the path, follow the sign
Keepers of faith as long as we stay alive

[Chorus II:]
Forever we will be guardians of the flame
Creating history, we don’t reveal our name
We’re not so innocent, we call for mercy
We are the ones who will remain unheard of

We are the sworn protectors
Legacy of old
We are the isolated
Condemned to walk alone
Code of the esoteric
Buried deep in time
We hold the only cipher
Ministry of crime

[Chorus I]
[Chorus II]

[Solo / Interlude]

Where are the new messiahs?
Prophets of the age
We are the true disciples
Shadow renegades
We hear the distant echo
Calling down the years
We are the lonely angels
Hidden but always near

[Chorus I]
[Chorus II]

10. City of Lies

They thought the streets were paved with gold
And riches still untold
They didn’t realise the truth
I heard the stories long ago
How young men went alone
Searching for fortune and for fame

A final chance to make amends
The phoenix from the flames
Evolving tales from history
Carry our hope for all these years
And letting go your fears
To leave the mark on Neverworld

[Chorus I:]
And when the daylight fades, it’s dangerous outside
Don’t walk the streets alone, you just might not survive
Out there in the shadows they are waiting there for you
Waiting for the moment to arrive

[Chorus II:]
Nowhere to hide in the city of lies
No one to turn to, life’s on the line
Nothing to save you from what you’ll become
Caught in a web, trapped in the city of lies

I see the truth with my own eyes
There’s nothing to disguise
A city now consumed by crime
There are no rainbows and no gold
Just nightmares to be sold
To desperate souls on borrowed time

[Chorus I]
[Chorus II]

[Solo / Interlude]

[Chorus I]
[Chorus II]

Nothing to save you from what you’ll become
Caught in a web, trapped in the city of lies

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