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Neverworld Lyrics Album by Power Quest

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1. Neverworld (Power Quest, Part II)

Here we stand, the chosen ones together
Will the Quest go on forever; will we reach the Promised Land
We will find the gold beneath the rainbo
Oh can you still hear the echo in the caverns of your mind ?

Hear the call, leading us to freedo
Will you join us in the kingdom and forever fight or fal
Can it be, that fate is in our favou
We will be each other’s saviour as we’re tearing down the walls

So many battlefields, we’ve seen so many di
Carry me by starlight flying high above the sky

Neverworld, beyond the blue horizo
Neverworld, is where we long to b
Across the mountains and before the setting su

Shadows fall, united true believer
Where the prophecy did lead us, we have reached the hallowed lan
Heart of steel, it will not rest foreve
We are all in this together as we wait the true command.

2. Temple of Fire

Seeing is believing so believe in what you see
Feel the flame of desire buring deep in the fire
Can this be an illusion or a deluded fantasy?
Can you see what is true, for me and for you?

The people gathered all around us
Their voices raised alound in honour
The spellforever will be broken
See a vision of the past

Days of Old – so the story goes
Travel far – everybody knows
Pilgrim come see your hearts desire
Before the Temple of Fire

I am not a hero just an ordinary man
With the will to survive to be free and alive
Come and stand besides us, see the wonder of it all
In the light of the sun, in the shade of the moon

Can you find the answers in the visions that you see?
Can you still remember what went wrong?
Stand before the altar in the temple you have dreamt of for so long

3. Edge of Time

I told you once, told you a thousand times
It’s not easy liviing this way
We chose a path, said it’s the only one
The only path that will lead us away

(Find a way) you’re not the only one
(Living a life) on a wing of a prayer
(Turn around) face another day
You and I have nothing to lose

Stone cold, waiting for night to fall
Waiting for the answers we need
Were will it end? Heavenly requiem,
Can it be that only true hearts will bleed?

Send a sign, we’re standing on the edge of time
Heart divine, a furute that once was mine
I can hardly recognize what’s right before my eyes
Time dissolves into the well below
Time dissolves into the well below

Light has fone, burning oblivion
Unholy silence invading my mind
What does this mean? Where do we go from here?
You and I will have to follow the blind

4. Sacred Land

Memoires of childhood, a place so far away
Growing up together, it was where I thought we’d stay
Then one day soliders came, told us of the wars
They told us we should join them and defend the holy cause

Adeventures that would lead far across the land and sea
Sounded so amazing to an innocent like me
Made it seem so easy like nothing could go wrong
We thought we’d be away some time but never for so long

Joined together wrote our names upon the page
Seven times alliance our loyalty we gave
Sworn to be united not divided for the King
Who will ever know the honour that it brings?

So farewell to the Sacred Land that we call forever home
Time will tell if we understand that we never walk alone
Side by side to the east we ride with our purpose clear and true
On we go, won’t you join us too?

Had no way of knowing if we ever would return
Would we see our loved ones or see more cities burn
Holy land will fall if we don’t stand our ground
Jerusalem for evermore in the darkness be adorned

5. When I’m Gone

I search the ruins of the world I call my own
In hopeless desperation now I make the journey home
I find that everything is not the way it was
You cannot fight the future; no you can’t turn back the clock

The rain upon the mountains
The eagle in the sky
And the wolf and the raven prowling all around
A broken cross will mark the ground

And when I’m gone, the world carries on
And you must carry on too
When I’m not around, time won’t stand still
Your memories will always be true

You’ve got to hold onto the dreams we once shared
Always be together even when I am not there
I’ll be beside you every step of every day
Though you cannot see me, feel my presence on the way

6. For Evermore

Time after time still not over
There is no ending in sight
Day after day the same old feelings
Surely all this isn’t right

There will be sadness in these eyes forever
Lift my head towards the sky
And I know this will happen more and more
As I watch the spirits drifting through the door of life

I can see angels in the sky
I can see demons down below
I can see everything that you will ever know
If I should live forevermore
And never see another dawn
You will see everything that I have seen before

Living my life am I really alive?
No-one should stay here long
How can it be will you tell me why?
Taking the right from the wrong

I only hope the day will come
The day where I can close my eyes forever
A life oblivious to time
It feels like waiting for the end of never

Falling from the grave the crosses I bear now
Carry them on to the end
Nowhere to turn not a soul even cares now
Only the memory of friends

You will see everything that I… have … before

7. Well of Souls

Million voices call to me, there’s nowhere left to run
Souls cry out in torment, pain and agnuish has begun
Trapped for all eternity, no hope of breaking free
Calling out for vegeance, now they’re calling to me

Will this be our true salvation?
Can there be a brighter day?
Will there be a new horizon?
Will this be the price we pay?

Chaos and damnation
For the victims of the well
Mortal life of agony, immortal life of hell
A speel can’t be broken, see the writing on the wall
Souls in black are silent; wait to hear the judgement call

Deep inside the well of souls where time is lost forever
Can you hear me call your name?
Deep inside the well of souls a thousand hearts are gathered
There must be someone to blame

8. Into the Light

There was a time and place where we would always go
We will meet there once again
Darkness had descended all around our home
Now we begin the journey there

Walk the path of our fathers before
Wisdom and guidance will carry us through
Walk with the prophet who always did say
Spirits will lead us the rest of the way

Out of the darkness and into the light
Heaven beside us on this sacred night
Out of the nightmare and into the dream
Returning together
The light always shines over me

Living isn’t easy when you’re far away from home
Seven year’s since we were there before
Many things have happened since we set eyes on you
Citadel in fallout from the war

City home is free again just like it was before
What will happen when we are gone?
We hear the echoes of the time when we were young?
Will we see the darkness once again?

9. Lost Without You

It was a cold December morning
Round about midnight
Hear a distant church bell ring
Doesn’t really mean a thing
Suddenly I catch your eye
And to much to my surprise
You are looking back at me
I wonder just what you can see

Tonight is when you go away
I hope I’ll see you soon someday
Candle flickers in the corner of my mind
It has been so many years
Filled with laughter, filled with tears
I just hope the memoires will linger on…

Can’t you see I feel I’m fading away
And I don’t know if I can face another day
Hearing voices at the back of my head
If this goes on I’m surely gonna end up dead
This was never how I thought I would be
How was I to know you would have this effect on me?
Like a stranger in a far-away place
Day to day, hoping that’s it not to late

Oh, can’t you see, you’re all I need

So I walk this road without you
Now that you have gone away
Heading for the future not the past
Spend my time without you
Live my own life everyday
How long is the heartache gonna last …. oh
Now you’re gone and only memories remain
Remind me of you and help to ease this tragic pain
That I’m feeling like I’m caught in a mire
Nowhere to turn, no one to quench the burning fire

I though I heard you softly calling my name
Can’t be true ’cause things will never be the same
Tried to reach you but there’s no one at home
Feeling lonely even though I’m not on my own
Can’t believe how quickly time has gone by
Days and weeks and months in the blink of an eye
Wish I knew how the story will end
There is one thing – I hope we can still be friends

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