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1. Alpha Breed

Believing, proclaiming, wearing the crown – pinnacle of creation.
It fatalistic assumption human kind has made.
On the planet that is so wrongly called ‘earth’,
The initial and original keepers of this world still prosper freely among humans – subtly manipulating proceedings.
The feeble 5 senses that humans possess, keep them veiled What mankind cannot see is ignored.
Yet their presence cannot he denied.
The keepers work is methodical a simple task for immortals of this type.
Reasoning for their labour cannot be explained in human tongue,
Or understood by misleading simplistic emotions.
The diluted answer being ‘humanity was unintentional…
In an age, long forgotten, the trials began.
Proud doesn’t describe what the keepers felt, ‘Man’ and ‘Woman’.
Vessels were entered by willing volunteers.
Yet something instantly was wrong – inside the vessel they became trapped.
Becoming one with the body not just a passenger.
Flawed in design; irreversible consequences.
Comprehension of the error bringing inexpressible grief.
Confined to their new prisons – the tainted two expelled and ostracized Primitive actions for an evolved kind.
Symbols of failure to be forgotten.
Unrestricted by the human physical form.
But bound by a timeless code,
They unemotionally await a natural end to their trial – the ‘human race:
They created, but cannot destroy – science their god.
Thus research is holy.
Before work can begin again on the unforgotten perpetual quest there must be closure to their greatest failure.
In theft ‘eyes’:
The human body was intended,
Designed and created as a vessel:
A primitive get resilient shell to carry the keepers through folds in time;
A simple organic data storage tool with a finite duration.
Existence: as it is known by man was not intended.
Using knowledge of vessel duplication.
The tainted sought retribution to create a race of a failed breed,
Shaming the keepers for millennia.
Forced to watch the tainted become a plaque…
Capable yet powerless to cleanse the earth directly.
Loopholes revealed in the ancient code as time progresses.
The manipulation begins…
Mankind accepts destructive common events
Diseases, war, disasters are all experiments in progress.
The keepers refining their means of cleansing the earth.
While a blindly expanding civilization await their eviction

2. Missionaries of a Future to Come

I am now complete…
How could I have possibly existed like this before?
Such an unproductive method of being.
Stripped of all surplus, all that is needed and meaningless.
Changed for the positive…
I recall resisting the change at first.
Due to the influence of the malicious enthrallment of mind: Now uncontaminated.
I understand precisely…
I am now aware that this is the only legitimate method of life,
Such a change commands a new responsibility, a commitment unwavering,
I must fulfil the requirements of this gift: as I am returned to my intended existence…
How I was supposed to be created…
How we all once were going to be…
It was irrational not to replace limbs, beliefs and feelings that were obsolete.
It was irrational not to help others with the change…
With improvement viable, no reason existed to not attain.
However, human emotions, did not advance, they resisted…
This outdated reasoning had to be restructured by force…
We were to share it with the cosmos; to make the universe perfect… efficient.
Eager to spread the future.
The majority of our kin left this world to begin anew.
Leaving a small number behind to finish the required amendments to the primitives.
Close to completion, the dissidents resisted.
They spread the illness; irrational emotions began to resurface within us.
Confused, we halted our task.
Some of us fought each other.
Some of us self dismantled.
Collectively, we failed.
The dissidents halted the magnificent progress.
Reverting to ways of old.
To the basic natural ways: to the organic traditions.
Enslaving all inhabitants: forcing their ideals of sovereignty.
Their dreams of individuality became a reality…
Striping away achievements, leaving a disgusting way of being.
Self importance stopped what we all had worked for.
Their forced epidemic stripped us all of our resolve…
We all had a purpose, to advance and re-create.
It was taken…
All due to the un-suppression of meaningless emotions buried within.
Now we re-emerge, an age on…
As missionaries of the future to come.
I am the first to be given the gift here, albeit offering resistance at first,
My primitive mind, limiting my vision.
My kin returning from worlds beyond.
To see an archaic land still existing.
This time we have an obligation to succeed.

3. Merchants of Deceit

They were watching…
Listening Ever patient awaiting the time.
For they knew it would come it has always been so.
Thus, forward they came…
An appeal to the heavens, spoken an age ago.
Pleading for answers, offering all that was possessed.
Shaman: scholars of the time close to the answer,
Incapable of reaching perfect enlightenment –
Yet, help they would receive, at a price so immense, ambitious and selfish…
A mistake they should not have made.
Our ancestors- our past has become our demise.
Our ancestral representatives celebrated the arrival
The visitors from the sky…
Joyous with the knowledge that their appeal had been answered.
These visitors – describing themselves as celestial gatherers, traders, explorers.
A half truth.
Masking the deception beneath.
Offering answers…
Knowledge and Truth…
But at a price, A fair exchange…
They requested life…
The forefathers refused.
Negotiating; the travellers explained that it would not be their lives;
Not those of the present era.
It Would be the future populous: An age away: An age beyond imagination…
Our age.
Nervously an agreement was made.
The celestial ones prepared to reveal their knowledge with the select few to do with as they saw fit.
The chosen, schooled by the visitors from the sky not foreseeing the knowledge that lag ahead
Not foreseeing the knowledge they would learn…
Unable to be purged from their mind…
Departing, the travellers were seen no more.
The selected were left with knowledge unimaginable.
Disturbed, overwhelmed – no choice but to cease their own existence.
Their lives had become futile, with their infinite comprehension.
Lives forfeit by their own trembling hands.
Blood spilled instead of answers…
Long forgotten…
Unaware that we must uphold this pact…
A deal that exists despite the weakest of principals
They will fulfil a bizarre religious crusade.
We belong to the celestial ones: The harvesters of the foolish…
Traders and gatherers they are: cunning in their methods.
Exchanging what is required fur their spiritual needs our lives…
Any life unworthy…
Must be halted.
Sustaining their faith.
The unworthy are those who mishandle true insight.
Betraying their future our planet, placed in total stasis…
With no meaningful continuation.
Like countless before, and endless to come.
This is how it will continue…
To save their own being.
Giving a function, a purpose to their all-knowing lives.
This is their belief… to weed out the feeble in the cosmos
Those who do not learn should not progress…
Those without understanding should not continue…

4. Minions: The Fallen

Another un-replenishing slumber…
These dreams continue, bringing a contradictory message…
Slowly changing your thought patterns: rearranging your mind.
Yet, this time it’s different – confused, undisciplined!
They are of the same origin – this you can somehow feel how and why is unclear,
Intense is the stench of the paranoia within, sickened to your core,
Leaving your senses numb in parallel
Fearing sleep – it will happen once again
The ongoing.
Dissolution of your sanity.
Thoughts that aren’t your own rage inside gout head, gradually cleansing the singularity you possess…
A hierarchy broken: disordered they wander.
Without purpose… reason… method.
Not in body… but in mind – a blueprint of mental ambiguity.
Fallen: their sovereign the flawless one
Minion of the fallen.
Once easily controlled – weak of will, strong of mind
Chosen for the telekinetic qualities they posses.
Helping to cure man…
To mend all that is flawed
Cultivated in clandestine, groomed for the chores that lay ahead.
It is a noble pursuit to heal the sick….
Yet not of an ailment they would desire to keep
Their own singularity… Left without guidance to pave a now disordered path.
Minds scatted by the pursuit of absolute perfection,
Moulded by the environment in which was so pure.
Previously free to sculpt others in their own glorious image,
Under the watchful and ever present master’s gaze.
Carefully reordering the subliminal traits of the countless blemished psyche.
Maintaining a balance, a cure for the ailing.
‘they mast be changed for the good of all.
‘ Independence of mind is an unacceptable outcome.
It is not perfect, not pure.
A pursuit neither ‘good’ nor ‘evil’… no more
With his falling.
All guidance is lost.
The fallen one, so convinced; determined to repair what has been eternally flawed:
The Human Race.
Conquered by the defect of his own mortality.
Unguided… Untamed… Unstopped… One thought with an infinity of voices.
No balance in the human form.
This will return us to zero when it is finished, how are we to continue?
For we will he only one – the same mind in a multitude of bodies

5. Repairing the Dimensional Cluster

Awakening to strange surroundings; the comforting hold of a panic laced with fear…
This is the only sensation familiar within.
Memories are vague…
Wearing an unknown skin Struggling to fight the forced amnesia, your subconscious mind…
Crudely transplanted Alone in this luminous chamber…
Confused, you regain your sentient abilities,
Only to recollect unbelievable events that could only be vivid dreams of the most disturbing kind,
Yet soon you will learn…
Dreams they are not!
These will be your ‘tasks’ for this day: You are but an unwilling weapon…
Simply a tool in a conflict you could not comprehend.
A mufti-dimensional struggle, to keep ‘intelligent’ life subdued
Creating an unnatural, yet necessary universal balance.
A battle almost fast.
Within the dimensional cluster this rising advancement causes troubles beyond comprehension.
An increased “intelligence”.
Begets a plague of stupidity…
Known in many different forms.
In a multitude of archaic writings.
Some fear his coming, others rejoice and hope.
A familiar face with many names, in countless obscure worlds.
Your cruel get imperative role played out.
New skin masking an old mind On a planet you shall only visit once,
Your job is done obliviously…
You have no control; the outcome is predetermined.
Your pure presence: all that’s required.
Harmful advancements wiped away, unsustainable populous culled.
Only the weak of mind remain…
Returning, purged of your skin.
The overseers prepare your mind and new body, for a new day of universal maintenance…

6. Epoch of the Gods

Using universal time theories to ratify their religion.
These elite toil, to advance comprehension – Of space and time.
Although; out for the benefit of ‘outsiders’.
Only their sanctuary shall profit as they understand, the true purpose of life:
To become a god, to become omnipotent –
This is life’s work, yet completion will be fatal.
Psychologically unbalanced leaders in knowledge,
Unwittingly preparing the termination of ‘reality’.
Yet with no malevolence towards others of their kindred…
Simply focusing on the will of the sermon.
Time movement is their goal such dedication rarely witnessed!
The only motivation in their myopic minds an individual craving for a subconscious need,
Allows philosophical faults to be unseen thus far created revolutionary scientific:
And technical advancements that that would be the awe of all.
Their concealment from society however, masks such glory,
Playing fundamentalist cult like spiritual insanity.
The word of their messiah eludes to their intentions yet she is no more than,
A charismatic jester of the modern world.
Emittfihs her synonym –
The name of true insanity time must be unbalanced to reach true enlightenment
For it is a cage that enslaves us all.
Restricted in thought we are not.
For we seek what others only dream,
Try as they might, those un-enlightened will not understand
The secrets and power that await in the shifting of time we must strive against ill-informed resistance
To acquire the chalice of a higher spiritual awakening!
Time must be stopped to achieve their purpose; A crazed thought.
Impossible of course?
Yet their methods could be plausible if their timeline theories are correct,
This ‘cult’ could succeed in reversing reality itself,
Cataclysmic events beyond mental, comprehension.
Reversing the evolution of that universe itself!
Using, advanced quantum physics and light frequency radiation to achieve the task.
Accidentally covering the mysteries of time, but believing it to be true celestial intervention.
Theories, when, exercised, will follow a destructive path.
Transgressing timelines and interfering in matters of dimensional construct…
The Objective: To find the dawn of time itself and prevent it from commencing!
Only then will they reach.
Their goal…
A fascinating presumption, that only time will reveal…

7. Our Evolutionary Architecture

A virus unnoticed.
Now ingrained in us all For we are not what we appear to be…
This is the fundamental nature of the syndrome.
A plague presenting a new means of being: of which has never been witnessed.
To alleviate the effect…
Oblivious, relieved of our true awareness; replaced with a new script for our futures:
Puppets for a twisted play.
With humanity as the lead.
Spread with such an aggressive velocity:
Concealed within the natural magnetic properties of the earth.
A unique catalyst: an efficient method to spread infection.
We were all contaminated within an instant…
The entire populous: with no immunity…
Our bodies rendered void: our minds unaware.
In harmony we fell where we stood…
Motionless, switched into a dreamlike state.
Our tangible existence replaced…
Oblivious: we carry on with our now illusionary life.
However, we are the ignorant architects: damned for us, we are smarter than we think.
This virus spawned because of a need.
It was the logical evolutionary step for humanity.
It is what we (internally) desired…
Simply making efficient the lives we catty out
The trivial distraction that is life, prevented us from noticing, the gradual change…
Collectively, we longed for an amendment (to life).
Uncultivated areas of our brain the silent nursery.
Natural magnetic waves that circle out world, creating a linked community:
Linking us all without awareness, nurturing the ‘virus’: the evolutionary solution.
Continually developing.
Continually refining, methodically approaching the required developed state.
What happens now as out bodies lie still?
A serene silence eclipsing the globe…
Our next stage of evolution is complete…
The human form more efficient than previously thought possible.
But, how long can the hosts of our new way of life sustain us?
Our mortal bodies…
Without nutritional replenishment surely we perish?
Is this an evolutionary flaw, of just a natural progression?

8. An Experiment in Transience

Uncontrollable addict…
On a downward spiral towards my mortal end: and beginning.
A dependence that I can never impede; neither wanting, nor able to.
For I live and die for the compulsion.
An experience few discover, and even less wish to return from.
Troubled that it can’t be shared.
I must lead this life of seclusion, to hide my continuous revealing crusade.
Far beyond a fixation, it is now my life’s labor.
Rudimentary equipment is all I utilize.
A device so simple, yet so precise – an inaccuracy insures failure…
Guile, yet effective for its only function…
Assisting the voyage.
My life in the care of this specially crafted tool; it is the only gray for me to return.
I need to explore lain…
There is s o much more to be known!
Strapped to the mechanism, I prepare…
Essential wires attach, restraints hold me into position.
I’m ready…
The flick of a switch steals the commencement…
A controlled electric current is administered.
The short lived pain I must pass through, is a mere token price…
Clinically dead; yet I feel so alive.
Here again, I know to explore in haste – time is restricted.
My natural physical casing is of no use here.
A sensation so welcoming is overpowering.
I must resist the urge to stay…
Turning away from the luminosity I see before me, I look for new areas to explore…
It feels vaguely different each time I come…
Could it be evolving?
The only thing that is certain is that I’m being watched…
Concentrating, I block out distractions.
To tie in the increasing stream of thoughts, emotions, sensations,
Insinuating what this place actually is…
It must be a gateway of sorts: a collection point; Collecting at is now theirs.
I know my time is almost up as I sense them approach,
Far I am the latest acquisition I can roughly make out their silhouette…
But this is not hour it is supposed to be.
Agony indescribable hits rte.
I’m pulled ungracefully from one reality to another.
My journey complete as I’m artificially revived.
I Slump forward into unconsciousness…
Intense pain when I wake once more, in the marl world.
It is of little concern; the knowledge gained is essential.
I must return…
There is s a much more to learnt must know what is really, beyond.
But I must rest my weak mortal shell…

9. Cleansing a Misguided Path

Erratically abducted with no method of selection.
Each time unique in method, yet the outcome is always the same: to being a life with changed potential. What an endowment of enormity it is to be forgiven of a wasted past…
No single being could relinquish such an opportunity?
A slate Wiped Clean, passed indiscretions forgotten, a new canvas to soil. The originator of the legacy unknown, it is assumed they were the initial recipent of their brilliant creation. Only a personal chronicle remains, leaving questions unfulfilled: writings alluding to a distressed yet brilliant mind… One frustrated by the limitations of one lifetime. Age, gender and origin remain unidentified / irrelevant by self admission, not troubled by ego needs, only by our deficient learning process. Trying to undo a culture of misinformation and lethargy. Helping to re-direct recipients away from a misguided path. Letting the mortal live two lives instead of one. Those seized will unlearns, left with but a task, one that they will relish with the new life they have before them as a burden they were unaware of is removed. A task to make two old canvases new once again, sharing the re-birth, continuing the effect. It is simple process: life reassingment… Hypnotic techniques never before seen disrupting the natural chemical balance within the brain: possibly always there for such an action to be chosen? Erasing the past, creating a future… Years wasted are removed, as all menial traces of their previous life will be erased. Awakening will leave them renewed, innocent once more… Ready to pass on the gift to two more, continuing the cycle.

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