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Psycroptic The Isle of Disenchantment Lyrics Album

The Isle of Disenchantment Lyrics Album by Psycroptic

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1. Carnival of Vulgarity

There’s a town somewhere inside someone’s dreams
A place where nothing is as it seems
There’s no record of it in any book
For those who go (there) never return
In this place, there’s a fairground run by clowns,
Controls the town
Don’t try to run – the clowns will come
Many people pass through here as they chase their destiny
They will stop and never want for things of life again
The fairground it costs no-one, blindly inside they are drawn
People driven by a call
Come, come inside, come inside, come inside, come
Like moths that are drawn to flame
These people enter the grounds of pain
From outside they see such fun
If they knew how would they run
What they see (is) illusion, blinded by this desire
They wish to laugh and scream
Welcome to the Carnival of Vulgarity
It will reinforce the existence of evil in this world for them
They will cry tears – of – Blood!
It seems tame ’til they’re chained
By the clowns that are holding their kids
They’re led down into the ground
Minds drowning in pools of fear
Down they go, there’s a hall
Rowed with seats, they’ve placed before
The overlord of the fair. He says this-
“You know that you’re going to be here forever.
Your children will be used for breeding, to sustain the system. You will learn to suffer silently – for this is your fate.”
They are told their golden rules
And guided to their new abode
Used for the purposes of old, to attract the new
Tied to rides and nailed to ferris wheels
The pain it seeps, the screams so real.

2. The Sword of Uncreation

The winds they chill me, flowing from beyond the woods,
darkness approaches, moonlight will guide me.
I take my cruellest weapons, for the fear of death,
my journey will take me
Beyond the realms of, humane society,
to the village of Sodom!
They will kill me- I am enemy
I am their foe – they fear what they know
I carry with me – something they seek
An ancient sword – Revered by all
In my journey – I have seen
Many a creature – many a freak
But the sword – has remained with me
My mission – (deliver the sword)
To my evil master, the hilt contains what he needs
stones from another time, constructed by the hands of a demon.
It was a thousand years ago, when the sword was created,
a plan a thousand years old. All for the one known as –
I travel on into the night, no rest for I don’t want to die.
My destination only a day away. The castle of the demon is –
Waiting for me
The future of mankind is in my hands,
I carry the forces of the Armageddon,
I will destroy the world in one foul swoop-
It is – it was – me
I am – Now I – Cant
See what – I was o-r am
I know – it is – time
for me – to enter the realm
It lies just ahead of me
on the- path I follow
In the earth’s blood I will –
And now I enter the masters lair, he calls me to his side,
his skin has a certain coldness,
his touch makes me churn inside,
I hand the sword over to him, he accepts with a gleam in his eye,
he thrusts the sword into my heart,
I die a willing sacrifice.

3. Condemned by Discontent

Centuries ago in an ancient city,
a rich young man dwindled in his own pity
no-one cared – for what he said, inherited riches –
when his father died no-one respected him –
he knew this, they all despised his father’s deeds,
buying children – for his own use, slavery – and paid abuse,
children he hired – for sex or toil, purchased them – from the poor.
He stopped the business, with his father dead,
no-one could forgive him, just hate him instead,
now he yearned for power, what could he do
he went searching for an answer, to the Wizard’s lair
he had to leave – the stone carved city
enter the forest – of the wise and the lost,
seeking the castle – of the almighty wizard
willing to pay – whatever the cost.
He sees something – amongst the trees in the forest
a huge castle – with three darkened towers,
runs to the gates – he’s eager to enter – suddenly feels –
very alive, the doors open – (a) voice calls him inside,
lamps lead the man – to a marble staircase,
seems the right way – so ascend he does,
there is a doorway – he enters a room.
it’s a mask made of silver.
“I-know-what-you-want”-he-says- “I’ve watched-you-when-
I have been dreaming.
Here is what you need to gain the respect –
of those ignorant people, wear this and it will give you power –
you have never before dreamed of.
The man stood surprised as he listened to the wizard –
he gave him ten pieces of gold in return,
he ran to the city – with the mask in hand,
he left the forest – into familiar land,
he couldn’t wait to try it – put it on as soon as he was there,
burning anticipation – for so long he waited,
he entered – the roads of his town,
put on – the mask – excitedly looked around,
it felt – strange once – it was on his face,
as if – a transition was taking place,
then in – an instant – something had changed,
people – passing by – were not treating him the same,
some were – even – falling to their knees,
as if- he were – some kind of higher being.
Suddenly he realised, there was something wrong,
he then desired, to take off the mask,
but then to his horror, it stuck to the face,
now it was his new skin, he could never change.
Then he knew, that the wizard had tricked him, he had traded,
hatred for fear, now he would pay, for his selfish biddings,
all he wanted, was people to care.
He would have traded all his riches just to be liked.
Now he will be ignored and feared for the rest of his life.

4. Netherworld Reality

Waking in the morning, affected by your sleep,
Your vision is blurred, you can’t feel your feet.
Your body is cold, you don’t feel quite right,
You cannot what happened during the – night
You get off the floor – trying to stand, it is so hard.
Your circulation, seems to have stopped, what’s going on?
You feel your way – to wash your face- it takes forever
On the way you fall down, straight onto something wet.
It smells like blood, a smell you can never forget.
You stand up again – you’re nearly there
But you cannot see – or feel your legs
But you know you are close – living there all these years
But now you enter, the room you seek
Hoping that water will help you see
You stumble across the room.
The effort has left you weak.
You search blindly and finally turn the faucets on,
Underneath you hold your hands,
Then splash it on your face
Panic flows within- something’s not right.
You can only see from one eye –
You think that’s because there’s just one.
You turn around to find the mirror on the wall,
The reflection makes you retch,
“What the – fuck is
Going – on here?”
You scream.
Then a memory from the night before
Makes you look down at the gun on the floor
Standing there with half a head
You wonder why you just didn’t stay dead.

5. The Isle of Disenchantment

Darkened waters, lying before me, many secrets, that we can’t see, a strange ferry, guided by a corpse, takes me to an island where I must – Survive!

I cannot see, for the mist is too thick, the ferryman’s face, rotting making me sick. As we enter the island, through a rocky cove, I can hear the screams of a thousand lost souls, they don’t know where they are.

Suddenly we stop at a wharf, made of bones and pieces of quartz, the corpse points to a distant light. I see fire so I head up the rise, the hill before me is so steep.

I’m glad I’ve got claws on my feet, the path ahead is getting wide. I see a tunnel in the mountainside- I can hear them breathing as I’m pulling tighter on the chains that are wrapped around their necks, drawing them closer to the opening of the cave.

They don’t know the horror that awaits them. I hope that they don’t die, before they reach the hole, by now – they know – that something is going wrong. I can feel my own heart beating faster as we get nearer to my home.

The joys we’re going to have with these mortals whose lives’ I’ve stolen. We enter into the murky depths, it’s dim inside. I see – them there – the winged ones whose home I share.

The twelve demons of darkness are staring at me. I am thirteen of an insane family, they laugh as they see the treasure I’ve brought. I have brought them one each.

We lead them further inside, the time for pleasure has arrived. We take them to the torturing place, once they’re inside we uncover their face, most of them nearly die at the sight of us.

They were all pretty asleep when I took them from their homes, bagged them up and took them straight to the boat, we will use every piece of them with the greatest care.

Their bodies will forever dwell inside our lair.

6. Of Dull Eyes Borne

Have you ever asked yourself what is the purpose of life –
Why is our history so unproven
Why is there so many different stories of evolution
Some may believe we evolved from primates
But others say that God created Adam and Eve
There are some who believe we were created from the soil.
I say no to this
We were created by aliens as was our entire world
For them we – are just an experiment
To be used by the aliens for scientific purposes
They gave us – such desire – so we are –
The creatures most likely to ruin our environment
They created all things, equal in the beginning
(but) throughout history, changed our psyches
Now the human race has lost its every bit of dignity
Killing fellow beings as many die in poverty
Self obsessed people are the downfall of society
Aliens are impressed by our suicide ability.
Pulling on our puppet strings and
Laughing as we scream and cry
They are watching us intently through the darkened skies
Picking us at random to abduct and take samples from
They’re recording our moves chronologically
Think of all the things we don’t know about life
Like why our skin colours range between black and white
Why are there different languages spoken in different countries
Why do we hate our ‘brothers’. We – all – bleed – red –
So do the animals we kill, for our game and for our meal
Why do we kill all those that we consider below ourselves
What is with our society
We are selfish creatures, that are controlled by injections
From these dull eyed beings
Those of grey are masters of our life
We delude ourselves that we are in control
We are simple lifeforms, we have low intelligence
We are nothing more than aliens’ pets
We make aimless journeys, just to visit places we’ve seen
In some glossy brochure or on a screen
See the lights in the sky at night, what are they?
You stop and stare, you are paralyzed by a blinding light
Wake up- on steel, you are lying on your back
Held down – with clamps, there’s a machine above you
Alien- device, testing the threshold of your pain
Pierces- your eyes, with a fine needle
Feel their presence, they’re standing along side you
Operating the machine, preparing more tests to go
They do not have mercy, they see it as a sin
They start to drill, inside your cerebrum
– You – cannot cry – forced – submission –
They force a needle into you and
You drift back to where you were
While they cut you finely and
Inspect every part for contaminants
That you’ve induced so they can make new poisons
For the next human, on which they experiment.

7. Psycroptipath

Killing for the music and the music kills his pain-Psycroptipath
Mentally he’s screaming as his life drives him insane
– Psycroptipath
Judgement reigns upon him from those higher in the chain
– Psycroptipath
Urges burning deep inside to go against the grain-Psycroptipath
They take it all away, those drones who control his life
Programmed to deaden his soul,
Those dressed in suits taking hold
Masters of his life, though only nine ’til five,
Day is just as the night, each day as it ends, it is only the start
Returning from that place, he again becomes alive
Enters a place called home, to rest his bones
Turns to his music device, brings it to life
It fills him- soothes his soul
Hears the blast, feels the beat, soaks in grind – cleans his mind
Echoes the scream, grips his seat, feels his heart-beat faster
He’s so warm-but unstable-his rhythms changed-a beat unleashed
Something’s flowing ten-fold when he does this every night
– Adrenaline
Over-active substance makes reality insane-Psycroptipath
Blindly he’s controlled by fluid flowing in his veins-Unnaturally
Mentally he’s swimming in a psychopathic dream-Psycroptipath
Now a summoning, seduced by a stirring, revenge is his mask
Feels the dark urges to kill, it excites him so
He will not be calm, until he sees the flow
Leaves his home and slips into the darkened nighttime,
Prowls the streets intends to find some suited satans
His moments of insanity are still directed
Revenge is his motive and he knows his target
He sees two demons – leaving their day-nest
Their place for torture – paid for their pleasure
Controlling hundreds – gods in the daylight
A dark alley beckons – they answer its call
His breath quickens – as does his heart
Upon them in an instant, knife in his hand
Reaction so slow – rips them to shreds
Now their time – expired – they wasted life – dimmed lights –
Now they’re essentially – powerless
Flesh carved from the bones, insides exposed
Wished he’d heard them moan, he saw them bleed
Now he feels so mentally drained,
Flow has stopped now revenge is attained
He starts stumbling in the direction of his home,
His mind is in pieces but he still feels so complete,
He must rest soon his body is weakening,
Temporarily ruined by his mental state
As he returns home his mind is back in reality
And the judgement he inflicted is now coursing through his mind
Turns in over in his head as he does this every night
When he gets high from aural infliction of that pounding music
He knows what he does is wrong though it feels right,
But he will never feel guilt for in his mind – he is the victim

8. Beneath the Ground We Dwell

Living underground, away from society
Never having to face your conformed reality
A tribe all alone, living their own way
Incredible below ground fortress
Constructed by our own hands
Five unknown generations
Following an ancient plan
We plan to live below until above is wiped out
You who think you are going forward
Are really going back
Your plans for evolution will just be your demise
Now is the time to realise you’re all going to die
We have gone against your ways
Our existence is assured
Our cavernous living space has what we
need to survive
We have our own growing rooms
With naturally produced light
We have a room full of animals
To provide our meat
There’s nothing more we need
We don’t want your poison
We worship our own earth god
Created by the ancient ones
The soil holds the secret to all evolution
We hold ceremonies every day
Worshipping the soil
We sacrifice our nightly meal
On the altar of dirt
We have a point to work to
To make our nation huge
Make our home stretch around the world
Increase our army too
We must take over the world
Make it our own, the earth we must control
So you can’t fuck it any more
You know we will take away
Your pathetic lives, and work to increase the
productivity (of mankind)
Try and set it right

9. The Labyrinth

Tumbling deep into a darkened nightmare
Unconsciously your soul lost in your dream
You can hear the details of your dream told
You are inside of a Labyrinth
Lost within a maze created in your mind
You know that you are not alone, you feel a vile force
The voice you heard has told you, he is darkness borne
Escape is necessary, or sleep you will
For eternity you will dream your life
What’s outside, you don’t know
Who fucking cares, you must get out
There is vines growing on the walls
Ground opens up and through you fall
Into another part of the maze
Instantly you start your search again
The sky above a dirty grey
No clouds or stars, no lunar rays
You travel on along the path so dark
The vines are gone, now razorblades cover the wall
The ground is alive, a lawn of knives
Run side to side, trying to avoid –

(Dream changes perspective)
The slicing blades, his skin will tear
The pain pushed aside, shrouded by fear
And know he cries for help and salvation from this hell
He falls down onto the ground
Knives pierce his chest and face; body a chamber of pain
The knives disappear. Entangled in chaotic torture
Suddenly he hears an approaching beat of hooves
Then a sword appears in his hand. He thanks god
But in this place there is no god or saviour
The evil is coming for him, now he must fight
Sees a shadow getting closer. A cloaked figure
Riding a dark steed, path getting wider, more room to die
His only hope, the sword by his side
The cloaked figure dismounts from his horse
“You will fight me to the death”, he says with glee
Removes his hooded clothing, revealing himself with pride
A rancid glowing demon, hatred in his eyes
Takes his sword from the strapping on his back

(Return of perspective)
You stand sword raised, poised for his attack
Sets himself and lunges forward
You step aside, he swings around
Blade flies again, slices your leg
Unbalanced foe – cut off his head.
He falls down, you have won
Victory small, you’re still trapped
You cannot escape the maze, endless void
You’ll never awake. -Dreaming-
Inside – the Labyrinth –
Lost for – Eternity…

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