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Psycroptic The Scepter of the Ancients Lyrics Album

The Scepter of the Ancients Lyrics Album by Psycroptic

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1. The Colour of Sleep

Sleep… for… life
Fear shreds your internal logistics system
You are just a pawn/fool, driven by a disturbance inside your mindscape
It is the consuming unknown that awaits you
And you cry for you cannot escape the ache…
…the void is nearly here…
Nerves are tested by a circumstance invented by the mere existence of our world
You can feel that there’s something more than just progressing life
While your neighbour will deny, deny, deny!
You awaken and are shaken by the dim reality that becomes you
And consumes your mind
That death is real and you will soon hold it in
An embrace so tight you can’t let it go
You want to believe in something higher
Social derision… blindfolded vision… need for decision…
Nothing’s eternal… belief is infernal… your god is internal
You may not exist soon so enjoy it while you can
The power is in your hands in that deciding moment of your sad life
Controlled by a thing called time only fate’s force can decide
Rotting before you’ve even died
Swept away by the fear inside
…sleep… lie!
This is something that they don’t tell anyone when they’re born, but
Once you think for yourself your test begins!
If you try you can suffer less if you deny
Looking at the sky, sky, sky!
You can read some else’s way of getting by
But you’ll have to buy, buy, buy!
It will soothe your pain, ’til you wake again
You will feel the reign of the dark
…they all believe in lies – lies – why?
Is it so hard for them to see logical reality
We bleed, we die
There’s nothing once you’ve finished life
Tearing knife – wrists are sliced – decreased time
Those who can’t defy
It is just a door that opens and swallows you inside
You are just another one of us
Don’t think you get to decide
Don’t think you’ll wander somewhere when you’re rotting in the ground
You’ll be where there’s nothing called taste, sight, feel, or fucking sound
Don’t waste time, savour your life, it’s all you have
As part of “man”… Now is the time to live for!
You are your guide for there’s no one but you who can tell you how to be
I fear death so don’t feel alone
I don’t judge those who cry
We are all brothers in metal
We already rule the world now
…sleep… you’re free!!!
The colour of sleep

2. Battling the Misery of Organon

We feed on lies while our mind fights
Our times promote insecurity
the modern age (of) mental instability
A question of humanities morality, what is sin?
“keep with the times” – forced opon us
pressuring our mind –
to bend our knees to a global infidelity
corrupted/denied, our lives pre-emtped
mentally designed to serve a cause of horrendous
misdevelopment and told that we are free.
Inside of our mind, there a war it rages on
a psychology, a battle of organon.
Use your eyes – you can see…
A society conformed into a blind machine
something tells you it cannot.
Television, magazines, literature – evil seed
It is planted inside you – by the ones who control
You must break free and fly…
There’s a cage that surrounds
and its bars are inside your head.
A prison of ungainly morals thrust into you from birth.
A fruitless quest for happiness.
It is your life and they’ll fuck with it if you let them
take back your mind.
See through the lies, you have the right
Freedom is there for the taking if you want it enough.
The need to be one of strong breed must be realised
Destroy the very systems that bring our demise
Kill the seed – or it will breed, torture,
cerebral confusion, Organon fights!
To be saved from humanities tyrants, you just feel so alone
You can sense your intelligence bleeding
just like blood from a stone.
It is seeping with hatred slowly,
for those who deem (to) control
You need freedom, for the cage will break
you can regain your soul. Reality – you shall see
Now, not blind the truth you’ll find.
Human kind, unfortunate reality,
destined to chase convienality
A quest for individuality. Break free of sin
“create the times” – screamed within you
taking back your mind – a battle won outright
future inspired by selfless beings – who win the fight
will be our worlds saviours

3. Lacertine Forest

In this world there’s an unknown forest
deep within parts not explored – yet.
A corner of earth that’s a mystery,
though only to our human race.
A residence, of an ancient clan
that have lived here for generations, and have survived –
by remaining in this place of seclusive presidence.
A forest – an extensive population
Of lizards – various breeds
Most un-named, some with almost human features
Most half breeds.
Some you’ll find can even fly, their species is growing larger
All are born, within the trees, and their skin is rough like
Scaled… Bark…
They are born with just a mother, from a spawn taken from the tree
It is secreted on her skin, within days a child is within.
Only six weeks and the child is born – a male but no genitals
There are no need for these as all are fathered by the trees.
This is a race on a steady decrease, an unknown foe called ‘humans’
Deadly pollution, drifting across, ocean to their land
Causing – drought, killing the trees
Taking their life source, causing distress, elders call council
Much discussion, form strategy
Then after much careful planning, decides
To send a troop of flying lizards, a-broad
Their mission is to discover
What it is that is destroying
Their fragile eco-system
And to try make things right.
We are a race from an ancient source
that have lived here for generations
And have destroyed- a multitude of things in
our time of residence, we must now face our destruction
by a division of lacertilians,
Their bodies are more resistant to our
weapons (than) anything we can create.
We are now doomed to extinction
And, we surely deserve it.
Deluded arrogance, Mistreatment, of our worl
Will lead to certain death,
Please forgive – our human race.

4. Psycrology

I watch as you thrash your heads, bowing to a god called metal!
I hear your excited cries – your shouts as if he is speaking within you
The army approaches the battle site.
Sound – versus – auricle.
The group is surrounded by walls that embrace
The tumultuous harmony and then fend it off
into enchanted throng
waves of hair it crashes –
onto a grindingshore… valour…
We all fear the day a time we hope will be years away
Inspection of reflection, recession of hair assaults vision
A balding crown, it meets your eye
screams ring out as you face the sky
Only those, who did choose, to grow their locks
Have this maniacal type trepidation.
…and when not meeting to receive the aural abuse
Worship does not end!
Each devotee has his own eclectic bible
Some with more volumes than the next
Many have similar source of inspiration
Although there are naught that are identical.
Any of those outside the brotherhood shalt not
Understand our ways and we should not expect this
Not until the day when darkness and light are truly one
This is not bad for we do not need them!
…our… will… is… our own…
We are already in a situation that’s inflamed
mainstream censors
Fuck you megalomaniacs – we can thrive without you.
We may not have your money or your health
But we are free from greed, our intrinsic sociology
We don’t need your money – or input!
There are many half-breeds who are not enlightened,
Those who understand but do not love
Those who see, understand, but do not feel.
We accept them, and in many cases support those of half-light
But they shall never visit out inner sanctum.
This shall be kept so precious, such is the disturbing delight,
Giving us light when its dark
helping us to find where our misgivings lie.
Giving us dreams and support, source of oneiric omniscience
Helping us challenge each plight
selecting and directing our precipitous lives.
…I suffer adrenaline crimes… its metal that makes me so high!
I scream as I thrash my head, bowing to me god…
So… honour – metals – pride!

5. Skin Coffin

Lying there, I give you thanks for your skin
Now yours was not a wasted life
I compare your pelt to the rest – oh, such a fruitful night
“I am not a believer in your pop religions
I have found my saviour, and he speaks within me”
In the darkness, humans indecipherable, it helps my cause
Death – once haunted me,
Death – it raped my life- thoughts of it strangled me
Now – I’ve seen the light
Now – the “lord” decides – he told me the secret of “life”…
Skin coffin – wrapped in skin, freed of sin
Skin coffin – my life is saved by human dermis
Skin coffin – I shall be eternal
I have nightly missions, must complete my coffin
Sewing skin in daytime, and removing the hair
Night is fast approaching, now I must make haste
Take my hooks and cleavers, and my knives and scissors
In a surgery bag, leave my morbid workshop
I like them young, around twenty years old
more flesh – less time
Follow them to their home (if alone) their skin so ripe
Give them time to settle in then I strike
Door unlocked see their face look up in painful fright
Hook through head, wait for death, and then I start to slice…
Twitching – each time I hit a nerve
I’m tearing – through flesh
Bleeding- the blood it lubricates my knife…
…my knife!
Body stripped, flesh bagged up, onto another strike…
And so each time mortal fear subsides
As I know I’m going to be here for all time
For to die in my coffin will eternalize life
Reborn – in skin – to live – forever!

6. Cruelty Incarnate

There’s a story of a moment in time, many an aeon ago
A brutal ruler existed, in times of medieval
He was king (of an) ago old country, many within
Feared – by all those who dwelled in this kingdom – all!
Many of them peasants – poor!
Servants to a tyrant – slaves!
Born for his use
Between the rich huge divide
Lords and lawmen and their wives
They live their lives in comfort
but like the peasants they fear…
…the… king!
For each day they thank god they’re alive
as they wake, and they pray each and
every night – that morning comes
For the king likes to abduct each night
two people for, morbid fun
He ties them up and takes them to his home – the castle
Once he gets there, he takes them down
into the torture room. He screams with joy as he puts
them instantly into contraptions
The male is nailed to a wall,
and his legs are placed in acid
As his legs are eaten the female is devoured by rodents-
Alive!… the pain… so extreme
The king he throws back his head
he’s so glad neither are dead
Removes the half man from the wall
rips out the nails lets him fall
Takes the rats from the woman’s mangled figure
Then douses her body with kerosene
Strikes, a flint, creating a spark which ignites her
and she’s screaming to his delight
As she screams he slits the mans throat –
increasing his excitement
His mouth commands his people but-
His pleasues shall rule their… lives.

7. The Valley of Winds Breath and Dragons Fire

Gasping for air, descending quickly down the harsh ravaged slope
(you) won’t look behind
Fear drives you continue on, although your chest burns with pain
As does your mind. You are the prey, you are hunted by
A four legged beast of ancient times, a creature that survives
Inside a wicked wilderness of hate, and fire.
…they roam land and sky…
Faster you move, cutting through the black night,
Hearing the moan, of wind whistling by –
You must keep on, your family awaits… For…
You and your priceless cargo. With great care,
You grasp at your side. To remind you – of your life giving prize.
Guilt flows quite thin, although you realise… You’re…
Taking the life of another!
Your greatest memory was from when you were very
Young, your grandfather told you of a secret of exchanging
Sickness and health. You were appalled – at the initial though
Of stealing a creature unborn child. In all your wildest dreams,
You never would have thought it would come down to this.
Two decades later (and) you have a daughter of your very own,
You’re life – your blood – she lies screaming on her deathbed.
This soon, changed things – revolving – in your mind,
You went against everything.
You were taught to respect every creature born of this earth,
Nothing was below you – everything was equal.
Their young holds life – you must slice – their heart out…
You must drain the blood – then feed it to your own,
To save her – you must become a killer indeed.
Then your guilt, it can fuck itself, for you will have saved your child.
Once again – you leave your thoughts behind as you travel
Down onto the floor of the valley and its open space…
Now you can sense something behind you, and your
Heart – it starts to race. Your brow is soaked with glistening sweat,
Beyond the dark trees – your daughter awaits
Close is your home, you dare not look back… For…
Fear of what you might see!
You can see reflection – on the trees ahead,
You feel warmth behind your back.
You pray that you won’t die – only a thousand paces to home
You can hear beating wings – of a gigantic creature,
Trying to close your ears – and focus on the landscape ahead
Although impossible – you head the screaming lizard.
You then reach the tall trees, you feel half safe,
Hoping she will lose sight. You feel a mighty wind
Flames lick your heels as you’re pushing harder
You hear trees crashing down – behind and beside you,
You see your cave ahead – desperate for safety you feel your mind ache
Wishing you could forget – your relentless pursuer.
Ten paces left – the heat burns behind
In an instant – your body’s on fire,
It enters your lungs – you fall to the ground… Death…
Comes and you pray for forgiveness from your god.

8. A Planetary Discipline

Do you realize that the planet you are residing
has undergone millions of changes throughout time?
Thousands of species have come and gone.
Earth is just a planet of testing and we are just an
unwitting subject. We’re no more than science in motion,
a regeneration of alien beings.
We are the clones of a race that is dying, a race that has
sought the help of the emperors. Those who live inside of our
vital sun, “lease” our planets to other forms. In the sun,
there’s a world that is filled with a breed whose motivation
is self preservation – they will trade our planets use for
secrets of healing, which discovered by the races that have
dwelled forever in this solar system
these beings often have to face death!
Trading – with the emperors inside the sun,
Hoping – testing can save their species form devastation,
And they – are performing tests currently.
To save – billions of humans hundreds of years away.
They have cloned us from their DNA,
perfect copies – through years behind
Same diseases – we suffer as
they try to cure a multitude of conditions
They are “happy” that we have found a vast range
of cures aiding regeneration.
They are surprised their experiment, has yielded so
much discovery, but still they battle the major forms…
They are fighting cancer, and all its various types
This along with AIDS is the taker
of life on the planet they’re from.
We feel, as if we’re controlling our future,
blind fucks – deluded species,
We think – we are ruling the planet we call earth,
its name – cannot be spoken to us,
In this century the “lease” expires,
which means – we face extinction.
When the test is over the emperors will prepare
the planet for future forms,
Who can trade a valuable secret,
they will inhabit this very soil.
Destined – to be discarded once they’re done,
We are – casualties of a system without any saviour,
It ends – when the emperors decide it does,
Through an – obliterating shower of meteors.
Do you realise that the stones that are
floating in our cosmos can be directed?
They are controlled, by those beasts who are
living inside the sun endogenous system.
Previously, dinosaurs were a race from a
system who conquered their sicknesses,
Akin to them, we will be struck by a rock that
will spell the ending of our existence.

9. The Scepter of Jaar-Gilon

Far from this world lies a distant planet System of seven, six inhabited, all are revolving around a sun called Hzkol. This group of planets are controlled by one. Spoken in human form its name would be Jaar-Gilon. Planet of millions, thirteen 0 Eight (1308) species residing- controlled by one “Klesta Raaldos”- The race of the dominants. Though not acknowledged, ancient teachings follow the path of equality. Black soil beneath a grey sky, valleys of dark tree growth shine. Leaves are reflecting Hzkol, here the Klesta Raaldos toil. Here they feed… There is one ruler who commands the council of the ancients. If measured in human years his age would be nine twenty four (924). He has ruled here eight hundred years. His name is Jillthanor Gilon. His descendents have ruled this world ever since their language was spoken. He is the fifteenth recorded generation since Diithor Na Gilon discovered the creation tree. During his journey beneath the ancient planet’s crust- hidden for aeons – the reason for his planet’s life – Shining!… with life… He was struck by the beauty of this haggled tree. He took a branch to show his tribe a piece of ancient history. So, his prize in hand, he returned. This would change history, for he had found a power. With this branch of a tree – born was a scepter. In this old world, a war was ongoing, between the species and amongst the same. He had opposed this, (he) formed a council, but with no power nothing changed. Then amidst a battle – He… he felt a power. With the scepter in his hands, he felt a force inside instructing him to strike down. With force the staff struck the ground. The crust – it moaned and cracked- opening up and out came… …creatures… twelve thousand… Attacking the “Klesta” tribe, leaving only good alive. Creating a peaceful nation from a bloodied battle. And from then the world has thrived, and the scepter has survived. The Gilon council has ruled their planet in peaceful
Har-mony… …Harmony!… …It is the scepter from Jaar-Gilon- It holds the powers of creation – It can bring life or it can destroy. The power used is the bearer’s choice…

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