Beneath the Veiled Embrace Lyrics (2009)

Pythia Beneath the Veiled Embrace Lyrics Album

Beneath the Veiled Embrace Lyrics Album by Pythia

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1. Sweet Cantation

Bring me fire

Picture the darkness, without any warning
You’re down on your knees with a wolf at your throat

I will not save you, your lies have just killed you
I won’t stand between you and your wicked soul

Bring me fire
Coming for your blood
Bring me fire
Coming through the dark

There in the forest the Satyrs are hungry
They cry for the blood of the man you once were
They will protect me their princess forever
I will set them free to atone for your sins

Oh sweet cantation serve me, your mistress
Take what was drawn from me, my virgin heart.

Unclean and faithless my prince you are condemned
To fire and brimstone for all of your days

2. Sarah (Bury Her)

I’ve been in perjury
I’ve been in chains for oh so many years
And it’s a mystery
How this neglect can bring me ever near.

You are a sanctuary, but must agree
You never give yourself
And I cannot compete with Sarah

No I cannot compete with Sarah

She was the one who never broke your heartstring
She was the virgin in an icy tomb
Didn’t she say that it would last forever?
But when she fell she broke a thousand hearts for you

Marry me or bury me to.

Now it is clear to me
That you are just a soul who’s in despair
You’re never cruel to me
because I feel you’re never really there

I should have closed this door
Left long before I ever heard her name
For I cannot compete with Sarah

No I cannot compete with Sarah

You have to give more

3. Tristan

I dreamt last night that you were here again,
Tristan do you remember the death of love?

I can see clearly the past
when you called me your child
Rose from the tomb of my heart
to be crush by his light

Dark lord hold me
You control me
You should know me
By my faithful heart

How we would dance in the shadows
So cast by the moon
Master have pity your
Child needs you blistering heat

Dark lord hold me
You control me
You should know me
By my faithful heart

Will you return to your daughter
who burns for your touch?
Father each drop of the blood
in my veins is for you.

Dark lord hold me
You control me
You should know me
I am faithful

4. Ride for Glory

I’d be a liar if I said this wasn’t hell
Waiting for your heart to find me
And in the darkness when I cast my evil spell
All I find is light to blind me

Saddle up my love
It’s time we ran this race of pain
No more tears to shed
It’s time to end this stupid game
And be the master of the hunt

Ride for glory
I do not believe that we can
End this story
Ride for glory on the steeds of hell.

The steeds of hell will never cease
to conquer mans desire to flee
Their hooves of fire will rage and storm
and leave a woman’s love forlorn

We’re running wild but we can’t seem to halt the pace
I will not kneel just to kiss you
I rein you in but you’re a man I can’t replace
So I whip you just to miss you

5. My Pale Prince

Where were you my pale prince
When y heart was suffering for you?
Were you standing at the gates
The waters black and running ever deep?

Winter comes, on my knees
Petals fall, do you bleed?

Did I feel you reach for me
Your fingers frozen to the very bone?
Searching for some empathy
I feel the passion spilling from your veins.
(Can you feel me reaching for you now, Pythia?
Can you feel me?)

Distant sands, bloom to seed
Snow on snow, do you bleed?

After all these naked yearnings
Can you feel me suffering for you?

6. Eternal Darkness

Oh my dreamer
Will you not be stronger now?
My hearts is broken
I have waited patiently for you

Oh my heart break
Will you never set me free?
I long to heal you.
I will sacrifice myself to you

Surely it is not for angels
To be bleeding for the hearts
Of others who are worthy of
The blackest flames?
Eternal Darkness

All these memories
And I still have learnt from nothing
I would chance it
I would love you if you only could

I will love you till I die, until my body
Is a sancturay for worms

7. What You Wish For

It’s a weakness, it’s a sickness
It’s the very core of what we do
It’s a story of a heart beat
But the end is not complete with

Oh baby please
Don’t put your hands on me
They’re cold and unease
The very nature of me

And I want you and I need you
But it’s not over till I sleep

Full moon rising
Where should we begin?
(In suffering)

There was something in the darkness
Something so wild and undefined
It was hunger, drew me to you
But the end was never about

Oh baby please
Don’t be so cruel to me
It’s not this disease
That breaks each bone in me

So be careful what you wish for
For it is never what you need

What you wish for will be granted
All your dreams will be enchanted

8. Oedipus

Drink up son
Life is what you make it
While you’re having fun
I am lost inside your point of view
Through and through

You were gone
So I starting drinking
Was I in the wrong?
For wishing that you’re bleeding for me too
Through and through

Break the chain, let the pain recede
Until you wake again from these ashes
Spill the vein, time to let the water
Wash you clean again
Your father loves you

Break the chain
Take the hate, burn it to the ground
Burn it to the ground
Break the chain
Take the hate, burn it to the ground
Burn it to the ground

In this world we are made of pieces
Either young or old
Good or bad or just a little lost
At your cost

You will find
That your patience only goes as far as mine
Not an inch beyond your final breath
That is death

Pray for us my son.

9. Army of the Damned

We are the army of the damned
Men of a far forgotten land
Thousands of years have passed us by
And still you will hear our cry

We left our homes to fight this war
We don’t remember what twas for
Still we advance both day and night
Until the time comes to fight

And so they flee from us, our kindred and our kin
They will not stand for us and all that we have been
The blood will flow from us forever and a day
Our oaths are broken by their sins

We gave up all that we could give
So that our children could but live
We march forever to the drum
Of battle that will not come

We hear our lovers cry, through they are dead and gone
We hear our comrades sing that everlasting son
We cannot feel the sun though morning has just come
We are but shadows of the past

Will we find forgiveness, will we?

Have mercy on us Father forgive all these men
Who cannot feel the sun though morning has just come
We are but shadows of the past.

We are the army of the damned
Me of a far forgotten land
What I would give to see her face
And love her once more

“I knew a simple soldier boy…..
Who grinned at life in empty joy,
Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
And whistled early with the lark.

In winter trenches, cowed and glum,
With crumps and lice and lack of rum,
He put a bullet through his brain.
And no one spoke of him again.

You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
Sneak home and pray you’ll never know
The hell where youth and laughter go.”

10. No Compromise

So the beast is here
And we just sit and wait
Whilst he takes his fill
His wolves are at the door
We left it open wide
What a bitter pill

There is no compromise
there is no truth or lies
This is one more setting sun
What have we become
When this life is over

What are the odds that we’ll never be free?
There is no compromise
Waking alone at night, never to dream
There is no compromise
What of the lands that burn under the sun?
There is no compromise
Where will our children go when we are done?
There is no compromise

You think that the beast is God
His words are so sweetly made
But Gods has left this place
Now that it’s up to us
Will you just turn and run
Or will you stand your ground?

Where will they go?

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