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1. Heroes

When things are bad dont know what to do
The answer is inside of you
Reality hits so hard everyday
Still there is so much you can do

Have faith in yourself, have faith in your life
Cause everything will be okay
Dont listen to them, dont listen to fools
And things that they dont want to see

Worlds keeps turning
While your heart is burning
Don’t surrender to despair
Carry on

We are Heroes in the Night
On our Way into the Fight
We are Warriors of Light
and our Hearts are pure

We will fly into the Rainbow
Leave the worries far behind
We just follow our hearts
Cause we are Heroes
Heroes of this Life

2. I Did It My Way

Look at me do you see
All the things I want you, you to see
You’re telling me, sure I know you so well
But you just act when you are back against the wall

What is true what is fake
Everything that you make or you take
It’s plain to see, imagewise you’re okay
But is there anything inside of you?

Hear me say
I don’t wanna do the things you say
I don’t wanna play the game you play
I just wanna be myself and walk the road without pretending
I just wanna live my life, be true
So many things there are that I will do
When I’m looking back the road at least I can say:
I did it my way

There you are once again
Telling me how the things all should be
And that I care far too much about my art
’cause you know they will never understand

I am me, I cannot be
what I’m not I am real and I feel
But you can never stop, you forgot
Cause no one’s gonna tell me what to do

3. Angel

You came into my Life one sunny day
I held you in my arms…no words to say
So beautiful and innocent as any child can be
Like fading to a dream so close to me

You asked my many things and taught me more
I’m sorry ’bout the years I closed the door…from you
But now I see before me a beautiful young girl
Still fading to a dream so close to me

Angel I can’t take away the pain
I can only stand in rain
I’ll be there with you

Angel take my hand I’ll lead you to
A Sunny road where all is new
Like it used to be…my Angel

4. Keep the Flame

I have walked this lonely road
A thousand Years, it’s filled with bitter tears
I have swum across the sea
Just to find I have no home

I have been everywhere
I have seen what I should not have seen
Still I’m here on this same road
Trying to find where is my home

In my heart in my soul
Weariness tears apart
Still i walk on this road but you, my friends…keep the flame alive

5. We Are Magic

Born from the spark that once started this all
We’re standing here before the creation
Look for the Answers, we’ll find them all here
Witness the birth of the digital god

Soon there will be no more damnation
And there will be no more pain

We are magic, we are starlight
We are children of the night
We are shining, here forever, we will be

We are magic, we are stardust
Just reflections of eternity
Endless Circle, here forever
We will be…cause we are magic

6. Last Night on Earth

Getting closer to the final frontier
We’ve reached the point of no return
The beast is hungry it wants more
Everyday I see it everywhere
The hatred senseless violence
Consuming our precious souls

There’s no more sense in anything
Humanity’s limping to its grave

What if everything would change and we would build a better world
Would you call that utopia, would you call that Paradise?
Yes the answer lies in questions that are simple but so true
What would you do… if it’s your last night on Earth?

7. Revolution Renaissance

When the sun is setting down, many answers I find
To the questions I’m asking myself
And the children still play to the dying day
Without knowing what is awaiting

Nobody cares, it’s all the same
Darkness prevails it’s getting worse each passing day
There’s no return the change is near
The great divide is coming sooner than you know

The price we will pay for our greediness is not worth it
Just look ahead and prepare for a new kind of way

Revolution Evolution Revolution Renaissance
Revolution Evolution finding our way back to light
Revolution Resolution Revolution Renaissance
Revolution Resolution out of the darkest night

What you say to a child that has 2 days to live
When you play with your brand new computer?
Are you closing your your eyes? Saying what can I do?
Like the rest of the lambs on the leash?

It’s time to change, it’s our last chance
We’re standing in the crossroads and it’s all up to us
It has begun, the countdown
What we don’t understand is we are all ONE

Disobey, don’t co-operate with evil
And understand, NOTHING is what it seems

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