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Dystopia Lyrics Album by Royal Hunt

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1. Inception F451


2. Burn

There is more than one way to burn a book
and the world is full of people running about
with lit matches. Every minority feels it has
the will, the right, the duty to douse the
kerosene, light the fuse… each ripping a page
or a paragraph from this book, then that book,
until the day came when the books were empty
and the minds shut and the libraries closed forever.
                Ray Bradbury

I’m walking on ashes and kicking debris
Sirens’n flashes… what a scene! The perfect place to be
Not for a fainthearted – this job you can’t touch:
to get the show started all I have to do is light a match
We’re gracing with fire some meaningless books –
appreciating how it looks!
So now I’m watching them burn:
nightmares and dreams, hopes for a future return,
page after page, all of them sentenced to burn
We’re here for the tension, we’re here to provoke
Pay attention! Watch a pile of books go up in smoke
If sounds a bit scary – for us it’s just fun
Opinions may vary… damn, this fire’s brighter than the sun
Somebody came closer – got eaten by flames
But nobody will know their names
Well, now I’m watching them burn
nightmares and dreams, hopes for a future return
Legends and tales that we’re all set to unlearn
ready or not… look, it’s not our concern
Page after page after page, sentenced to burn

3. The Art of Dying

We cannot tear out a single page of our life,
but we can throw the whole book in the fire.
              George Sand

Why, why should it be hard to keep on breathing?
Take what’s left of me, cease this endless grieving
Is there an easy way out?

Tried, I know you tried… look, you’re getting slower
Life, my friend, is not an easy ride. Quit, this fight is over
It’s over now

Rest your torn’n broken heart, get ready to depart
away from pain and silent crying
Let the world go down in flames – their faces and their names –
and learn the finest art of dying
Run – no longer under siege, you’re almost out of reach
Who said it’s gonna hurt? They’re lying!
Gone… you crossed a final line to carry out the fine,
divine… the art of dying

Hey, I’ve seen it all: leap while you’re on fire
Right – you hit the wall, now pray and cut the wire
Your time is up

4. I Used to Walk Alone

The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.
           Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I used to walk alone from dusk to dawn. A driving rain
would try and try again: well, bring it on… to wash away my pain
I wandered up and down this empty street
for days, just asking: will we ever meet?

I roam across the desert, dull’n dry… and not a trace
of you. Around the corner – her am I, can’t wait to see your face
I’m in the dark, just tell me what to do
That shadow on the wall – I know it’s you

I used to walk alone, daydreaming on my own
across the empty part, silently in the dark
I’d follow any trail, pass every hill and dale
I’d share my tears in vain, quietly strolling through the rain
I used to walk alone, daydreaming on my own
for days – until you came along, why did it took so long
to see me out there? Nobody seemed to care
if I’m alive or dead and gone… I told you that I used to walk alone

It’s gonna be a long, long haul… I’m sure we’re gonna get through
Who’ll catch you if you fall? I’m here for you

5. The Eye of Oblivion

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results.
                Albert Einstein

Nobody’s brave enough to stop and look a stranger in the eye
Nobody’s wise enough to speculate a bit and spot a lie
It’s like we all just froze… so that’s the way it goes

Nobody’s sharp enough to realize where evil’s coming from
Nobody’s strong enough to take a stand and fight the reigning scum
It’s not an empty claim – look what we all became

The world has gone insane, we turned it upside down
and everything within, everything around
is so twisted inside out. The day it’s dead and gone
we’ll dive into the eye of oblivion

The day will come – you’ll see, my son,
just keep on moving… on and on

We took entire world and ripped it all apart
(somebody’s vicious mind and a wicked heart)
and twisted inside out. The day it’s dead and gone
we’ll dive into the eye of oblivion

Nobody’s safe enough to stray way a little from the pack
Nobody’s fast enough to dodge a bullet… always in the back
Hey, step up to the plate and take a leap of faith

6. Hound of the Damned

Since the day of my birth, my death began its walk
It is walking toward me, without hurrying.
                Jean Cocteau

Tell me, little friend, what’s on your mind?
Tell me, boy, where do you think you’re going?
Hey, you were an easy prey to find:
your confusion, outrage is showing

I refuse to live my life in fear
Hiding in the dark from every shadow
Even if I’d feel that the end is near
it wouldn’t change a thing by now, as I know:

empire’s weaker than it claims
and very soon’ll come crashing down in flames

Everybody alive’s gonna envy the dead
yet a wish to survive’s getting inside your head
Spinning left, turning right as the door’s being slammed:
you’re alone in the night but a Hound of the Damned
And no bullet no shell and no demon in hell,
and no merciful God’s gonna keep us apart
Now you’re ceasing to be – teardrop in the sand
and the last thing you’ll see… me, a Hound of the Damned

7. The Missing Page (Intermission I)


8. Black Butterflies

All murderers are punished unless they kill in
large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.

An ancient story once been told and saved within a page
for centuries, yet now it’s bound to burn, we’ve set the stage:
no trial as such – a single match and off you go, no strings attached

Black butterflies – a paper ash appearing swiftly, in a flash –
they’re prowling; still prowling while scorching wind is howling
Black butterflies are on my sleeve, these signs of guilt would never leave
they’re burning, still burning, ascending yet returning

We’ve been created from above yet governed from below
So how on earth we’re better off – ALL RISE! – the less we know?
A sudden turn but we’re not concerned: as long as books are being burned

Black butterflies – a paper ash appearing swiftly, in a flash –
they’re prowling; still prowling while scorching wind is howling
Black butterflies are on my sleeve, these signs of guilt would never leave
they’re burning, still burning, ascending – returning
Black butterflies are on my hands, this sort of madness never ends,
not ever. Forever we’ll bear this cross together

9. Snake Eyes

The devil’s finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist.
                   Charles Baudelaire

I’ve been waiting, playing along
As expected – you got it all wrong
Not to worry – everything will be fine
Take your time

Smoke and mirrors; it’s dawning on me
Curtain’s falling and all I can see:
game is over, you can cancel the show
Time to co ‘cuz now I know:

“We can give you the world and a permanent bliss!”
What you’re getting for real is a poisonous kiss
And you’re – out of the blue – coming to realize
that you’re staring into snake eyes

Don’t you worry, we’ll figure it out
Feeling sorry? I’ll say it out loud:
“We deliver a magnificent show!”
You should know, so here we go

10. Midway (Intermission II)



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