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Saturnus Saturn in Ascension Lyrics Album

Saturn in Ascension Lyrics Album by Saturnus

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1. Litany of Rain

Like a faithless I weep
Like an old man in his final, filthy bed
What love was ever mine to keep?
Over what do the trees stand dead?

Brave little flame
I really saw you below the oak
Whilst wondering to thy name
Your dance plumed the fires of your cloak

The litany of rain upon, an earthless coffin…

Like a stranger on the path
Like a lonely man that lingers
What dark creature will reveal it’s wrath?
To what do trees point barren fingers?

Silent little flame
Was it really you before my face?
Why burden me with such a shame
Forever your ghost to chase?

The litany of rain upon, an earthless coffin…

2. Wind Torn

Wind torn, naked trees
Never-ending fall
I am slowly fading away
Ashes to ashes
To dust we become

Between life and death
Loneliness and sorrow
I am gasping for air
Wondering what the voices are whispering
Ashes to ashes
A memory we become

Love and time borrowed
Time for confession
My life was a moment in time
When our loves ones are no longer here
Ashes to ashes
A memory we become

3. A Lonely Passage

Stumbling through narrow paths.
Afraid of what will come next.
As the darkness closes in
I start to run.
What have I done to deserve this
neverending hunt?
I will never be able to return home.
My existence is shattered.

As I stop to gasp for air, I wonder…
Wonder when my final call might come.
And if it’s really worth escaping from.
I’m so tired.

Between trees and stones.
On stale paths, beneath my reality.
It’s like I lost the key to my mind.
I can no longer control myself.
No more running!
I will fight my demons right here.

Dear child, through horrors
and fright you will fade.
Fade to distant worlds
and distant lives.
As you lose your suffering,
there’s nothing more to believe in.
Your belief to this day has been life.
Now my belief will fill
your soul with death.

I no longer run,
I stand my ground and wait…

I wait…

4. A Father’s Providence

All the things I did wrong
I pray for a father to forgive
For this providence I long
Will I reach out forever?

Behold the golden tower
of our saviour’s church
Reaching up unto the every grey
Our hope knows not death
Numb to i’s bated breath

We may dream of a world
With no sins for ghosts to forgive
Yet in unwilling eyes
I crave to see God arise!

Behold the golden tower
of our saviour’s church
Reaching up unto the ever grey
Our hope knows not death…

…Until it too draws a final breath
We must break and crack all bone
Trying to hold up
the continents he built
Man must bear the task alone
Bowed down beneath

5. Mourning Sun

Forgotten memories, resurrected
In dreamlike scenarios.
My fate laughs at me, trying to
get me to understand.
That it’s reach is out to my hands.

Cold nightmares haunt my heart.
Reflections from the past.
Creeping feelings that never wanted to die.
Why can’t I just forget…

Under the arms of the Mourning Sun,
I embrace my fate.
My fate, my death, my destiny,
one moment of despair.

Blind surroundings,
who do not understand?
What hides under the surface,
distrusting fools.
However, it still makes no difference.

My world will always look like this.
Memories resurrected, memories
that stabs in my heart.
However, it is time to say goodbye.


Under the arms of Mourning Sun,
I embrace my fate.
My fate, my death, my destiny,
one moment of despair.

6. Call of the Raven Moon

The night sky is ever still as
silence descends, the four winds
becoming one caressing my
naked body, and as you watch
the branches bend,
revealing all of you.

Long lost, but never forgotten.

Will you meet me at the lake
where the water calms my fear?
Will you once more fall in love
and light in me your flame?
Come to me once more,
and I shall know peace and at last be free.

The shattered path before my
heavy feet, leading me inward
to this broken temple of love,
lust and creation, resting here
whilst heeding the call.

We now lay under the moonlit sky
in the shadows of the past,
and as we become one the stars
kneel down, whispering poetry
of this withering moment.

The falling leaves weaving
a blanket, underneath it
the innermost truth,
feeding the sands of time,
stilling it’s hunger
while we quench our thirst.

Taking our place among forever,
remembered only by two.

Now closing our eyes to see,
changing our hearts to feel,
sealing our lips to hear.
The call of the raven moon,
laying us to rest.

Your skin like silver
in the night, your face like a poem without words,
Your touch was the sun in my heart,
and my heart was found by you.

And as the worlds begins to wake
so falls the last petal,
and at all things end we must go
our separate ways into the night,
always alone because
I couldn’t save you.

And for that, I am sorry and always will be!..

7. Forest of Insomnia

Share… Into the night…
As a winter turns bright…
Falling leaves…
divided for a treasures deed…
Looking… Only too dawn…
For a pale night`s gone…
Silently braced…
Towards death`s all grace…

Inside the forest of insomnia…
The dystopian nightmare shall end…

Stars… lights the road…
To our destiny`s code
Quietly proceed…
To the shadows of my path…
Shallow… Cliffs of consience…
Arising from hell…
The abyss…
Awaits our call to begin the sleep…

Inside the forest of insomnia…
The dystopian nightmare shall end…

Asleep… In the fores of insomnia…
Never to awake…
Falling down…
Along the rocks of death…
Cursed… By the one…
And not the heavenly son…
Broken down…
Inside me I am now dead…

Inside the forest of insomnia…
The dystopian nightmare shall end…

8. Between

Soon to wake, so weary, so old
Another faceless October mourn
A night torn by time
Spent sitting deathless
Amongst languished graves
Plagued by a lifetime
Destined to float homeless
Upon murky waters.

Desperately wondering
What to name the conspiracy…

…Where man has no part,
Between dirt and sun
Between worm and woeful star
Burning from afar.

I remember last winter
seeking comfort in the wine offered from your neck
I remember last winter
A lustful bond, both ship and wreck.

Under damp death of day to fall
Forever’s gloomy ocean to sail

I foresee the coming winter
Seeking comfort in unwilling skin
I foresee the coming winter
Bitter sunrise revealing my sin

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