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Dreamland Manor Lyrics Album by Savage Circus

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1. Evil Eyes

Beaten, defeated and grinded to dust
The flame of life extinct
Legions of death
Have left their grim imprint
Nothing is like it’s been before
Blinded by the light
Crossing the land
In everlasting night

Paralyzed in pain, what will remain?
Will existence rise again?
Paralyzed in pain, the will to live’s remaining
Oh, it will remain


Life and death embrace in the morning
Shadows of the final dawing
Night is falling down forever
Evil eyes are staring at the world

Fires of hell melted the soil
Ashes waste the ground
Headstones of rubble
Mark the burial mound
The demon awoke in the blink of an eye
Swallosing the sun
With devastating, scorching breath
A new age’s just begun

Creature of the night
Swallowing the light

Hammering his claws into the ground
Evil is unleashed
Unbound, unbound
Evil, evil
Is unleashed, unleashed


What is the answer to it all?
When mighty empires going to fall
Where will we go? What is to come
And what will be?
When the night is falling down
No one can foresee

Now I’m going beyond
I’m on my way to the other side
Will the evil spirit prevail?
Will it wait for me
At the other side?



2. Between the Devil and the Seas

Evil’s rising, darkness calling me to cross
The boundaries to forbidden realms
On my journey to the very core
Tainted visions gain control of me

When the walls come tumbling down

Hollow and void is the silence around me
How will I end this, I have to break free

Hiding in my chamber in the black
I must arise to find my way back

Between the devil and the seas
In my agony the silence screams
Between the devil and the seas
When walls collide they’re breaking dreams
They’re breaking dreams

Raging forces pumping through my veins
Blinding enlightening
So peaceful and frightening
Drifter in time, lost between the worlds
Far beyond the point of no return

Searching my faith in the ? of debris
Never to realize this grim fantasy



Hollow and void is the silence around me
How will I end this, I have to break free



3. Waltz of the Demon

Silence, so strange, but yet familiar
Illusions abducting me
Delusions haunting me

Inside my very mind
Sweet subduction is taking on the guide

Drifting on and away
Into the abyss of my very soul
I’m losing control

Taking a ride into the unknown
Fantasies twisting my mind
Wonders to see and horrors to find
The gates are open wide

Inviting me, exciting me
Drain me with joy and despair
The demon awakes, reality brakes*
Drawing me into the lair

Here in my mind there’s so much to find
Shadow and night are merging tonight

Riding high
On wings of illusion up to the sky
Abducted into a dream
Where no one will hear my scream

Fire and ice
Deluded or wise
Good or bad
Sane or mad

Pain and pleasure is burning me up
Making me lose control
Demons are dancing inside of my mind
Reaching out for my soul

Restless drifter between the worlds
A merry-go-round in my head
Gifted, possessed, cursed or blessed?
Passing away into dread

Misleading me, enchanting me
Leaving the riddles behind
Conjuring up visions and dreams
Pleading to find peace of mind

Unlock the gate
My way to escape
Give me the key
I want to be free







* Might be “breakes”, but the printed lyrics that came with the CD says “brakes”

4. Tomorrowland

Grey is the sky and cold is the wind
Shadows dancing inside of my room
Make them go away
Leave me alone

Endless days and lonely nights
In solitude, removed from the world
That surrounded me
Feel like I’m fading away

Fading away

Sometimes I wish I could dive just in
One of those fairy tales
A world full of secrets and magic
So many wonders to unveil

Send me a child

On the tale of a falling star
On the quest for Tomorrowland
I close my eyes and I make a wish
Bring me home to Tomorrowland

Tired and weakened I barely exist
Seeing the world through a blurry mist
Let me go
I want to be in that distant land

Where I’d be riding on a white horse
Saving my princess from harm
I’ll be a hero courageous and bold
Holding her in my arms

I’d be the golden knight
At gallop I’d come along
I would be racing the winds
I would be strong

Once upon a time


Now darkness is falling down
By the break of dawn I’ll be gone

My touch is now cold
But I’m not afraid
I’ll be on the way
The way to escape
I’m hearing the hoof beats
My armour will shine

Once upon a time


5. It – The Gathering

What am I doing here?
What is the reason for my fear?
Something vicious buried in black
Rising up, it’s coming back

Long forgotten evil’s drawing near
Hidden down below
It stood the test of time and now it’s here

No loss of memories protecting me no more

Seven bound to the oath
Hold on forgetful
That brought us back, coming here
To end it once and for all
Hand in hand, we’re going to stand
Together again, to carry out
What must be done
The final chapter has begun

Now we’re going back in time
To fulfil the mission to seal the mine
In the underworld of the sewage pipes
The tunnels bare of light

Mortal fear makes me shiver to the bone
Down below, I’m not alone

Seven minds and but a single thought
Seven vowed to return
Seven versus the evil beast
To finally get released

A devil in disguise of a clown
Is preying on the children of the town

No loss of memories protecting me no more


Now we’re at the gateway to the devil’s lair
Behind a torturous light I can feel it stare
It is awaiting like spider in the web
Seven against you now, the final attack

No loss of memories, the gathering is fulfilled


6. Beyond Reality

In the woods the elves are calling
Wonderland, when night is falling down
Down on me

Bringing on the wildest dreams
The fairy tales and magic things
Oh, dreamland, it’s calling my name
Oh, I will be there

When I’m closing my eyes
I see the miracles waiting for me
In the mists of illusion
I’ll be hidden and sheltered from all
Till the morning breaks

Let my dive into my fantasies
Far beyond my reality
Let me dwell inside the land of dreams
Far beyond reality

On the journey, a traveller in a world beyond
Reaching for the highest mountain
The deepest valley
Majestic plains and endless oceans

Pleasing me, enchanting me
Bewitching me and enlightening me

Destination: The great unknown
Here inside my very soul

When I’m closing my eyes
I see the miracles waiting for me
In the mists of illusion
I’ll be hidden and sheltered from all
Till the morning breaks


When I’m closing my eyes
I see the miracles waiting for me
In the mists of illusion
I’ll be hidden and sheltered from all
Till the morning breaks

[Chorus x2]

Far beyond reality
Far beyond reality
Far beyond reality
So far beyond

7. When Hell Awakes

Out in the woods, unspoken horror of
Ancient malignance awakes
Leaving its hideout to please the hunger
Following the winds of the north

Cursed is the woodlands and cursed is thy land
The edge of the forest is marking
The line to the ground of red
So violent and vicious, so cruel and malign

Once there was peace and silence around
A valley of green under skies so blue
All is lost, children are raised
With tales of fear and tales about you

I need a miracle

Crimson eyes are burning
In the darkness of the woods
I must bring deliverance
Oh if I only could

When hell awakes
In the gardens inside of my heart
Unholy embrace
It’s killing the innocence
Demons are rising, they’re haunting my soul
The devil is laughing, he’s seeking control
There’s a poisoned thorn
In the gardens inside my heart
When hell awakes

This was the land of the golden seas
Freedom and light surrounding me
Now I’m aware that nothing is forever
A darkening mist infected our soil

Ages has past since I drew my first breath
The future was turning in the absence of death
Evil is rising, I saw its rebirth
Paradise, now it’s hell on earth

What is the key to relock this door?
What is the cause, there must be more
Stories told in the ancient lore
Oh, it has happened before



I have been standing the test of time
Here I am now, this life is mine
Throughout the woods into the darkest night
I’m on the way to end this mortal fight

I have the clue, the certain sign
The moon is full and the stars align
Bearer of sorrow, sealer of fate
I’m taking it back, it’s never too late



8. Ghost Story

When the clock strikes the hour
My restless soul has to rise
Unsubstantial, bare of flesh
Chained by unsacred ties
Centuries come, millenniums go
Time has no meaning
So much pain, I’m longing for peace
To find a way to redeem

All alone, I’m walking in the night
Solitude smiles at me in despite

Between the worlds of life and death
A spectre damned to exist

To make amends for my deeds of sin
Done with ferocity long ago
In another time
In another life


Immortal, punished to be
Nocturnal prison in eternity
Forever banished, banned from the day
Within these walls I have to remain
The immortal ghost

Once I walked beneath the sun
In a distant past where it all begun
Nevermore will I see her again
Enamoured by the chain

Hear my sigh
Eternal rest; let me die
Let me die


Once again the clock
Is striking the hour
Once again
I have to rise

Once again I’m walking the night
End the pain, let me die
Let me die


9. Born Again by the Night

I am the only one; your dreams are my reality
I didn’t choose this my gift of mine
This is the end of the line
My child, this is your destiny

Rise up and your heart will unveil the truth
Inside your soul you will find
The strength to carry on
Your way back to paradise

I’m by your side
You shall not fear this time
The final judgement now at hand
Forged by fire, the awakening awaits
So follow the light
Born again by the night

I try to fight the sins
Redeem my soul from the deeds of the past
I didn’t want this life to last
To find a way to save myself

I’d walk through the gates of hell

Rise up and your heart will unveil the truth
Inside your soul you will find
The strength to carry on
I’m passing through the unknown

Your way back to paradise


This final stand
And now I’ve realized
I need to sacrifice my own salvation

So take my hand and I’ll guide you through
You’ll find your faith in your own death
You have to open your eyes
So you can find your way back to paradise


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