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Savage Circus Of Doom and Death Lyrics Album

Of Doom and Death Lyrics Album by Savage Circus

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1. Of Doom and Death

Here I am, a journeyman
In the dusk of time
On barren land
I’m walking burning sand
With a gun in my hand
On the scent for the man in black
From a life so far away
Night and day
Again and again

In the land where all begun
For a living he’s swinging the gun

Something is calling me
To the center of it all
To meet my destiny
So the world will life or fall

I’m alive when the bullets fly
Never to die
Listen to his lullaby

Of Doom and Death
Of Doom and Death
Of the inferno
Of the end of all days
Of termination and destruction
Ancient demons are reaching out
From beyond the other side
Purest Evil is just about to arise
Of Doom and Death

Mighty empires are rising up
Just to fall to debris
The world I’m from
Has been moving on
But I’ll keep the memory
Crimson claws are reaching out
To the nexus of it all
The Dark Tower
Must never fall

He has left it all behind
To become the last of kind

Once again the door appears
In alternating realities
My strength is fading away
The Tower is calling me
Will it hold the answers
Will it make me see

Uhh, my love
What bitter price
I paid for the sacrifice
Of turning away from you
Listen to his lullaby

Of Doom and Death

The end of days
Is setting in
In the hidden land
Of the Crimson King

Here I am on my final approach
Towards the tower
The King is raging for he can’t win
I will break his power forever

I’m alive when the bullets fly
Never to die
Listen to his lullaby

Of Doom and Death

2. The Ordeal

In the distance majestic mountains
Are gleaming in white
The sun is rising
And painting the peaks
In peaceful morning light
Touched by the beauty
The horrors I saw
Seem to be so unreal
But down below
In the halls and caverns
Evil has broken the seal
Ohh, it’s for real

Below the rock
In the deepest night
Dreadful hordes
Are gathering to strike
I must restore the seal

I have to return
To do what must be done
How can I be the chosen one
My ordeal has already begun

Lost in the dark
Deep down below
In the dungeons of Neverland
No turning back
Seems as if this odyssey
Will never end

While I’m stumbling
Into the abyss
I keep asking me why
The hands of fate
Have made me the one
Uhh, I’m ready to die
Though I could break down and cry

How can it be me
To defeat the Evil
How can I be the hero
How can I win
Crawling shadows
And nameless creatures
Inhabitants of the night
Demons rising from down below
Left with no choice
No way out than to fight

Lost in the dark

All alone in this labyrinth
Of nightmare and pain
Away from all in another world
Another life in another time

Oh, how I wish
To turn away
To give in my fears and
Just walk away
I am damned to walk
The night all-alone
I crawling straight to the center
Of Hell

3. Devil’s Spawn

In mystic twilight
Of the dying day
The night is coming down
And I am on my way
Hoof beats of a mighty steed
Pounding through the air
The Evil Spirit once again
Has risen from his lair

Take heed – beware of his coming
Lock the door and pray for tomorrow

Night after night he must ride
Out on the quest he cannot rest
He’ll take your life
In the blink of an eye
Prepare to die

Headless Horseman
Rider in black
Galloping on ’til the night is gone
Headless Horseman
Minister of death
No way to escape
When the Horseman
Is pulling the blade

Grim and relentless
He was towering in his saddle
When he got decapitated
In some nameless battle
Driven by the Devil
He must rise up from the Dead
To ride forth to the battlefield
In quest of his head

Cursed – cursed to remain
Cursed – to kill again and again

Night after night he must ride
On and on in eternal damnation
Severing heads
In the blink of an eye
Time to die

Headless Horseman

In my investigations
On his mystery
I have unlocked the secret
I found the key
The one who holds the skull
Is taking on control
On the Horseman’s very soul

At the lair now
Awaiting his coming
His bone in my hand
I pray for tomorrow

Fire and brimstone
Are waiting for him
Time has come to pay for his sin
Taking his head
He returns to the dead
To burn in Hell

Headless Horseman

4. Chasing the Rainbow

Uncertain visions are twisting in my mind
Haunting me in my dreams at night
When I’m closing my eyes I can see
The Devil is looking at me
He’s smiling at me

Ohh how I’m longing
To come back to sanity
To leave those shadows behind
Give me sanctuary

The darkness is pulling me
Into the hole
I am breaking the circle
To rescue my soul

Riding the Storm
On broken wings – on broken wings
I will be riding the storm
To the end of the rainbow
Far, far away
I’m touching the sky
The word is goodbye, my friend
I’ll be leaving behind
All my sorrow
I’ll be embracing tomorrow
I’m riding the storm

Dreadful delusions of torment and pain
I don’t think I can stand it again
I see a rainbow above in the sky
Now I’m closing my eyes and die

I see your light
Guiding me
Through the dark of the night

Beyond the horizon
Somewhere in time
Far, far away
Unseen by the eyes of the world
Magical secrets are crossing my way

Purified and electrified
Never turning back
I won’t return
To the back

Riding the storm

And with the rising sun
I will be gone – gone and away
I won’t be looking back
I’m on my way

How I was longing
To come back to sanity
To leave those shadows behind
I found my sanctuary

Sometimes uneasiness
Comes to my mind
Am I save, did I leave
The Devil behind

Riding the storm

5. Empire

Clouds are darkening a moonless night
In the empire of the dead
Rain is pouring on a ground
Bare of life
The dead are rising
They’re walking the streets
Of ruble and dust
As I try to stay alive

Seems as if the gods
Have finally turned away
On the edge
On the edge of judgement day
And the sentence is death
Come and take your final breath

Empire of the living dead
Unlocked by a mortal hand
Empire of the living dead
Set free from the underworld
To walk the mortals land
To walk the earth

Aboulic creatures like empty shells
Are prowling the night
No escape nowhere to hide
The jaws of hell are open wide
Ready to take on the world
To destroy all humankind

But as long there is life in my veins
The hope for deliverance remains

No one will hear your prayers
No one will hear you crave
No one will hear you scream
Oh no you can’t be saved

Empire of the living dead

As the sun is going down
I know that it’s too late
Nothing can save me now
I know there’s no escape
Doomed to die
I’m waiting for the night
For I know
I’ll never see the light

This is judgment day
This is judgment day

Empire of the living dead

6. Ballad of Susan

On my journey into the unknown
Sometimes I wish
That one of these doors
Would lead me back
Back to you
Back to the time
When you were mine

When I close my eyes
I can recall your face
How you used to move me
In grace

I couldn’t stay
Something was calling
From far away
I had to embark
Onto my journey
Into the dark

Love of my life
I had to go
Leave you alone
Out in the cold
It’s breaking me down
It tears me apart
It’s breaking my heart
To leave you like this

I have treasured the secret
We used to share
When every caress made me shiver
You took my breath away
And to see you die
Still makes my cry
Cry in pain

Oh, Susan forgive me
My bitter sacrifice
As you died in the flames
My heart was turning to ice

I couldn’t stay
Something was calling
From far away
I had to embark
Onto my journey
Into the dark

Love of my life

Here I stand
At the end of the world
On my endless quest
Ohh, how I wish to rest
For a while

I couldn’t stay
Something was calling
From far away
I had to embark
Onto the tower
Into the dark

Love of my life
I had to go
Leave you alone
Out in the cold
It’s breaking me down
It tears me apart
And with a broken heart
I had to leave you away
Without, a final kiss

7. Legend (of Leto II)

I am a god, I am prescient
I am religion
I see the future, I see the path
Follow me, follow the vision
I have become the ultimate power
I am protection
I am Messiah, I am a tyrant
I show the path to redemption
To man – man and the universe

Transformed in to something else
A being of nothing alike
Invincible, unbreakable
A creatures of numinous might
And inside my head
I am talking to the dead

Ancient memories
Are whispering in me
Father, give me guidance
To the path you have foreseen

Uhh, I carry the burden
Of the world

Out in the oceans of sand
I saw the future
Of a golden land
Below the plains
I’ve been meeting my fate
I stood the test
The universe
In the palm of my hand
Ohh am I blessed
Or cursed

And by the water of life
In the agony of spice
I saw visions of doom
I saw demise
I am perpetual
A sentinel in time
And for eternity
You will remember me by

Far away the nemesis
Is rising again in the dark
The day will come
When the scorch of man
Is ready to embark

I see reflections
From other memories
I see the slaughterhouse
Of the thinking machines
Rein of terror
Reign of the machines

Out in the oceans of sand

I set the universe
On the golden path
To seed desire
Passion and wrath
As the millenniums
Are passing by
I did my part
Time has come
For me to die

You’ll remember me by

Out in the oceans of sand

8. From the Ashes

Deadly eye
Unholy firelight
Grimly staring down
Gleaming in the night
Hellforged Hammer of Doom
Star of Death
Eating worlds in scorching breath

Riding on a tail of fire
Augured by the ancient ones
Glowing on the firmament
Harbinger of Armageddon

Armageddon – when the Hammer of Doom
Armageddon – was falling down

In the ashes of yesterday – yesterday
I will arise
Ashes of yesterday – yesterday
From the aftermath of demise
And by the morning
A new age is dawning
Once again may the circle begin
In the ashes of yesterday

All lost
Nothing remained
When the burning giant
Hit the ground
Darkness fell
Coldness and ice
When the star came stumbling down
From the skies

Silently in deep despair
I’m mourning for the world
Like a candle in the wind
The flame of life will shine on and on

In the ashes of yesterday – yesterday

9. Dreamland


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