The Seventh Life Path Lyrics (2015)

Sirenia The Seventh Life Path Lyrics Album

The Seventh Life Path Lyrics Album by Sirenia

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1. Seti


2. Serpent

Death lurks behind every door
Always there, awaiting my fall
Like a serpent he waits in silence
For the moment of full compliance
He yearns for my soul

My anxiety
Burns inside of me
I know what’s in store
‘Cause Death awaits behind every door

Death lurks behind every face
He lingers in each and every place
His attendance so guile and vile
Behind every deceitful smile
He yearns for my soul

I yearn to be free
All that I wish for is to rest in peace
If l could be strong
I’d never ever come to this
I would be the chosen one

3. Once My Light

The sorrows still aching within my heart
You were once my light, but now you are lost
Now there’s no one left that I can trust

Waning behind locked doors
I’m breaking down once more
A true love is hard to find
A joyful life is hard to come back

The pain is still aching within my mind
I used to love my life, but those times passed by
Now I’m just a prisoner of the night

If I could find my way through the night
I’d still be lost without you by my side

4. Elixir

I spin in circles like the wheel of time
I’m wasting away
I’m losing my mind
Head for the unknown, the long lost divine
Grand mystery
The riddle of life

An elixir.. is all I need
An elixir.. I beg and plead
An elixir.. let me drink my fill
Of this cure-all remedy
An elixir.. I come undone
An elixir.. I’m the fallen one
An elixir.. fill my mug
I’ll drink to life and a loaded gun

I have seen into the future of mine
Just years of decline
All waiting in line
Behind the curtains of life there’s a light
Still shining bright
The end is in sight

Come speak to me
My love, my enemy
After all we’ve been through
I’m still dead to you

5. Sons of the North

I was born on a dark night
I was born in the ruthless cold
I was born in December
In a raging winter storm
I’m a son of the Frostlands
I’m a son of the far far North
I’m a son of the darkness
And the Northern lights above

Sons of the Northern land
High kings of the land of dreams
Fortified by winter darkness
Glorified here ever after
Fuelled by an eternal fire
Driven by a dark desire

We’re descendants of Vikings
We’re descendants of the North
Here the thunder and lightning
Are both enforced by the mighty Thor
We are the sons of legends
We are sons of myths and lore
Our legacy is forever
Behold its radiance forevermore

Northern lights
Shining bright
Winter nights
Mighty sights

6. Earendel

I count the stars on a bleak midwinter sky
I watch them twinkle, shine, wane and die
But there’s a star shining brighter than them all
A star that lingers when all the others fall

Shine for me my Morningstar
I treasure thee from afar
Rise and shine, never decline, my divine..
Arise wherever you are

I count the scars deep within our souls
I count the hearts you broke and the dreams you sold
But there’s a hope transcending them all
A hope that lingers when all the others fall

Sirius.. pass all your light on to us
Earendel.. you are our wishing well
Zorya.. radiant diamonds above
Venus.. forever guide us

7. Concealed Disdain

I can’t stand this life no more
I can’t stand what I’ve become
Wheel of fire, life undone
I’ve always felt so broken
Lost signs and waning tokens
The nameless pain remains unspoken

Someone’s at my door
I hear a voice I’ve never heard before
A stranger calling my name
Concealed disdain
Life drives me insane

I cut my veins wide open
I can’t stand this life sober
The burden of time pulls me under
This existence torn me asunder
This time I’m free at last
Free from pain and a haunting past

Lunacy and toil
Are consuming my soul

Life demoralize me
Won’t you all just leave me be

8. Insania

Deep in the dungeons of my minds affliction
War-ridden rage against decline and addiction
There’s no relief, no hope, no benediction
Am I my greatest fiend in life?
Deep in the darkness of my hearts infliction
Forever I’m bound to eternal contradiction
Falter towards the final submission
I am my greatest fiend in life

Insanity consumes my mind
Some might say I lost the line
And I don’t claim to contradict it
Some day you might realize
That you are just the next in line

Walk through the valleys of my self deception
Deep in the darkness of this life’s rejection
There is no hope, there’s no resurrection
Am I my greatest fiend in life?
Faltering lost and blind through insanity
Broken and battered by this life’s profanity
I’m only driven by my own mortality
I am my greatest fiend in life

As time pass by
Insanity consumes our minds
We can’t deny
We’re all pawns in the game of life
As time pass by
We fade into the endless night
We can’t deny
We’re just mortals awaiting to die

9. Contemptuous Quietus

Deception smiles at you, derisive
Reflections so divisive
Conception of your deceit
Divides all of my inner feelings

This is the language of the dark
Asphyxiation of the heart
Your very soul, all torn apart
Contemptuous quietus

Perceptions falling through, failing you
Becoming your own doom
Self-deception digs a grave for you
Where your regrets will come through

You’re the torn in my heart
You will tear me apart
You’re a plague and a curse
Contemptuous quietus

You’re the pain in my soul
Spinning out of control
Ominous dusk
Contemptuous quietus

10. The Silver Eye

Here comes the storm, enraged and winterborn
Here comes the fall, precipitation for one and all
Here comes the night, consuming every ray of light
Here comes the end, behold as chaos and death transcends

Come with me now
Into the night, into the night
Follow me through life
Glowing moonlight
The silver eye, silver eye
Guide us through the night

Here comes the rain, to chill my heart with cold disdain
Here comes the pain, to devastate and to restrain
Here come the snow, to chill my soul and autumn lets go
Here comes the crow, to rest upon my tombstone

The silver eye is shining bright
On a bleak midwinter night

Lead me on through the night… come with me now
Lead me on..
I’ll follow thee through life… follow me now
I will follow..

Lead me on through the afterlife… I will lead you on
Lead me on
I’ll follow thee blindly… I’ll lead you home
I will follow..

11. Tragedienne

By the sea I wandered on
Seeking some relief
On a soothing April dawn
Was when this came to be

By the sea I lingered on
When I became aware of
Distant voices from beyond
So dim and alluring

Riddles of the deep
Secrets of the deep blue sea
Tragedienne, in sorrow eternally

Mesmerized and shivering
I came to understand
There’s something about the sea
The grave for a thousand men

12. Tragica (“Tragedienne” Spanish version)

Caminaba junto al mar
Buscando un poco de tranquilidad
En un sereno amanecer, de Abril
Fue cuando esto ocurrió

Junto al mar me demoré
Cuando descubrí
Lejanas voces desde el más allá
Tan tenues y seductoras

Enigmas de la profundidad
Secretos del profundo mar
Una trágica actriz, en eterno dolor

Hechizada empecé a temblar
Cuando llegué a entender
Que algo extraño hay en el mar
Sepulcro de un millar de almas perdidas

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